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Prop 19: Maintenance and addition of criminal and civil penalties

" if it passes that we will be on an accelerated path"

Perhaps, but I'm not convinced of that. Too much potential for legal confusion, federal retaliation and misdirection by the feds and anti-marijuana zealots in positions of responsibility in municipal govts, who will certainly obstruct the implementation of Prop 19 by invoking the "save the children" rap that Prop 19 sings along with to a degree, by perpetuating the myth of "danger" associated with Cannabis use. How many Cannabis-smoking/growing parents will be exposed to losing their kids if Prop 19 passes?

Prop 19: Maintenance and addition of criminal and civil penalties

"Maintains existing laws against selling drugs to a minor and driving under the influence.
Maintains an employer's right to address consumption of marijuana that affects an employee's job performance.
Maintains existing laws against interstate or international transportation of marijuana.
Every person 18 years of age or older who hires, employs, or uses a minor in transporting, carrying, selling, giving away marijuana, or knowingly sells or gives away marijuana to someone under the age of 14, shall be imprisoned in state prison for a period of three, five, or seven years.
Every person 18 years of age or older who knowingly sells or gives away marijuana to someone older than the age of 14 but younger than 18, shall be imprisoned in the state prison for a period of three, four, or five years.
Every person 21 years of age or older who knowingly sells or gives away marijuana to someone older than the age of 18 but younger than 21, shall be imprisoned in county jail for up to six months and fined up to $1,000 per offense.
Any person who is licensed, permitted, or authorized to sell marijuana, who knowingly sells or gives away marijuana to someone under the age of 21 results in them being banned from owning, operating, or being employed by a licensed marijuana establishment for one year. "

That's not "legalization." It's a sucker-punch.

Prop 19 is a recipe for expensive confusion, costing precious time and money.

Prop 19 is a recipe for expensive confusion, costing precious time and money.

What's needed instead is a formal re-assessment of Cannabis, based in credible science. The studies have been done. The reports written. Cannabis is the safest most effective herbal preventative and therapeutic agent that there is. Cannabis in many forms (seeds, buds, essential oils, etc.) is effective in preventing, treating and in some cases, curing a wide range of ailments, including physical, emotional, and substance abuse (i.e. alcohol & hard drugs) problems.

Prohibition in any form for anything creates a vicious, violent, black market with real damage inflicted on individuals, the environment and society. Ending prohibition of the world's most nutritious, useful, environmentally beneficial agricultural resource, by recognizing its true value, will do more good than any other move we could make. It's been done in other countries and the results are tangible, verifiable and profound.

Unfortunately, Prop 19 perpetuates the baseless, erroneous, prohibitionist myth of people needing government 'protection' from marijuana. Misinformation and a "Reefer Madness" imposed valuation of Cannabis conveys corporate control over our freedom to farm.

Violation of our Constitutional rights is a greater threat to national security than marijuana could ever be, even if the lies being told about it were true. Individual responsibility for life choices is the key to normalizing our relationship with Ca

USSA/USSR -- Same rules, different flag. Is this what Americans want?

Saturday, October 30, 2010

William Panzer dissects Prop 19

"It's about 1:40 a.m. and I just watched Cannabis Planet's Prop 19 show in which I was misquoted by Dragonfly. I've been hanging out on the sidelines in the ongoing debate within the movement. Now that we're getting close to election time, I thought I'd share some thoughts.

"First, Prop 19 is not "legalization" and I don't believe those in the movement who are against Prop 19 are against legalization. To the contrary, I believe most movement opponents are against 19 because they are FOR legalization.

"Every anti-cannabis law on the books today will remain unchanged if Prop 19 passes with a single exception: a new offense is added, Health & Safety Code §11361(c) which provides that a person 21 or older who gives less than an ounce of cannabis to a person 18-21 (as, for example, a 21 year old boy handing a joint to his 20 year old girlfriend) is guilty of a misdemeanor and subject to 6 months in jail and a $1000 fine. Under current law, the offense would call for a $100 maximum fine and no jail.

"The fact that 19 fails to repeal or even amend any other section of the Health & Safety Code is both it's greatest flaw and, ironically as I'll explain below, perhaps its saving grace.

