Friday, February 15, 2013


intr.v. de·spairedde·spair·ingde·spairs
1. To lose all hope: despaired of reaching shore safely.
2. To be overcome by a sense of futility or defeat.
1. Complete loss of hope.
2. One despaired of or causing despair:  

Unevolved species are the despair of their evolutionary masters.

Humpback whales off Maui, vertical in the water column, touching the tips of their pectoral fins. 
"I love you." was the message I got from it.

Saturday, February 9, 2013

Climate Change Task Force

Dear President Obama,

Please allow me to congratulate you on the leadership you have shown in recognizing "hemp" as a "strategic resource" available by "essential civilian demand." In signing Executive Order 13603 you have made it possible to simultaneously address global climate change, food security and sustainable biofuels production, through organic agriculture.

In April 2012, I sent an email to Rep. Gus Bilirakis
(House Committee on Homeland Security
Emergency Preparedness, Response and Communications
Committee on Homeland Security), to which I have not received a response of any kind. I encourage you to recognize the urgency of planting Cannabis hemp this spring planting season.

In December 2012 and January 2013, I spoke with Secretary of Agriculture Vilsack and his chief advisor Mr. Robert Bonnie about the three reasons Cannabis is both unique and essential to national security. I also pointed out that there presently exists no emergency preparedness protocol for exercising essential civilian demand.

I am concerned that increasing UV-B radiation is not being adequately responded to as the immediate threat that it surely is. Increasing UV-B causes mercury, arsenic, selenium compounds and other deadly toxins to become more available to plants and animals. Genetic mutation, immune suppression, abnormal cell growth, reduced harvests, increased insect pest infestation, water shortages, severe weather, and many other symptoms of fundamental imbalance are related to UV-B radiation.

Cannabis is the only crop that produces sufficient quantities of atmospheric aerosols needed to replace those lost with the death of the boreal forests that used to produce the "monoterpenes" that shield our planet from the Sun. We have no choice - we must grow hemp out of urgent necessity, or be "UV-Broiled" to extinction.

The greenhouse gas reduction target approved by the House of Representatives and embraced by you as the U.S. goal is woefully inadequate. Please factor in Cannabis hemp as capable of sequestering nine tons of carbon per acre per growing season. To demonstrate substantive U.S. leadership in meeting America’ moral responsibilities as the nation responsible for nearly 30 percent of the greenhouse gases already in the atmosphere, as well as much of the carbon emissions occurring now, we must reintroduce hemp.

The emissions cap approved by the House amounts to a reduction of only about 4 percent by 2020 compared to 1990 levels. That is only a tenth of the cuts that leading climate scientists believe is necessary from industrialized economies if we are avoid the most serious consequences of climate change.

I believe We the People have the authority to leverage more ambitious and effective climate legislation from Congress, through essential civilian demand for hemp; and encourage your Administration to design a regulatory structure that will achieve U.S. greenhouse gas reductions in cooperation with Europe and other areas of the world, by initiating a truly free organic agricultural market for the first time in our lives.

I further encourage you to start an international “race to the stratosphere” by carrying out your campaign promise to make America the most energy-efficient economy in the world at the same time we produce the monoterpenes needed to produce fuel, food, herbal therapeutics, build materials, as the basis for "Gaiatherapeutic Industries" to heal the planet.

I encourage you rally the United States, and the world community, to deal with climate change objectively, proactively, aggressively and immediately.  How hot does Earth have to get before all solutions are considered?

No other leader in the world today is as well positioned and well equipped to mobilize around this profoundly important issue. America has extraordinary intellectual resources, technical capabilities and capacity for innovation, as well as our proud tradition of helping the world navigate difficult passages.

I urge you to show the bold and progressive leadership that this urgent issue requires. An enlightened America can mobilize the world to address these challenges. Please contact me to understand more about "Cannabis vs. Climate Change" which is the title of my book on the subject.