Thursday, April 15, 2010

Jack Herer's legacy rolls on...

I've just learned of Jack Herer's passing. I remember and give thanks for having shared a few steps on the Hemperor's path.

Like a stone rolling to the water's edge and into another dimension, Jack's energy and passion have been transformed in concentric circles of grassroots influence. A movement born of environmental necessity, Jack Herer was pilot trainer for a generation of aviators at the stick of Spaceship Earth, flying Cannabis awareness and activism into the 21st Century.

I remember the first time we met at the San Luis Obispo hemp conference, early December in 1992. A few of us were smoking a jay outside in the twilight. He autographed my worn and highlighted copy of "The Emperor", thumbing through the dog-eared pages, smiling with satisfaction at seeing his work so thoroughly studied. Next to a sketch of a B-1 bomber encircled by peace activists, the origin of the peace symbol by Jack's account, he wrote,

"To Paul, Thanks for reading and teaching Hemp knowledge. It's what my Partner Capt. Ed & I wanted to do and the way we wish to reach people and we're glad we reached you. Love Jack"

I've been teaching, expanding and digesting hemp knowledge ever since. I never imagined it would take so long to achieve something so necessary.

Bless the soul of this great man. He has left a wake both wide and deep.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Remembering 1937...

In 1937, small-scale, free-market, organic agriculture was killed in a bloodless bureaucratic coup of incalculable proportions. In 2010 the casualties of the "war of values" undermining spiritually integrated farming practices continue to accumulate.

Though left uncounted, premature human deaths, illnesses and epidemic physical mis-development can be measured in the billions as the result of chemical agriculture, endless wars, and production/disbursement of radioactive materials. A critical rotational crop with ancient cultural and therapeutic properties has been arbitrarily edited from agriculture, making sustainable production of complete nutrition and sustainable biofuels production not only impossible, but a crime.

Harms that result from imposed "essential resource" scarcity include the absence of health, societal corruption and inefficiency, reflected in the unaccountable institutional acceptance of sub-standard alternatives to organic agriculture inclusive of Cannabis.

Pretending that marijuana prohibition is other than counter-productive to its own stated objectives hasn't been credible for a long time. Consider that it is only the absence of "industrial" hemp producing pollen in the farmlands that allows for all that fine California sensimilla to be grown out in our mountain wilderness areas.

Pretending that 'marijuana' and industrial hemp are difficult to distinguish has never been credible. Here are photos to let you decide for yourself.

Saturday, April 10, 2010

"There’s nothing like having children to turn you into an anti-drug crusader.” -- Jack Pitney, political science professor at Claremont McKenna College

Does procreation cause feeblemindedness? Does making a baby make parents completely stupid? I trust not...

As any objective authority in the field of human psychology/animal behavior acknowledges, prohibition causes ""forbidden fruit" syndrome" in children, adolescents and adults. Adding an otherwise absent dimension of rebelliousness to 'marijuana' use, pot and other banned substances are made even more attractive to young people than they would otherwise be, without the so-called "drug war."

"FUNDAMENTALLY COUNTER-PRODUCTIVE" is the only term that can encompass the incalculable, profoundly insidious harm of prohibition. Antithetical to its own stated objectives, imposing essential resource poverty is crippling humankind's economic evolution, and disconnecting spiritual freedom from agricultural practice.

I am infinitely blessed with the love of my extraordinary child, I use Cannabis, feed it (the seedmilk) to my boy, and yet I still understand that prohibition violates his fundamental human right to farm as it violates everyone's. I challenge anyone to give me one good reason that's true, not to grow Cannabis of any strain and potency. There isn't one.

THC in its natural form isn't dangerous (i.e. no LD50). So what do the chemicalists do? They render marijuana into a pill you can OD on. Tax and regulate? More like rip-off and monopolize. Shame on us for letting it even go to a vote.

I don't need your permission to farm and you don't need mine -- if we have any balls left at all. If we don't plant industrial hemp in California this spring, then there's something really wrong with our species.

Maybe having kids does make us completely stupid. Still worth it.

