Thursday, October 2, 2014

"Cannabis vs Climate Change" ~ How hot dos Earth have to get...?

Atmospheric aerosols produced by boreal forests and phytoplankton, shield our planet from solar UV-B radiation. Since 1950, half of the forests have been cut down, and about half of the phytoplankton are gone, leaving the Earth vulnerable to increasing levels of solar UV-B radiation. Cannabis is the only crop capable of replacing the same atmospheric aerosols, in sufficient quantities to resolve climate change in the very limited time that we may have left to heal the planet.

The polar shift in values from "illegal" to "essential civilian demand"

The polar shift in values from "illegal" to essential is a time-limited opportunity to avert global systemic collapse. In Hawai'i, after being slandered as a "danger to his community" that cost him four years and three months in prison without trail or bail, Reverend Roger Christie has emerged stronger than ever in faith and spirit.
In this video, the Hawai'i community welcomes Roger Christie (out of the "halfway house" he's still confined to most of the time) to rejoin the Islands' Cannabis conversation. This proves beyond any possible doubt that Roger is a valued visionary leader -- ZERO a "danger" to his community. After years of wrongful imprisonment and selective persecution, Roger Christie introduces the U.S. federal protocol, "essential civilian demand" that is urgently necessary for affording immediate access to the "strategic resource" "hemp."
"Hemp" is valued as being "strategic" in seven Presidential Executive Orders, signed by seven American Presidents (FDR,Truman, Eisenhower, Kennedy, Nixon, Clinton, and Barack Obama). It is not possible for a startegic resource to be a "Schedule One drug" since one is critical to national security and the other has no use whatsoever.
Executive Order 13603 (signed March 16, 2012) is presently in force, affording immediate access to Cannabis in the interest of national security and global integrity. An emergency preparedness protocol referred to in several federal documents, (CFR 44, EO 12919, EO 13603, Defense Production Act of 1950) essential civilian demand does not ask permission -- "demand" recognizes urgent necessity.
The magnitude and immediacy of rapidly compounding global threats obviates government taxation and bureaucratic regulation. Interference in our freedom to farm "every herb bearing seed" is a violation of the First Amendment, that would delay the timely implementation of (organic and biodynamic, non-GMO) solutions, for maximum carbon sequestration and biogenic atmospheric monoterpene production.

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Ancient wisdom of Cannabis goodness is to be respected as part of our sacred legacy...

From the Good Samaritan

 "IT IS A REMEDY THAT OUGHT TO BE IN Every House, on account of its Harmlessness and Potency, and, above all, BECAUSE OF ITS EXCEEDING CHEAPNESS." 

"We do not here tell you of the REALMS of MYSTERY, WONDER, and SUBLIME ENCHANTMENT -- when amounting almost to the Gift of Prophecy -- that is superinduced by using THIS MAGNIFICENT ORIENTAL PREPARATION, so long celebrated in Song, Poetry and ANCIENT STORY."

-- Gotta love THAT! Thanks to Mr. Chris Bennett. This is priceless...