Tuesday, October 25, 2011

"Essential civilian demand"

"Essential civilian demand"(1,2,10) for an "herb bearing seed" (3, 4) of known and demonstrated "strategic resource" value (5-12) "of first necessity to the wealth and protection of the country"(12) is the surest, most time-efficient legal avenue for ending all prohibitions and regulation of Cannabis agriculture, manufacture and trade. Cannabis is valuable beyond the rightful jurisdiction of any court because it is both unique and essential to national security and global integrity. (13) It is both fraudulent and treasonous to tolerate obvious disinformation being presented as fact by the DEA (14) regarding a critically important agricultural resource.

Time is the limiting factor in the equation of survival. Every spring planting season that passes without the benefits of Cannabis, is gone forever. Considering our responsibility to future generations, and the creatures with whom we share this planet, it is everyone's responsibility of to exercise essential civilian demand as soon as possible in order to obviate the essential resource scarcity that has been illegally imposed.

The evolution of revolution is revaluation: Cannabis is essential, not illegal.

"Viva la revaluaci├│n!"

Blessed rushes to all our relations,

Paul J. von Hartmann,
Cannabis scholar
Biodynamic agriculturist
October 26, 2011

California Cannabis Ministry


Title 44 - Emergency Management and Assistance,
§ 334.6 Department and agency responsibilities. (f)

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Friday, October 14, 2011

‎"Cannabis Holy Anointing Oil vs. Gangrene"

by Reverend Roger Christie

(edited and passed on by yours truly, because Roger has been imprisoned without trial or bail or visitors since July 8th, 2010 and cannot continue being as active and effective a Cannabis activist, minister, healer, cultural pioneer and true American hero that he would otherwise be if he weren't being illegally rendered and marginalized as a political prisoner.)

The following accounts of Cannabis Holy Anointing Oil (made by Roger according to the recipe in Exodus 30:23) apparently being effective in healing gangrene, are a compilation of posts and photos which were copied from The Hawai'i Cannabis Ministry forum,
and emails I have recently received from Roger regarding a total of three gangrene healings. The photographs were made by Roger on Maui in 2004. I am posting this information here for the first time, with future edits and updates to come.

Please pass this information on and send whatever support you can to Roger

The Last Marijuana Trial



Dear Friends,

Aloha. I have received a personal testimony about the holy anointing oil that is so touching and so real that I want you to know about it. The people whose story this is don't have a computer, however they have promised to send me a written copy of their testimony. As soon as it arrives I will post it here for you all to enjoy. Until then, this is what I know:

I heard from Robert H. of Lahaina, Maui about a month ago with a very sad story. His sweet girlfriend, Mindy was in terrible pain and discomfort and wanted to die. She was on multiple pharmaceutical prescriptions, the strongest pain-killing kind, and yet the only remedy that gave her comfort was smoking cannabis. They had no money as every month they spent all of their small income on rent, some food and her medicines.

I connected Robert with my partner in healing sacrament on Maui. He was able to deliver some flowers to them a couple of times for free. It was a blessing and gave Mindy some well-deserved comfort. Still, her condition worsened and she wanted to die to escape the misery, the pain and the poverty.

Apparently diabeties has taken a terrible toll on her, and both of Mindy's legs were green and black and there were holes in her skin all the way to the bone. She was scheduled to have her legs amputated last week as there was no hope, according to her doctors.

When I heard this story I immediately sent Robert and Mindy a bottle of holy anointing oil with THC Ministry membership and ordainment papers for both of them. Now for the good news:

I heard back from Robert last week and he said that a miracle has happened! Get this; the holy anointing oil has caused new skin to grow on Mindy's legs! They both tell me that the skin is now fresh, pink and healthy after applying just ten drops - three times per day to her legs. A visit to the doctor last Wednesday was joyous instead of tragic. Instead of making arrangements for amputation, the doctor was completely amazed and surprised.

Yesterday I spoke with Mindy and she was HAPPY! I could feel the smile in her voice and the will to live back in her life now. Both Robert and Mindy are on a healing path and are praying and working for 'full recovery'. Apparently the healing has been so dramatic that at this rate they hope and expect Mindy to be up and possibly out of her wheelchair in a week or two.

I must say that this is a 'chicken-skin' story to tell you. It is the latest in our miracle testimonies and is my pleasure to pass along. I must say that I am drawn-in closer and closer to the Bible as we get blessings with the holy oil recipe of Exodus 30:23. There is something miraculous in this formula and it's being proven, day after day, by Lilli and Kate and Meghan and now Mindy. We also have another special holy oil testimony coming in the next few days that I know about. Have I missed anyone else? Please remind me if I have.

What can I say? Mahalo ke akua. Hallelujah!!!!

Much love and respect to one and all,




Hello everyone,

Aloha. I just returned from four terrific days and nights on Maui. One of the most special things I did was to visit Mindy and her devoted lover Robert, and I got to see Mindy's legs; her precious, pink-skinned, almost fully-healed legs! It was a sight to see and a visit to remember. What nice people, too.

Mindy told me that her doctor called her (previous) condition, the 'never-healing disease'. Can you imagine? I suggest that if you ever hear that kind of negativity from your doctor that you get another doctor immediately!

We visited for over an hour and had a fine time together, including tears and laughter. I even got a few revealing photographs, including one of Mindy standing outside on the lawn in the yard. That might not sound very dramatic ... until you know that Mindy has not stood on her own legs in over three years. :-}

All the very best to you,



ROGER CHRISTIE on 10/11/2011 wrote

God/dess bless you for doing this sacred service!

You may call the patient Mindy as that was her name; unfortunately she passed away about five years after the successful leg treatment. She never re-ordered holy anointing oil. I've always called that experience 'Mindy's precious legs'. Bless her and R.I.P.