"The most common fear is that 19 could potentially impinge on medical cannabis rights. Proponents have pointed to the purpose language as evidence that it would not effect 215/420. In reality, the court's do not look at the purpose language, only resorting to it if an ambiguity is found in the body of the statute. As for the body of Prop 19, I am less than thrilled with the drafting. There are inconsistencies and the language is loose enough to support several different interpretations. If an appellate court were inclined to find that Prop 19 preserved all 215/420 rights, there is language in 19 to support that. If, on the other hand, an appellate court was inclined to find that 19 allowed local municipalities to impinge on 215/420, there is language that could support that position too. The bottom line is that the body of the statute could have clearly stated that local municipalities are not authorized to pass any ordinance or regulation that infringes on 215/420 in any manner, but it doesn't.

"As scary as the above may seem, I have now come to the conclusion that it is likely moot. I now believe that it is likely that §11301 "Commercial Regulations and Controls", the section of Prop. 19 that authorizes local government to legalize and regulate cultivation, sales, taxes, etc., will likely be ruled invalid as an unconstitutional delegation of powers in violation of the following sections of the California Constitution:

SEC. 16. (a) All laws of a general nature have uniform operation.
(b) A local or special statute is invalid in any case if a general
statute can be made applicable."; and


SEC. 5. (a) It shall be competent in any city charter to provide
that the city governed thereunder may make and enforce all ordinances
and regulations in respect to municipal affairs, subject only to
restrictions and limitations provided in their several charters and
in respect to other matters they shall be subject to general laws.
City charters adopted pursuant to this Constitution shall supersede
any existing charter, and with respect to municipal affairs shall
supersede all laws inconsistent therewith."

"Because Prop. 19 fails to either repeal or amend current cannabis criminal law, we would have a situation where, for example, state law dictates that sale of cannabis is a felony, yet Prop. 19 gives cities and counties authority to override this state law. This is an authority that is specifically denied to local municipalities in the state constitution. Thus Prop. 19's goal of authorizing local government to override state law would require a constitutional amendment. The saving grace is that if the power to override state law prohibiting cannabis cannot be legally delegated to the locals, than the power to impinge on 215/420 similarly cannot be delegated to local authorities.

"The most amazing factor of this whole debate to me is how Prop. 19 is being almost universally portrayed as "legalization" in the media and by many in our movement who, quire frankly, I suspect have never actually read the text of the initiative! What makes little sense to me is that this initiative, which doesn't legalize cannabis, is being sold as legalization. It seem to me, it would make more sense to draft an initiative that does legalize cannabis and sell it as regulation.

"Nevertheless, because it is being touted as legalization, if it passed it would be perceived around the world as legalization. It would also give some modest protections to cannabis users. It essentially protects you from getting an infraction ticket in your own home so long as there are no children under the same roof. The greatest benefit would be to persons who wanted to cultivate a modest indoor grow, or about one healthy outdoor plant.

"I guess my conclusion is that though Prop. 19 was poorly thought out and poorly drafted and, in my opinion, tragically represents a lost opportunity, I don't fear that it will be used to curtail medical rights, nor will it result in commercial cannabis stores and high taxes on everything cannabis. So I plan to hold my nose, close my eyes, and vote "yes" for the message effect. Then I'll keep my fingers crossed that if it is declared unconstitutional as I anticipate, there will be a groundswell to come back with a better and true legalization initiative in two years."

Bill Panzer

Reply to "Any corporation that gets big enough to dominate the marijuana market will be taken down by the feds."

The corporately corrupted Supreme Court has ruled that corporations are people and can pour unlimited funds into our elections. Obama appointed a Monsanto shill to head up the Dept. of Agriculture. The corporations own the Feds!

Control is control and right now, by & large, the chemical companies have it by virtue of warped values and corrupt politics, antagonistic toward the planetary systems critical to survival.

I know of at least one mad genetic plan that I heard at a science congress in Frankfurt in 2002. Genetic markers were being developed for Cannabis by Italian researchers. Almost all of the distinguished agricultural scientists and industry professionals there got up and left the room. In the California, I'd like to think that my efforts to expose mad agricultural research at UC Davis, regarding development of soil born viruses to attack Cannabis, had something to do with that project being discontinued, if in fact it truly has been.

