Monday, November 22, 2010

What is potentially the most available and complete source of essential nutrition?

Answer: Cannabis seed.

Current food security concepts fail to recognize the unique and essential properties of hemp seed. For this reason, they are doomed to continue failing until the shift in values in achieved. Until Cannabis seed is considered objectively and comprehensively, this discussion is incomplete.

On a broader more ominous scale,"global broiling" by increasing UV-B radiation is increasing, impacting the immune response of all life on Earth. Among other effects of UV-B are the contributing influence of global broiling on the collapse of pollinator populations and insectivores, both of which impact crop production. Exacerbating the problem are the boreal forests being cut and the pine trees dying from global-warming related epidemic pest infestation.

Among other consequences of losing the boreal forests is the reduction in the amount of atmospheric aerosols called "monoterpenes." That's what you smell in a pine forest. Monoterpenes reflect solar radiation away from the planet and seed cloud formation. Aside from being nutritionally complete, unique and essential, Cannabis also happens to produce more monoterpenes than any other food resource, in a shorter span of time in more soil and climate conditions than any other agricultural resource.

To solve the food security equation, all organic, rotational solutions need to be implemented immediately, inclusive of Cannabis agriculture, manufacture and trade. Presently, the only thing that inhibits the free agricultural market is the very thin misconception that it is difficult to tell industrial hemp from psychoactive strains of marijuana. In fact it is quite easily to distinguish between the varieties, each having distinct physical structure, plant spacing and the presence of pollen-producing males growing among the female hemp flowers.

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Time is the limiting factor in the equation we are behind the curve in solving. If we don't figure out global broiling, then it won't matter what other problems we do manage to solve.

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