Wednesday, February 22, 2012

A Shift in Values: The Power of Axiology

Axiology, the study of value, encompasses every dimension of culture and social evolution. What is recognized by humankind as having value will determine whether or not life on Earth survives.

As it is, mankind has lost sight of what is truly valuable. Our species is teetering on the brink of irreversible, systemic collapse. Our collective disregard for the Natural Order in deference to toxic materialism, has established a course toward inevitable extinction.

There may still be enough time to resolve atmospheric imbalances imposed by addiction to fossil fuels, but with every passing spring, it becomes more unlikely that we will recover. Unfortunately for our children and grandchildren, our capacity to shift values is limited by inertial politics and illusory economics.

Time is clearly most valuable, the "limiting factor" in the equation of survival. Unless we come to understand, very quickly, how important Cannabis agriculture is to developing "Gaiatherapeutic" values, then we will run out of planting seasons, very soon. All credible indicators of environment, social order and economics point to a brick wall that we are hurtling toward in the delirium of a so-called "drug war."

In reality, prohibition of Cannabis is institutionally-imposed, essential resource scarcity. Chemically-intensive "Gaiacidal" industries have displaced organic agriculture, from the fertilizers used to grow the GMO crops to the toxic products pouring into landfills, air and water, the spiritless cultures have "fouled our own nest" for as long as we can get away with it.

A polar shift in values is the only remedy for the exaggerated imbalances currently determining mankind's extinctionistic trajectory. Cannabis agriculture, manufacture and trade are as critical to our survival as they can be. Our species needs to grow Cannabis as fast as we can, in every soil and climate condition to which hemp may be able to adapt, and pray it's not too late.

"In 2006, researchers at the world-renowned Scripps Institute in La Jolla, California announced that THC is more effective at preventing Alzheimer s disease than any other substance or drug. Kim Janda, the spokesperson for the study, stated that while the researchers were "certainly not advocating the use of illegal drugs, these findings offer convincing evidence that THC possesses remarkable inhibitory qualities," especially when compared to currently available treatments. "

Lawsuits of "criminal negligence" against the DEA are called for, when information of this stature and magnitude goes unrecognized. Forget about rescheduling of marijuana. Cannabis is too valuable, sacred and "strategic" a resource to be anti-Constitutionally suppressed by thugs running interference for chemical corporations.

"Essential civilian demand" and jury nullification of non-violent marijuana cases are called for, immediately, to suspend the jurisdiction of any court over natural resources that are both unique and essential -- as Cannabis surely is. No vote is need. Neither is a change in the illegal statutes. The laws must simply be recognized as the threat to national security and global integrity that they are, and disregarded in time to "sow hemp everywhere" this spring, as George Washington so wisely enthused.

Cannabis is essential, not illegal. That fundamental shift in value will determine the character of our common future.