Thursday, May 8, 2008

"Contrary to the arguments that several participants of this forum have put forward, these earnings don’t necessarily require access to external inputs."

Absolutely true, in fact the first organized organic movement, biodynamic agriculture (in Europe: "Demeter"), practiced according to Rudolf Steiner's method, includes the principle of self-sufficiency on the farm. Certainly regional autonomy is attainable, if the right crops are grown. Protein determines carrying capacity, so choosing the best available source of vegetable protein is critical to the health and harmony of a community. Hempseed is obviously the best choice of protein and other essential nutrients, for the greatest number of regions of the world. A crop that can produce fuel and protein from the same harvest, creates regional abundance. The a benefits of regionally produced fuel includes efficiency that makes the cost/benefit of ag-based economics far superior to the disparate economics we are suffering through now.