"Oh people,
look around you
the signs are everywhere
you've left it for somebody
other than you
to be the one
to care..."-JBrown

Jezus, people. Wake up, Stand UP.
"Essential civilian demand" for Cannabis. High noon, Capitol steps, Sacramento, May 23rd.

Pass it on and show up.

Tax & regulate is a sucker punch.

Friday, April 9, 2010

Sow hemp everywhere" now.

At some point
there will be only
a few seconds left
before synergistic
collapse becomes
Will we
only then
attempt to
employ all
possible solutions?

Do we really
love our children
so little that we would
take a chance on
to heal the
Natural Order
upon which all
of us and ours
and theirs and
theirs depend
for our survival?


who will stand with me
on the Capitol
steps to reclaim
our freedom to farm
every seed-bearing plant
fresh from
American soil
for the first time in
Seven decades of imposed
essential resource
poverty is enough.
don't you think?


No sign of life yet
from the well-heeled
under reactive.

Not a season left to waste.

"Sow hemp everywhere"

"Tax & regulate" Cannabis?... I wouldn't...

The following is my response to
"How to Help Legalize Marijuana in California"


That's not the quickest way to "legalize [sic] marijuana." The quickest way to end prohibiiton is to recognize Cannabis as a "strategic food resource" as six American Presidents have done. FDR, Truman, Eisenhower, Kennedy, Nixon, and Clinton all signed Executive Orders identifying hemp as critical to national security. Under present circumstances, failing to do so is a "misprision of treason."

All the proposed legislation does is concede rightful jurisdiction (i.e. perpetuates wrongful jurisdiction) over an agricultural resource that's both unique and essential. Now, you and the chemical/military-industrial 'quasi-gummint' may think that a murderous, immoral, economically and spiritually bankrupt regime has rightful jurisdiction over your freedom to farm, but I don't think so. Our forefarmers didn't die for the freedom to complain.

If we all recognize the true value of Cannabis as an essential "strategic resource" available by "essential civilian demand" this May in Sacramento, "We the People" can reassess the true value of Cannabis for ourselves. Cannabis agriculture, manufacture and trade are a threat to endless wars (foreign and domestic), chemical-industrial monocultures, and continued petrochemical addiction.

Don't be a fool. Cannabis is too valuable to be within the rightful jurisdiction of any court. "WAKE UP, STAND UP..."

Tax and regulate Cannabis? It will continue to be your worst nightmare. Bureaucratic over-regulation of Cannabis will bog down the free organic agricultural market at a time when coordinated regional production of organic biofuels and protein could make agricultural economics "Gaiatherapeutic" (Earth-healing) and sustainable. Government will give your tax dollars to Mons[ters]anto to genetically modify Cannabis. They will control the seed and our kids will have no chance at all for setting things right. That's a dirty trick on them we all are responsible for. Misprision of responsibility to future generations...

Don't go for the sucker punch. Cannabis has never been truly illegal because in reality it's essential. Farmers are better off self-regulating region by region to decide which cultivars* are appropriate for the local soil and climate conditions and begin acclimatizing seed stocks for desired production results.

Support "essential civilian demand" for Cannabis with the California Cannabis Ministry in Sacramento this May 23rd on the steps of the State Capitol, or watch as synergistic collapse accelerates. If you can't make the scene, send toxic petro dollars to me and convert worthless US currency to organic agriculturally-based "dolphin economics"**.

We have nothing to fear but the atmosphere itself. Time is the limiting factor in the equation of survival.

Drugs don't make seeds, herbs do. God gave us every "herb bearing seed." Our freedom to farm "every herb bearing seed" is the first test test of religious freedom.

There, now you know. Cannabis is more than legal, it's essential. Now go, "sow hemp everywhere..."


*"A cultivar is a cultivated variety of a plant that has been deliberately selected for specific desirable characteristics (such as the colour and form of the flower, yield of the crop, disease resistance etc.). When propagated correctly the plants of a particular cultivar retain their special characteristics."

** Dolphin economics, def: "You help me help you help everyone." Based in abundance, proven sustainable over 30 million years