The only way to devalue the extinctionistic, unevenly distributed chemically-based economy is to develop regional currencies based in "Gaiatherapeutic" industries, with a free agricultural market inclusive of Cannabis agriculture, manufacture and trade.

I'd like nothing better than to adopt the widespread illusion that Prop 19 would legalize Cannabis. I anticipate lawsuits and legal hassles galore if this passes, and endless arguments about impacted myths that have been debunked by hard science.

If I could in good conscience vote for less than a completely realistic, comprehensive view of Cannabis I might, but my interpretation of Prop 19 is that it concedes rightful jurisdiction introduces confusion and wastes our most precious limited resource -- time. Certainly, a part of me wants to vote yes on 19 and I acknowledge the progress afforded by Prop 215. But how long are we going to go along with a globally contrary illusionary valuation of Cannabis?

Here's the DEA's "clarified" definition of hemp, another legal battle waiting to happen...

""Hemp” and marijuana are actually separate parts of the species of plant known as cannabis. Under federal law, Congress defined marijuana to focus on those parts of the cannabis plant that are the source of tetrahydrocannabinols (THC). THC is the hallucinogenic substance in marijuana that causes the psychoactive effect or “high.” The marijuana portions of the cannabis plant include the flowering tops (buds), the leaves, and the resin of the cannabis plant. The remainder of the plant — stalks and sterilized seeds — is what some people refer to as “hemp.” However, “hemp” is not a term that is found in federal law."

Too much is at stake to put up with this insultingly incompetent resource mismanagement. Opposition by prohibitionist America is no longer credible. 'Time' is the limiting factor in the equation of survival. We have nothing to fear but the atmosphere itself.

Love trumps law.

Your planet is dying, why would I want to come down there?

Besides, somebody's got to fly ahead, trusting you'll catch up sooner than too late.

Can you and I agree that Cannabis is more than merely 'beneficial' -- that Cannabis is in fact both unique and essential? Know why? There are three very specific reasons, backed by irrefutable science. Food, climate, biofuels.

Tune-up & call in this Sunday at high noon

Axilological praxis : The Art of Shifting Cannabis Value

I do appreciate your sacrifices, your service, and your ability to communicate your views. No doubt, this war has taken a heavy toll on all of us, on many levels. Friends I've lost to cancer, just for starters, and the nine hundred fifty million starving, malnourished people that could otherwise be self-sustaining, and the other millions of casualties that are unnecessary, beyond the pale.

Most recently, on July 8th, my longtime friend, patriot and Cannabis associate, THC Ministry Reverend Roger Christie, was taken to federal prison in Honolulu and remains in federal prison to this day. He's been denied bail four times and his trial postponed until April 2011. Roger's is a first-time, non-violent accusation with no local complaint registered against him.

Please people, write to Roger and let him know his standing up for the Constitution means something to you. Tell others you know about him. For twenty-five years he's been a valuable, widely respected member of his Big Island community, and a globally respected cultural ambassador, a premiere Cannabis scholar, delightfully sincere and charming hemp store entrepreneur, and courageous founder of the Hawaiian THC Ministry.

This is what essential civilian demand does that Prop 19 doesn't. It demands that "Green Prisoners" be released from prison by recognizing the illegality of Cannabis prohibition. How can a "strategic resource" possibly be a "Schedule One drug"? They're opposites!

Thanks, but I'm not waiting for the approval of soccer moms and don't under-estimate their capacity for understanding what's best for their families and community. Look at the success of hemp foods in the US even though we can't grow it here! Soccer moms are making that choice more and more.

Even if I have to do it alone, I'll continue to call for immediate, comprehensive objective revaluation of Cannabis from experts in all fields. As far as I can tell through my years of filming and participating in the evolution of 21st Century Cannabis culture, the plant is valuable far beyond the rightful jurisdiction of any court. Why would I seek permission to grow it?

Not just for humankind, by the way. Mankind s far beyond its rightful authority in inducing scarcity of a unique and essential food resource upon which other species also depend for optimum health and ultimate survival.

