Sunday, September 15, 2013

Formal public announcement of "essential civilian demand"

Dr. Daniel Susott and Paul von Hartmann September 2013: Formal public announcement of "essential civilian demand" [1] for a"strategic" [1] "herb bearing seed" [2] "of first necessity to the wealth and protection of our country"[3] by power of religious freedom. [4, 5]

1. Executive Order 13603
2. Holy Bible, Genesis 1:29-31
3. Thomas Jefferson, hemp farmer, seed smuggler
4. United States Constitution, First Amendment
5. Universal Declaration of Human Rights

Dr. Daniel Susott and Paul von Hartmann September 2013

Dr. Daniel Susott, MD, MPH
Paul von Hartmann
6:10- 22:26


Honorable Judge Ruth S. Astle, and Deputy Attorney General Jane Zack Simon, Governor Brown and other responsible parties,

I am herewith returning, unsigned, the document you sent pertaining to the request for surrender of my California State medical l
icense. I am more than willing to sign an amended document, and resolve procedural issues you have raised regarding misconduct by people whom I entrusted, contingent upon the formal commitment by the Attorney General's office to address specific scheduling contradictions and national security issues raised in testimony by Mr. Paul J. von Hartmann, who testified at my the hearing on August 26th, 2013. 

National security issues raised by Mr. von Hartmann are directly relevant to the State and Federal scheduling of Cannabis that determine the procedures. The confounding and contradictory assessment of value identifying Cannabis as a "strategic resource" in Executive Order 13603 (President Obama, March 16, 2012) are more in line with my personal knowledge, the overwhelming majority of credible published research and my own international professional experience in other cultures that view Cannabis as an herb rather than a drug, used safely for millennia as medicine, food, and sacrament.

It would be antithetical and spiritually comprimising for me to go along with the current, fraudulent, "untenable" scheduling of the "herb" Cannabis, in light of what I know about the safety and efficacy of Cannabis. Even the DEA's own Administrative Law Judge Francis Young has ruled it "unreasonable, arbitrary and capricious" to conclude that the herbal therapeutic in question is properly and responsibly a "Schedule One drug." 

As a medical professional and a moral human being, it is my duty and responsibility to formally challenge erroneous scheduling of Cannabis that interferes with the best interests of my patients and of society. In consideration of the unacceptable harms imposed by improper scheduling of Cannabis, and the national security issues raised by Mr. von Hartmann, I have no choice but to ask the Honorable Judge Astle to defer surrender of my medical license until the national security issues and contradictions in proper scheduling, raised in testimony, are responsibly addressed. [1]

Thank you sincerely for your understanding, consideration and cooperation in doing what is in the best interest of my patients, and every living creature on this planet.

Sincerely yours,

Dr. Daniel Susott , MD, MPH


Dr. Daniel C Susott, MD, MPH

1. Increasing UV-B radiation at the earth's surface and potential effects on aqueous mercury cycling and toxicity.

Tuesday, July 23, 2013


"Was it hearsay, rumor, gossip, slander or hard ascertainable facts that could be backed by credible witnesses? We do not know." -- Edward R. Murrow vs. Joseph McCarthy, 1954.

In the case of Reverend Roger Christie vs. the DEA, we know that mere institutional slander in the word "dangerous" was all it took to dismiss the First Amendment, due process and habeas corpus. A state-licensed Cannabis Minister and publicly awarded "Ho'omaluhia Peacemaker" has been imprisoned since July 8, 2010 (that's three years, plus one month & counting...) without trial, refused bail eight times, denied visitors and forbidden interviews with the national media, Roger is being punished indefinitely, cruelly, and under very usual circumstances. 

The Last Marijuana Trial

Every moment of time is a precious gift from the Universe, from our Creator, from wherever seconds of life originate. To imprison a man of true Aloha is a particularly shameful attack on Liberty, and a bludgeoning of Justice. 

For more than a quarter of a century, Roger has exercised extraordinary due diligence in meeting all the requirements necessary to legitimize his ministry. Any one who watches this video of Roger, speaking twenty-one years ago, can feel the sincerity in his naturally open-hearted visionary spirit, at the root of his Cannabis ministry. 

