Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Cannabis in Japan

As if increasing levels of solar UV-B radiation weren't bad enough, the release of radiation in Japan has introduced an accelerated time frame for global extinction. Now we really don't have a growing season to waste, or even a minute to spare.

Hemp seed from Chernobyl needs to be planted in Japan immediately to phytoremediate the area. Biodynamic agricultural methods must be utilized in case there is benefit in applying Rudlolf Steiner's methods to solving the problem as has been suggested.

As radioactivity spreads throughout the world, people everywhere need to eat Cannabis raw. See for more information.

Friday, April 1, 2011

At what point does blind obedience become immoral insanity?

Dear C,

I wanted to thank you, and let you know I've forwarded some of your recent posts concerning the NIH/NCI "trouble bubble" to Roger Christie, imprisoned-without-trial-or-bail-or-visitors since last July, awaiting trial this July. My first thought after reading your email is "Roger would go..."

As you know he's achieve incremental victories somewhat similar to this in the past, influencing the Hawaiian courts and funding regarding Cannabis policy. Now he's being forced to try in a different way, putting his freedom on the line to change federal law by standing up for our religious freedom, for the past ten years as a state-licensed Minister.

It is my most humble honor to salute you both as true heros of our shared time and cultures. You both have achieved a lot more than I have in effective and substantial ways.

That's why I'm conflicted in pointing out that you are both taking strong, but indirect routes, trying to effect change in the bureaucracy through the bureaucracy for the bureaucracy, financed with your money against you.

My question is why do you think change at the State level makes any difference? And why not simultaneously act for federal change?

By conceding fundamental, rightful jurisdiction over "every herb bearing seed" we acknowledge a power greater than our right to live. When is something so valuable that it is no longer a matter of further debate?

How bad do things have to get before we exercise "essential civilian demand" at federal and international levels -- and really just get this done and get to the real work of planting?

Please see the federal documents listed in the references at my website.

"Essential civilian demand is specifically referred to in three of them. There are six Executive Orders identifying "hemp" as a a "strategic resource."

Misprision of treason is a crime without an associated action. Anyone who opposes or delays ending Cannabis prohibition in the United States and the rest of the world, by this spring is certainly guilty of misprision of treason. Cannabis happens to be both unique and essential for three very specific reasons -- nutritionally, ecologically, and industrially.

Thomas Jefferson said that “The greatest service which can be rendered any country
is to add a useful plant to its culture” and that "Hemp is of first necessity to the wealth and protection of the country" It logically follows then that the greatest harm inflicted against our nation is prohibition of the world’s most useful plant from American farms, gardens, and vegetable boxes.


Cannabis International Foundation

for sufficient information and references to determine the true, essential value of Cannabis. In the context of compounding crises we face in the 21st Century, Cannabis is valuable beyond the rightful jurisdiction of any court.

We don't have another planting season to waste. If we don't have seed in the ground this Spring, we will be poor again in the Fall. As soon as American currency loses it's preferred status in the world market, if we don't have an alternative, efficient, regional base of organic/biodynamic agriculture Americans will starve to death.

As it is we are all being poisoned to death by increasingly toxic environmental imbalances. The emergency doesn't need to be declared to be real. This spring is critical. The argument is over.

On top of everything else, the nutritional value of Cannabis plant,seeds, leaves, flowers, pollen, roots and all for healing/preventing diseases from radiation make the situation far far beyond debate. With the spread of radiation, the debate has ended. Anyone who doesn't plant and grow Cannabis everywhere this spring in the United States and the rest of the world is a fool, ignorant perhaps, but a fool none the less.

I've said for twenty years that if anyone can give me one good reason that's true not to grow Cannabis then I will stop insisting upon it. Until then, the courts have not established rightful jurisdiction, and I respectfully refuse to obey.

Coordinated tax revolt is the next step after a misprision of treason lawsuit. All irreversible technologies have to be discontinued at once. ITs are the biggest threat to the greatest number of people over generations into the future. Global bans on authorized use of depleted uranium munitions is the first priority, along with "fracking" cloud seeding/chemtrails, GMOs.

I'm talking about establishing an objective public court based on true naturally integral values. In an objective court, hemp would be legalized in a heartbeat. The measure of shameless intractability in our unobjective courts is that a plant so valuable can be prohibited for so long. At what point does obedience become insanity?

If we all pull really hard for change at the federal level according to this strategy, at Roger Chrisite;'s trial, we could end prohibition in the court by jury nullification.