Friday, April 17, 2009

Obama's poor joke

You don’t have to support the end of marijuana prohibition to be concerned that Obama dismissed the legitimate concerns of a substantial number of American citizens who are concerned with the harms being created by the drug war. His poor joke was a surprisingly revealing glimpse into the simplistic and unresponsive attitude of his administration in dealing with a vastly complex and critically fundamental issue.

Anyone can say anything, as Presidents Obama and Bush have proven.

neurotoxic effects of acute organophosphate intoxication

See 1,500 Indian Farmers Commit Mass Suicide: Why We Are Complicit in these Deaths
By Tara Lohan, AlterNet. Posted April 16, 2009.,500_indian_farmers_commit_mass_suicide:_why_we_are_complicit_in_these_deaths/?comments=view&cID=1190201&pID=1189424#c1190201

"The early (immediate and delayed) neurotoxic effects of acute organophosphate intoxication are well documented in the scientific literature; lack of recognition and inappropriate treatment of occupational poisonings continue."

"Chronic neuropsychological sequelae of occupational exposure to organophosphate insecticides"

I used to document pesticide spray drift for The Valley Keepers, north of Sacramento. The neurotoxic effects of ag pesticides on insects becomes obvious in humans over time. Considering the stats on crop dusting pilots and other farm workers exposed to ag chemicals, it's hardly surprising, though tremendously sad, that farmer suicides are so prevalent.

I' suspect that there's also a correlation between pesticide/plastics contamination (in home, water & community) and suicide, illness, etc.

My solution to this insidious and pervasive problem involves organic and biodynamic crop rotation of "every herb bearing seed" -- including all strains of Cannabis hemp. The drug war must end, beginning with an immediate end to the ban on industrial hemp. It is just no longer credible to believe that law enforcement's inability to distinguish between industrial hemp and marijuana is crippling a multi-billion dollar industry, access to a critical agronomic tool and a known "strategic resource."

If I grow hemp, I can feed my family the world's most nutritious seed. I can make an honest living, producing a valuable organic crop, while helping to prevent hunger and illness in my family, friends and community.

I can make biofuels and food from the same harvest, grow safely therapeutic herbal remedies, produce fine paper, beautiful cloth, light, strong building materials, biodegradable plastics, healthful animal and fish feed, food oil, lubricating oils, essential oils and biogenic pesticides.

Cannabis agriculture is also the best available, globally proportionate response to climate change, offering mankind both exceptional carbon sequestration capacity and abundant monoterpene production. Google "global broiling" to find out more.

It's possible for everyone who has access to sun, soil, water, and fertile hemp seed to be self-sufficient. If President Obama truly wants to solve problems instead of perpetuate them, then he'd better listen to Dennis Kucinich, Ron Paul, and others who support hemp agriculture.

Organic pesticides are critical to organic agriculture. There's only one crop that produces the abundance of biomass necessary to make meaningful quantities of biogenic pesticides, while producing several other income streams from the same harvest.

WAKE UP AMERICA. We're the only country that has not returned to industrial hemp production.

Instead, we're paying for endless wars and infecting Mexico's peaceful culture by imposing conditions generating black market violence, farmer suicides and the economics of scarcity.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

to kill the black market...

If the "authorities" really wanted to kill the black market in marijuana they'd encourage farmers to cultivate industrial hemp. Cross-pollination between low- and high-THC strains would make it much more difficult to grow 'sensimilla' ("without seeds") pot, so there wouldn't be criminal plantations in the back country.

Let people grow outdoors as much as they want, and the market will flood so that the indoor (high electricity bills, major carbon footprint, chemical "Frankenweed") grow scene would become much less profitable.

Prohibition of marijuana was motivated by the industrial competition it posed. Ending prohibition of industrial hemp will eliminate that economic block and solve a lot of problems all at once.

Eliminating the DEA and the IRS will do more to recover balance than locking up all the drug dealers in the world.

Cannabis agriculture is essential to mankind's role within a functional Natural Order

Organic, non-GMO Cannabis agriculture is critical to resolving environmental, economic and social crises that are potentiating irreversible synergistic collapse in the near future. The freedom to farm "every herb bearing seed" is the first test of religious freedom. The price of ingratitude may well be extinction.

Until mankind reconnects agriculture and spirituality, the endless debate about our right to grow the world's most useful and nutritious crop will prove extinctionistic. Time is the limiting factor in the equation of survival. Global broiling by increasing UV-B radiation demands that we grow Cannabis to sequester carbon, produce atmospheric aerosols called "monterpenes" to effect radiative forcing and shield the Earth against the Sun with reflective clouds. Cannabis agriculture manufacture and trade are the best available, proportionate global response to climate change that the greatest number of people can implement in the shortest span of time .

