Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Comment on AlterNet's "Vision: As the American Capitalist Economy Craters..."



Let's cut to the chase, shall we?

A polar shift in values is urgently needed in time to avoid global extinction. The equation of survival precludes endless debate over nuances of economics that fail to address the compounding, accelerating threats to our existence. The bees are dying. We have nothing to fear but the atmosphere itself. How much time do you think we have left to regain environmental balance? In another ten years we'll all be singin' John Prine's song about the "cold cold ground" unless we get our heads out of our asses and reclaim our freedom to farm "every herb bearing seed." It is as simple as that.

"Capitalism" in and of itself isn't the problem. If "Gaiatherapeutic" (i.e. Earth-healing) values are factored into the equation, then capitalism can serve as incentive for healing the planet. Unfortunately, chemicals have been the basis of our economic system since before we were born, so global death remains the inevitable product of human labor.

If Americans can shift our collective values from "petroleum is valuable" to "Cannabis is essential" then we may have a very slight chance of avoiding extinction. In fact Cannabis agriculture, manufacture and trade are both unique and essential to our existence. Unless we plant Cannabis as fast as we can, everywhere we can, we will be broiled to extinction by increasing UV-B radiation. It's already happening. Since 1990, UV-B reaching the surface of the planet has more than doubled.

Even the supposedly open-minded and progressive AlterNet won't publish the true, unique and essential value of the most valuable agricultural resource on Earth. Irrational social prejudice never sleeps.

If you're curious about why Cannabis is both unique and essential, and why 'time' is the limiting factor in the equation of survival, then consider

Cannabis vs. "Global Broiling": An Inconvenient Priority

“Shastashares” is an alternative currency option that was offered to the Mount Shasta region in the Spring of 2010. People there weren't ready for it. As it is, I've left the web page on-line to serve as a template for other communities to consider. Shastashares combines the efficiency of regional production and exchange with the practical values inherent to natural wealth.


Shastashares Brochure

When things get bad enough, people may have time to coordinate the will necessary to effect the fundamental change in value that's needed. It's called "essential civilian demand" in three federal documents pertaining to mobilized civilian response to national emergency. Failure to act in the interest of national security is a "misprision of treason."

A federal lawsuit against the DEA for failing to acknowledge the historically and scientifically revered value of Cannabis ecology, agriculture, manufacture and trade in the context of the present, synergistic collapse of globally integrated systems is called for. Fraudulent characterization of a "strategic resource" as a Schedule One "drug" is worse than terrorism [sic] (i.e. repercussions, predictable response to armed aggression, "pay-back," "instant karma," etc.) could ever be.

Jefferson said

“The greatest service which can be rendered any country
is to add a useful plant to its culture.”


"Hemp is of first necessity
to the wealth & protection of the country."

-- Thomas Jefferson
3rd President of the United States, inventor,
Cannabis farmer

It follows logically then that the greatest harm that can be done to the country is to remove the most useful plant from our national crop rotations, and our backyard gardens. In fact, since we've cut down the boreal forests for paper, instead of growing hemp, we've slaughtered 50 % of the lungs of the planet, which also happen to produce atmospheric sunscreen" in the form of aerosol "monoterpenes" that reflect solar radiation, seed cloud formation and serve to purify the aquatic system of the Earth.

In case you're wondering what our "paternally protective" government has to say about the true value of hemp, this is the fraudulent & treasonous* definition of "hemp" that's been on line for ten years:

DEA Clarifies Status of Hemp in the Federal Register
October 9, 2001

“Hemp” is part of the cannabis plant, which is also known as marijuana. The rules published in today’s edition of the Federal Register explain the circumstances under which “hemp” products are subject to control under federal law.

“Hemp” and marijuana are actually separate parts of the species of plant known as cannabis. Under federal law, Congress defined marijuana to focus on those parts of the cannabis plant that are the source of tetrahydrocannabinols (THC). THC is the hallucinogenic substance in marijuana that causes the psychoactive effect or “high.” The marijuana portions of the cannabis plant include the flowering tops (buds), the leaves, and the resin of the cannabis plant. The remainder of the plant — stalks and sterilized seeds — is what some people refer to as “hemp.” However, “hemp” is not a term that is found in federal law.

DEA Administrator Asa Hutchinson stated that “many Americans do not know that hemp and marijuana are both parts of the same plant and that hemp cannot be produced without producing marijuana.”

While most of the THC in cannabis plants is concentrated in the marijuana, all parts of the plant, including hemp, have been found to contain THC. The existence of THC in hemp is significant because THC, like marijuana, is a schedule I controlled substance. Federal law prohibits human consumption and possession of schedule I controlled substances. In addition, they are not approved by the Food and Drug Administration for medical use.

The rules that DEA is publishing today explain which hemp products are legal and which are not. This will depend on whether the product causes THC to enter the human body. If the product does cause THC to enter the human body, it is an illegal substance that may not be manufactured, sold, or consumed in the United States. Such products include “hemp” foods and beverages that contain THC.

"If, however, the product does not cause THC to enter the human body, it is a noncontrolled substance that may lawfully be sold in the United States."

There are so many untrue statements posed as fact that jail sentences for those responsible would have to be imposed. Intentional, intractable, mis-valuation of a "strategic resource" is the greatest threat to national security (and global integrity) that there is.

The REAL question is "How bad do things have to get before all solutions are considered?"

Every Spring planting season that passes without the many benefits of hemp is gone forever. 'Time' is the only thing we can't make more of. No matter how much money you think you have, you can't buy time. Not even a minute. When it's too late to save this planet, it will be too late forever.

So, what's really valuable?
Monoterpenes, protein, energy, paper, cloth, herbal remedies, heirloom seeds...

Good luck, y'all. Shit's about to hit the fan in a big way. I trust you'll have your heirloom seeds stashed before the US loses its preferred currency status.

Why do you think Dominique Strauss-Kahn, the French IMF chief was set up? He's been an outspoken threat to the U.$.A.