In Roger's consistent and unbending adherence to his gentlemanly and honorable spiritual precepts, even the primitive legal test of inquisitions has been passed with the highest order of style and grace. One of the contemporary Cannabis culture's most widely recognized global spiritual leaders, Reverend Roger Christie has endured treasonous imprisonment, forcing a "drug war"-corrupted court to violate its own Constitution. Since that is the legal document conveying power from We the People upon the court that judges us, in blatantly prejudicial treatment of a peaceful man can be clearly seen, the transition of our government from democracy to "outlawcracy."

“We must not confuse dissent with disloyalty. We must remember always that accusation is not proof and that conviction depends upon evidence and due process of law. We will not walk in fear of one of another. We will not be driven by fear into an age of unreason, if we dig deep in our history and our doctrine; and remember that we are not descended from fearful men; not from men who feared to write, to associate, to speak; and to defend the causes that were for the moment unpopular." -- Edward R. Murrow

Please sign this petition to Free Reverend Roger Christie RIGHT NOW!

In securing justice for Roger, may all "Green Prisoners" find the shortest path to freedom.

Thanking you sincerely

Paul J. von Hartmann
Cannabis scholar
California Cannabis Ministry

Monday, July 15, 2013

... nothing to fear but the atmosphere itself...

With nothing to fear but the atmosphere itself, humankind must shift values immediately to prioritize survival, or become extinct. Erosion of the ozone layer combined with the loss of atmospheric aerosol "monoterpenes" (due to the death of the boreal forests and oceanic phytoplankton), has halved the protective influence that used to shield the Earth from solar UV-B radiation.  The effects of rapidly increasing UV-B  ("global broiling") are many, none of them good:
- Increased solubility of mercury, arsenic, and selenium compounds
- increased warming
- immune suppression
- genetic mutation
- abnormal cell growth
- mass species extinction
- reduced harvests,
- hotter forest fires
- destruction of the food chain
Fortunately for mankind there is a plant that can
- reduce UV-B levels
- biogenically rebalance atmospheric monoterpene concentrations
- sequester nine tons of carbon, per acre, per growing season
- is globally adaptable
- nutritionally complete, unique and essential
- a non-invasive pioneer crop
- is unique and essential in producing complete nutrition, sustainable energy and monoterpenes from the same harvest
- provides safe and effective herbal remedies at no cost
- remineralizes depleted soils
- phytoremediates chemically contaminated soils
- normalizes irradiated soil
- stops soil erosion from wind and rain
- provides feed and cover for wildlife
- breaks-up compacted soils
- obviates the need to till the soil
- interrupts the breeding cycles of insects
- inhibits weed infestation
- nucleates rainclouds
- purifies the hydrologic cycle
- provides a local source of antibiotic, anti-fungal, anti-viral, antibacterial, anti-oxidizing agents for use in protecting and preserving other fruits and grains
- biogenic, biocompatible pesticides

Organic farming and home gardening have been crippled by the absence of an essential and unique, federally-recognized "strategic resource."[2] The limiting factor in the equation of survival is 'time.'

Until Cannabis is reintroduced into crop rotations the world over, our species will not be able to sustain existence within the systems of a functional Natural Order. Cannabis is mankind's function interface with a force much greater than ourselves.
Our freedom to farm "every herb bearing seed" [3] is the first test of religious freedom. Drugs don't make seeds. Herbs do. The question is, how hot does Earth have to get before all solutions are considered?
Search these key words & phrases to understand more:
1.Global broiling
2. Executive Order 13603
3. Genesis 1:29-31

Friday, June 28, 2013

from the Foreword of my forthcoming book "Cannabis vs. Climate Change"...

If you want to live, read this book.

“Cannabis vs. Climate Change” introduces primary ecological interrelationships, of pivotal evolutionary consequence. Until now, suppression of research imposed by prohibition's baseless fears and unscientific opinions about ‘marijuana’ have inhibited objective consideration and timely implementation of Cannabis-inclusive agricultural strategies for resolving climate change.

Imposed ignorance has limited mankind's collective consideration of the life-saving potential in enlisting the many uniquely essential benefits offered by organic, non-GMO Cannabis farming. Limited thinking and institutionally-imposed under-appreciation of Cannabis is a far greater threat to human social evolution than weapons of mass destruction could ever be.

