Sunday, January 31, 2010

No Business in Cannabis

The government has no business in Cannabis. By far the safest ways to get Cannabis are to grow it yourself or buy it from someone you know and trust that grows well. If the DEA were disbanded, the economic resources being wasted to create problems could be redirected into programs that actually help people.

The market in Cannabis is most effectively regulated by the consumers and producers of Cannabis. Market demand will inevitably favor the most natural products, as the health benefits and lower costs of production, favoring organic and biodynamically grown herbs, becomes more widely embraced. An insolvent, unaccountable bureaucracy that has prohibited free market development and research of Cannabis for seventy-three years does not have credibility on this subject, nor can the government mislead people into believing there's rightful jurisdiction. The true value of Cannabis agriculture, manufacture and trade are widely known. Public acceptance of marijuana is at an all time high. Excuses for banning industrial hemp are irrelevant in the face of looming environmental crises.

Absolutely no restrictions or interventions by government are needed. Any regulation imposed is a flagrant violation of our First Amendment freedom of religion, imposing crippling regulatory and economic burdens on a gift from "god." Agriculture is a partnership between man and Creator.

What does demand objective analysis is Government's inaccountability for criminal negligence in failing to educate people about a known "strategic food resource" recognized as such by seven American Presidents. How is it that the world's most complete food isn't recognized by the UNFAO?

I suggest increasing taxes on toxic industries to reflect the time value of environmental harms imposed by them. The urgency for a rapid shift in values is growing as time is revealed as the limiting factor in the equation of survival.

No bureaucracy, no tax on pot, no limitation on cultivation. The gift of "every herb bearing seed" is a right, not a privilege. Drugs don't make seeds, herbs do. Mankind is far beyond its rightful authority in legislating scarcity of an unique and essential food resource upon which other species also depend for their survival.

Let the government bureaucratize and provide expensive chemical drugs. Leave gardeners alone to grow Cannabis in all of its forms. Let us recognize that prohibition of Cannabis was motivated by the industries in competition with it. Namely, the toxic chemical-based industries. In treating a "strategic food resource" as a "Schedule One drug" we have created imbalances in environment, economics and social evolution that threaten our existence. Mankind must choose active respect for the Natural Order over the spiritless consumption leading us to extinction.

Saturday, January 9, 2010

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