Carbon sequestration from increasing the prevalence of organic agriculture (made possible by the biogenic pesticides produced by Cannabis), and increased vegetable protein production in the form of hemp seed, all argue for an immediate suspension of Cannabis prohibition.

Executive Order 12919 recognizes hemp as a "strategic food resource" available by "essential civilian demand." The First Amendment secures our fundamental human right to farm "every herb bearing seed." Use it or lose it America.

The rest of the world is growing hemp, except where the military chemical agricultural industrial complex has managed to impose 'marijuana' prohibition on industrial hemp farming in order to sell ag chemicals.

If americans had the Balls to stand up to their outlaw government, we all wouldn't be in the mess we're all in.

Quit giving money to the unaccountable, criminally negligent, outlaw government, until our money recovers a spiritual dimension of gratitude for what we've been given. Be thankful for the harvest, even if you've been deeply programmed to believe the absurdity's of the war machine.

WAKE UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Google "global broiling" to understand why you don't need to woory about global warming. At the rate we're going, our species won't see the end of this Century.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

S.384, the Global Food Security Act

I just took action on this issue and thought you might find it interesting too.

The UN recently released a report saying that Africa's best hope for the future is organic agriculture. Yet the Senate Foreign Relations Committee has passed S.384, the Global Food Security Act, that would require "research on biotechnological advances appropriate to local ecological conditions, including genetically modified technology" as a condition of US aid.

Instead of cynically cloaking corporate welfare for chemical companies like Monsanto in agriculture aid packages, why not support the United Nations Environment Program's Green Economy Initiative? How bad do things have to get before all proven solutions are implemented?

Biodynamic agriculture is not even mentioned here. If you don't know about biodynamic agriculture, then Shame on you for pretending to lead. Rudolph Steiner's methods work -- and have worked for more than eighty years. Read "Secrets of the Soil" to find out about the living forces of Earth that go largely unappreciated.

A new survey by the UN Conference on Trade and the Environment and UNEP in East Africa found that over 90 per cent of studies show that organic or near organic agriculture had benefits for soil fertility; water quality and flood management; improved water tables, carbon sequestration, oxygen production, health and biodiversity.

Production of biogenic pesticides, atmospheric aerosols, and pioneer species selection are also a part of the equation not being considered. How can you be serious if these elements are left out of the equation?

At some point you're going to have to ask yourself if you are trying to solve problems or just protect inertial toxic profit - ? The criminal negligence that is being committed in the prohibition of the world's most nutritious and useful crop is outrageous. If souls are judged after death, then anyone who impedes the progress of organic agriculture will certainly be in hot water for the hereafter.

Cannabis agriculture is critical to global and regional security. Identified as a "strategic food resource" in Executive Order 12919, "hemp" is too valuable to be truly illegal. You must realize that Cannabis is unique and essential, and therefore beyond the rightful jurisdiction of any court. Production of biogenic atmospheric monoterpenes is a priority hardly being discussed. Cannabis is the most productive and most agronomically benefical crop on Earth.

Cannabis agriculture, manufacture and trade are god-given rights, protected by laws assuring spiritual freedom and pursuit of happiness.

Cannabis is a pioneer crop, which allows for the expansion of the arable base. This allows farmers to extend the growing season in marginal areas. The research in East Africa was among 1.6 million organic or near organic farmers from seven countries working on 1.4 million hectares.

Other findings include an increase in crop yields of 128 per cent since switching. If biodynamic Cannabis is introduced into crop rotations, this figure will increase dramatically.

Higher incomes result from not having to buy fertilizers and pesticides, better food availability, and higher prices paid -- through certification schemes for both export and domestic markets -- addresses poverty in an environmentally friendly way.

Close to 90 per cent of cases showed increase in farm and household incomes and because organic agriculture is more knowledge intensive it has lead to improvements in education; community bonds and cooperation on market access.

The report concludes: "Organic and near-organic agricultural methods and technologies are ideally suited for many poor, marginalized smallholder farmers in Africa, as they require minimal or no external inputs, use locally and naturally available materials to produce high-quality products, and encourage a whole systemic approach to farming that is more diverse and resistant to stress."

Ending the drug war will allow for peace to spread with agricultural abundance and regional economic stability. End the drug war NOW, LET ORGANIC AGRICULTURE WORK!

Paul J. von Hartmann
California Cannabis Ministry

Project P.E.A.C.E.
Planet Ecology Advancing Conscious Economics