Successive ecological tipping-points are compounding extreme conditions effecting complex relationships threatening irreversible, global systemic collapse. Time has run out for continued indulgence of degenerate obstinence in positions of leadership, wielding a so-called “drug war” that's characterized by unobjective irrationality, vested in toxins, addicted to profit. Certainly the prohibition of Cannabis is more immediately dangerous to all life on Earth than all the weapons in the world.

In the past fifty years, increasing UV-B radiation from the Sun has become our most fearsome and immediate threat. The purpose of this first-of-three books is to alert people to the dangers of "global broiling" by UV-B, to catalyze the polar shift in human values, necessary for initiating the most time-efficient, coordinated global agricultural campaign possible, for expanding the planet's arable base through reintroduction of Cannabis throughout its globally adaptable range.

Monday, May 13, 2013

What's Sacred?

What is sacred? Love? Friendship? Honor? Truth? Honesty? Freedom? Justice? Nature? Life itself?

Is there some magical quality or dimension of soul and spirit that conveys the powers inherent to the distinction of sanctity? Where does the sacred begin? Where does it live? Do we hold the sacred in our hearts, in our minds? Is it in the air we breathe? Can we drink the sacred? Eat it? Grow it? Is the sacred invited in or does it penetrate throughout our being as we live regardless of what we do or think or say?

Can our actions translate and transform into having sacred properties? Can we work, and sing and dance and farm in sacred ways? Do our spiritual intentions count, or are we simply indulging ourselves by choosing to believe we have the ability to imbue our lives with sacred qualities?

Does personal sacrifice for the greater good demonstrate a sacred individual character? Do groups of people singing their hearts to the sky create a sacred atmosphere that carries beyond the sound and lasts beyond the moment? Can we grow the sacred in ourselves and in others by how we move through life? 

Can the sacred be planted with a seed? Watered, nourished, cared for, loved? Can food be sanctified through conscious intention? Through "Thanksgiving?" 

What exactly is the meaning of the word sacred? Connected with God (or the gods) or dedicated to a religious purpose, and so deserving veneration? Is a religious path somehow more potently sacred than individual secular spirituality or atheism?

Does writing of the sacred require embodying the vernacular and laws and doctrines dictated by traditions of religion? Is ritual necessary? Or do actions speak louder than dogma? 

By what measure is the sacred estimated? Does playing beautiful music to the spheres convey respect and reverence more than the heartfelt expressions of a novice or the pure and joyful noises produced by a child? Does being imprisoned for sincere beliefs demonstrate a deeper level of commitment to the sacred? 

What is sacrosanct to mankind in the 21st Century? Does altruism count for anything? Or is it just bad business in a world that grows more vicious, less idealistic under the hand of ruthless, competitive industry?

Is there an opposite of sacred? Is war sacred? Has the meaning of the word been corrupted by self-interest and avarice? Is our society content to trade the sacred for monetary gain, momentary pleasure, physical comfort or illusions of security?

Can it be that we are lost in desperation and fear to the point that there is no room for the sacred? If so, then how can the sacred be recovered? How can the influence of sacred be reincorporated into the evolution of our species? Where do we begin? 

Is there a functional justification for including the sacred in our social evolution? In our government? Is "freedom of religion" sacred, or merely a necessary component of peaceful coexistence? 

Is there accountability for the lack of sacred integration in governance? Is there an implied moral imperative that embodies the deeds and misdeeds of people entrusted with the health and welfare of the people? Of the country? Of the planet?

Does the act of seeking sacred meaning convey sacredness? Do we define the sacred for ourselves or is it a consensus manifestation determined by the common, conscious agreement? 

When the sacred is disrespected, are there consequences? If so, are they inevitable and immediate; or does it require active institutional involvement, public supervision to have an effect?

Can we actually feel the sacred in our lives? Can we observe the sacred in another's life? If my dear friend is having the sacred dimensions of his life wronged by being imprisoned without trial, without bail, and denied visitors because of his historically substantiated knowledge and scholarship; that has infused him with sincere beliefs and selfless dedication to what sees as sacred in his life, does that impact the sacred integrity of my life? Are my freedoms eroded by his loss of liberty? 

