Saturday, November 21, 2009

Mainstreaming Marijuana to Capitalize Cannabis

If you have any remaining "Reefer Madness" twitchiness about marijuana finally being recognized as more than merely "legal," then this would be a really good time to just get over it. Indecision is a luxury we cannot afford. 'Time' is the limiting factor in the equation that determines the quality of life on this planet. Delaying an end to Cannabis prohibition for even another day is a threat to the integrity of the ecosystem upon which we depend for our existence.

Aside from the well-documented, beyond obvious, egregiously repetitive, heinously counter-productive effects of the so-called "drug war" (including exacerbating all drug problems, and creating a trillion dollar global black market), the unique and essential environmental benefits of Cannabis agriculture are finally too critical to ignore any longer.

I perceive too much time and money and human talent & effort being spent by the global drug policy reform community, struggling for incremental changes (i.e. too little too late) when it is a radical shift in values that's required. Cannabis isn't illegal, it's essential. That's the message that must be made before next spring. Conceding rightful jurisdiction is the sucker-punch of the reform movement that's got prohibition in our asses and sooner is always better than later to stop being screwed by the chemical military industrial economic system.

Why mainstream 'marijuana' ? Because it's the fastest way to bring the price down.
Why capitalize Cannabis? Because it's a genus name, and out of respect for the most nutritious, most useful, most potentially abundant "herb bearing seed" that can save our species from extinction if we just let it work. And because we need an new basis for our economic system that includes an element of spirituality.

Respect for Nature, appreciation (to The Great YouNameIt) for the gifts we've been temporarily blessed with, entrusted to receive and pass on, gratitude for everything we've got -- the spiritual connection to agriculture that's been severed is a fatal wound to humankind's chances for sustainable existence on Earth. Give thanks for Cannabis, and every other creature on this Earth.

"Make the most of the hemp seed sow it everywhere..."-- George Washington

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Questions for Karen Armstrong, Charter for Compassion

Would you agree that our freedom to farm "every herb bearing seed" is the first test of religious freedom? Do you agree that food insecurity and malnutrition are antithetical to a compassionate society?

Specifically, are you aware of the essential resource scarcity that prohibition of Cannabis hemp seed has imposed? Do you know that seven U.S. Presidents have signed Executive Orders identifying hemp as a strategic food resource, yet in the US it's treated as a Schedule One "drug"?

Finally, will you help me to educate people about the nutritional value of hemp seed? I invite everyone's participation in exercising essential civilian demand for hemp before next spring, so that hundreds of millions of people can feed themselves.

Charter for Compassion