Yes, you have my permission to post this as far as it will go. Remember that there is still a controversy about making the holy anointing oil and what 'fragrant cane', 'sweet cane', or 'aromatic cane' is. The King James version of the Bible says that the mystery ingredient is calamus root (as far as I know it's not in the 'cane' family of plants). With something so extremely important to Christians ('anointed ones') and Jews, one would think this very sacred recipe would be crystal clear in every translation of every Bible as it's to be used 'throughout all the generations'. Hopefully our personal experience of making and using the holy oil with Cannabis as the fragrant cane will help to spread the very effective and inexpensive recipe to those who need it most.

The bottle of holy anointing oil I sent to Mindy was one-half liquid ounce. She applied ten drops @ three times per day directly into the nasty wounds. One small bottle was all that was necessary for complete healing of 'incurable' gangrene. Can you imagine her joy in her calling Maui Memorial Hospital and canceling the amputation surgery? Wow!

Mindy asked me to keep her last name a secret as she was NOT following her doctor's orders by using the holy anointing oil and by canceling the amputation surgery. She was concerned about possibly losing her medical benefits and her Social Security disability benefits. Her doctor never knew the truth of her miraculous recovery.

In my opinion, one bottle (or more!) of holy anointing oil should be in every personal and professional first aid kit, in every doctor's office and in every hospital all over the world. In addition to gangrene, the 'oil of gladness' has proven effective for staph infections, cuts, warts, dental abceses, pain and more.

Holy anointing oil is a topical to be used for opening the crown chakra in a sacred ceremony as in 'anoint the head with oil', and as a topical treatment for infection, disease and pain. We've also found it useful for brushing teeth and absorbing into the gums to fight tooth decay.

Did you receive my email about a month ago about the book "Anointing: Secrets of the Messiah Medicine" by Michael Albert-Puleo, M.D.? It's a fantastic edition well worth reading! Please get it as it's a crucial Ministry read - and important for your library.

* This is one of the MAIN points we want to make in calling our trial "the last marijuana trial". If / when 'Christians' (90% of USAmericans!) understand that THEIR sacred and necessary holy anointing oil is supposed to be made with Cannabis - Cannabis will be freed. Simple as that. Since the very word 'Christian' means 'anointed one', and the vast majority of Christians are zero anointed, we think there will be a great renewal and revival of true Christianity once this sacred anointing is brought back into common usage like Jesus the Christ did. *

Je/sus = I am Latin or French ("Je suis") to this day.
Christ = anointed

Jesus Christ = I am anointed

Anti-Christ = I am not anointed, or I am opposed to the anointing.

One can only imagine how wonderful this world will be with masses of people being properly anointed and sincerely prayed over. And so it is.

Love and healing to you and all,



Mindy's infection was caused by diabetes, which turns into gangrene way too often.

I understand that the cause of Mindy's death was the diabetes.


Another case of gangrene was my friend, Lee, who called me one Sunday afternoon from Hilo Hospital. He called to tell me that he was in the hospital and scheduled to have his big toe amputated at 8 a.m. the next day, because of gangrene. He was looking for a prayer of support. Well, yeah! I said I'd be right up there.

I arrived to see Lee in bed with a large amount of bandages wrapped around his foot. He was in pretty good spirits considering the situation. I told him about my experience with Mindy's legs so he let me see his affected toe and give the holy anointing oil a try (without his doctor knowing). The toe was totally black! I had a 1/2 liquid ounce bottle of the sacrament with an eye-dropper top for him. I said a prayer of positivity and applied the oil all over his toe with the help of his wife. I left them the bottle and suggested they re-apply the oil many times before the morning. I got a call the next day around noon from Lee who told me that when he woke-up his toe had obviously healed well enough overnight so that the amputation surgery was cancelled and he left the hospital soon afterwards.

Another important piece of the healing puzzle here is that Ministers, Priests and Rabbis are officially allowed into all hospitals that I know of to counsel and pray and give sacraments to patients. I think it's important for Cannabis Ministers to introduce themselves to their local hospital Administrators, openly and honestly discuss their services and sacraments and invite themselves in as part of the services to their patients.


The last example of healing gangrene with holy anointing oil came just about two years ago at the THC Ministry offices. Share will remember this, too. Our friend and Rabbi Ministry member Owen had a friend on Oahu who used to be his landlady and she had a gangrene foot that he was especially worried about. I think the woman's name was Sally.

Sally didn't want to go to a doctor or hospital as she was ashamed of her condition and embarassed or afraid to have it looked at. The worse it got - the more she resisted treatment. Owen told her about our successes and he persuaded Sally to fly to Hilo to meet Share and me, and to get our prayers and holy anointing oil treatment.

When she arrived we couldn't believe it! Sally had her terribly gangrene foot wrapped in paper towels (soaked in pus) slipped into a Croc sandal. The smell was SO TERRIBLE we could hardly breathe! She flew on the airplane that way. Thank God there were open windows and a fan overhead in our office.

I counseled with Sally for a while (I think Share did, too.) and we gave her confidence in the Ministry and our ways and our sacraments so she became willing to show us her foot.

OMG, it was awful. Almost the entire foot was a mess; oozing pus all over and being eaten away by the disease. Gangrene is a "flesh-eating disease", literally. Well, it was time for me to get some more paper towels and dab away the pus and get to a place where we could apply the holy anointing oil and then pray for healing and a full recovery. We did the necessary and got her fresh towels for the airplane trip home. (We might have wrapped a plastic bag over the whole foot and sandal, as I recall.) Sally took about 5 bottles of holy anointing oil with her.

We heard a few weeks later that she finally went to a doctor and he insisted on amputating a few toes, but the majority of her foot was saved.