Are the immeasurable sacrifices made for freedom by those who have come before us being denigrated by his unjust imprisonment? Are we accountable for the death of Liberty if we do less than everything we can to help him? 

Is there such a thing as a sacred obligation? To the Earth? To universal ideal of freedom? To our country? To our family & friends? To our pets, and to the other innocent creatures with whom we share this planet?

What about the Natural Order itself? Are the systems that have thus far allowed for humankind's sustainable existence, and are determining the quality of life for future generations to follow, a sacred trust? Have we betrayed that trust? Is our legacy corroded through denial, inattention, greed and self-interest?

I do not pretend to know any of the answers to any of the questions. I seek to understand why, in a world so ripe with potential; with so much beauty and goodness in the people I have known, and many whom I have read of, humankind seems to be headed for a gruesome extinction that many refuse to acknowledge.

I trust that simple reflection on where we are in the trajectory we're co-creating, will serve to preclude what now seems sadly inevitable. Is our species adaptable enough to make a conscious shift to a "Gaiatherapeutic," earth-healing presence; rather than continuing to race toward an unthinkable future? 

I wonder.


Saturday, April 6, 2013

Statement proving malfeasance by federal attorneys

"In a motion filed last month in U.S. District Court in Honolulu, federal attorneys argued the benefits of extending the trial date to July outweighed Christie’s and other defendants’ right to a speedy trial for several reasons, including that the case is “so complex” because of “the existence of novel questions of fact or law (specifically, those dealing with RFRA (Religious Freedom Restoration Act) that it is unreasonable to expect adequate preparation for pretrial proceedings or for the trial itself within the time limits established by the Speedy Trial Act.”"

Using the Religious Freedom Restoration Act as an excuse to nullify the Speedy Trial Act certainly amounts to malfeasance by federal attorneys, effectively disintegrating the credibility of a court that condones such blatant illogic.  Applying the same logic used by prosecutors, to the complexity that Reverend Roger faces in having to defend the First Amendment, his wife and himself against an unobjective federal policy that is so politically prejudiced, unreasoned and corrupt demands his immediate release.

By contrast with the disingenuity of the court, Reverend and Mrs. Christie have demonstrated their religious integrity and sincerity by enduring two years and nine months of imprisonment-without-trial-or-bail, without caving under threats, plea deals and denial of visits. The credibility of The Hawaii'i Cannabis Ministry has been forged and hardened in the fire of indefinite, coercive imprisonment, in the historical tradition of spiritual strength and patriotism reminiscent of William Penn.

In Hawai'i, where marijuana law enforcement is directly and knowingly responsible for causing a meth epidemic, [1,2] Reverend Christie is as critically essential in defending his community against the rabid "drug war" as the healing plant he stands for. Cannabis is too valuable to be within the rightful jurisdiction of any court and Reverend Christie must be returned to his ohana immediately. Anything less means the dysfunction of our species will consume us sooner than later.


Paul von Hartmann
Cannabis scholar
California Cannabis Ministry
6 April 2013

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Earth-healing Economic Evolution

As long as our economic system elevates the value of Gaiacidal chemicals over organic Cannabis agriculture, we are doomed. At the moment we are poisoning ourselves with mercury and arsenic, whose solubility is increasing as the result of increasing UV-B radiation.

There’s only one crop that can replace the aerosols lost as a result of the death of the boreal forests, logged for paper (instead of using hemp). As long as the world’s most valuable plant is prohibited, humans will exist in a state of self-inflicted natural resource poverty. Essential resource scarcity imposed by Cannabis prohibition has led to our chemical economic addiction, just as the scarcity of ‘marijuana’ in Hawaii has led to a methamphetamine epidemic consuming the peace of those sacred islands.

Suffering an insufficiency of abundant, globally distributed, Gaiatherapeutic resources, there is no hope of producing complete nutrition and sustainable biofuels from the same harvest, as there is with hemp. Cannabis is a critical pioneer crop for regenerating the soil and expanding the arable base, which is necessary to increase the carrying capacity of this planet. 

Protein production limits carrying capacity. Cannabis hemp seed is the best available source of globally distributed proteins, essential fatty acids, essential amino acids, anti-oxidents, anti-viral, anti-carcinogenic … How obvious does the solution have to be before it is given due consideration? Cannabis is essential, much too valuable to be truly illegal.

The question is, does our species have the adaptive capacity to achieve a polar shift in values in time to avert systemic collapse? In other words, how hot does Earth have to get before all solutions are considered?

                                  The REAL Question

Friday, February 15, 2013


intr.v. de·spairedde·spair·ingde·spairs
1. To lose all hope: despaired of reaching shore safely.
2. To be overcome by a sense of futility or defeat.
1. Complete loss of hope.
2. One despaired of or causing despair:  

Unevolved species are the despair of their evolutionary masters.

Humpback whales off Maui, vertical in the water column, touching the tips of their pectoral fins. 
"I love you." was the message I got from it.

Saturday, February 9, 2013

Climate Change Task Force

Dear President Obama,

Please allow me to congratulate you on the leadership you have shown in recognizing "hemp" as a "strategic resource" available by "essential civilian demand." In signing Executive Order 13603 you have made it possible to simultaneously address global climate change, food security and sustainable biofuels production, through organic agriculture.

In April 2012, I sent an email to Rep. Gus Bilirakis
(House Committee on Homeland Security
Emergency Preparedness, Response and Communications
Committee on Homeland Security), to which I have not received a response of any kind. I encourage you to recognize the urgency of planting Cannabis hemp this spring planting season.

In December 2012 and January 2013, I spoke with Secretary of Agriculture Vilsack and his chief advisor Mr. Robert Bonnie about the three reasons Cannabis is both unique and essential to national security. I also pointed out that there presently exists no emergency preparedness protocol for exercising essential civilian demand.

I am concerned that increasing UV-B radiation is not being adequately responded to as the immediate threat that it surely is. Increasing UV-B causes mercury, arsenic, selenium compounds and other deadly toxins to become more available to plants and animals. Genetic mutation, immune suppression, abnormal cell growth, reduced harvests, increased insect pest infestation, water shortages, severe weather, and many other symptoms of fundamental imbalance are related to UV-B radiation.

Cannabis is the only crop that produces sufficient quantities of atmospheric aerosols needed to replace those lost with the death of the boreal forests that used to produce the "monoterpenes" that shield our planet from the Sun. We have no choice - we must grow hemp out of urgent necessity, or be "UV-Broiled" to extinction.

The greenhouse gas reduction target approved by the House of Representatives and embraced by you as the U.S. goal is woefully inadequate. Please factor in Cannabis hemp as capable of sequestering nine tons of carbon per acre per growing season. To demonstrate substantive U.S. leadership in meeting America’ moral responsibilities as the nation responsible for nearly 30 percent of the greenhouse gases already in the atmosphere, as well as much of the carbon emissions occurring now, we must reintroduce hemp.

The emissions cap approved by the House amounts to a reduction of only about 4 percent by 2020 compared to 1990 levels. That is only a tenth of the cuts that leading climate scientists believe is necessary from industrialized economies if we are avoid the most serious consequences of climate change.

I believe We the People have the authority to leverage more ambitious and effective climate legislation from Congress, through essential civilian demand for hemp; and encourage your Administration to design a regulatory structure that will achieve U.S. greenhouse gas reductions in cooperation with Europe and other areas of the world, by initiating a truly free organic agricultural market for the first time in our lives.

I further encourage you to start an international “race to the stratosphere” by carrying out your campaign promise to make America the most energy-efficient economy in the world at the same time we produce the monoterpenes needed to produce fuel, food, herbal therapeutics, build materials, as the basis for "Gaiatherapeutic Industries" to heal the planet.

I encourage you rally the United States, and the world community, to deal with climate change objectively, proactively, aggressively and immediately.  How hot does Earth have to get before all solutions are considered?

No other leader in the world today is as well positioned and well equipped to mobilize around this profoundly important issue. America has extraordinary intellectual resources, technical capabilities and capacity for innovation, as well as our proud tradition of helping the world navigate difficult passages.

I urge you to show the bold and progressive leadership that this urgent issue requires. An enlightened America can mobilize the world to address these challenges. Please contact me to understand more about "Cannabis vs. Climate Change" which is the title of my book on the subject.