No tax on Cannabis. No regulation of Cannabis farming. Imposed bureaucracy will only increase the cost of farming and perpetuate further interference with corporate entities that control our political system. Besides, Cannabis is a successful competitor, fortunately a very beneficial one, and will spread naturally, unless of course, the government continues and expands its war against ditch weed.

Our freedom to farm "every herb bearing seed" is the first test of religious freedom. First Amendment, there it is. Defend it or not. Use it or lose it.

Is everyone who loves the Cannabis plant a Cannabis minister yet? Why not start your own individual ministry in order to help reclaim our First Amendment right on behalf of the ancient Cannabis culture? Of which we are co-evolving the leading edge. If this makes sense to you, then you can simply write a letter to yourself in appreciation for the true value of Cannabis. Potential may still remain if we act wisely, efficiently, and with conscious application of the gentle quiet power of truth.

Love trumps law.

direct action, not distraction

"the only thing standing in the way of planting industrial hemp in California is the prohibition of marijuana"

Not exactly. A most easily dispelled myth has effectively stopped industrial hemp agriculture. That is the institutional lie, promulgated by law enforcement, that it's difficult to tell marijuana from industrial hemp. Not true.

They are physically distinct, planted differently and in a field of hemp, the male flowers grow among the female flowers to produce seeds. All that's needed to end industrial hemp prohibition is to challenge and easily defeat that lie. It wouldn't hurt to point out that industrial hemp agriculture is the most cost-effective way to naturally balance commercial marijuana production and the quickest way to get the pot plantations out of the National Forests.

Holding the government accountable for the truth about Cannabis at the federal level could happen if even a fraction of the money and effort that's being poured into Prop 19 were directed into exercise of essential civilian demand. And as I've said before, they are not mutually exclusive.

There is no established federal protocol for essential civilian demand. I've attempted to create one through construction of a formal public record: endless written challenges of rightful jurisdiction, public civil disobedience, film, and most recently on my BlogTalkRadio program.

None of that matters if people don't understand the condition of extreme urgency we face, and support timely consideration of all possible solutions at the federal and international level.

The bees are dying. We don't have time for distraction.

Reply to comments on AlterNet about Prop 19

Thanks for your thanks&consideration of what some (who have sacrificed nothing) so easily dismiss as a "rant." Taxation and regulation is the way our corporately conscripted government cripples industries that are in competition with the Masters of War.

At 55 I am too old to be intimidated by the bogeyman of what's thought to be "impossible." If our ecosystem was the one we had back in '79 I might agree with you, but with 50% of the bees dead, and UV-B killing everything, we need a stronger, more immediate strategy than a 5x5 foot pot garden.

Cannabis monoterpenes reflect solar radiation away from a planet that's losing its atmospheric aerosols, produced by the dwindling boreal forests. A massive planting is needed this spring to rebalance that equation.

Essential civilian demand is the way to achieve that, but you don't see anyone addressing this as "possible." Why is that? A federal strategy is not mutually exclusive of a state strategy.

The equation of survival is simple. Time is the limiting factor. Do you want to survive or not? What's really real? Obama & Holder, or melting ice caps and mass species extinction?

If people think things are bad now, wait until petrol prices suddenly jump and electronic communication becomes unaffordable -- chaos. That's as real as it gets.

"Misprision of treason" is the failure to act in the interest of national security. Right now, all of our politicians are guilty of failing to recognize the true unique and essential "strategic" value of Cannabis.

more debate on Prop 19...

"...end criminal prohibition for recreational cannabis use..."

Get real. Prop 19 doesn't do that.

If Prop 19 passes, a twenty year old grower who gets caught selling a a couple of ounces, or growing a few plants, will still become fodder for the court system. If anybody grows more than a five- by-five foot plant, then they'll be "breaking the law." Please, "ending prohibition" with Prop 19? Give me a break...compared to what is necessary and possible, Prop 19 is a misdirection.

First, Prop 19 acquiesces Constitutional protections over our god-given right to grow "every herb bearing seed." Don't even consider conceding your freedom to farm if you ever want to be free.

"Essential civilian demand" would achieve that, but our generation apparently lacks the balls necessary to even discuss what the true value of Cannabis really is. I've been trying for decades to objectively realistically revaluate Cannabis as both unique and essential, beyond rightful government jurisdiction, and gotten only verbal encouragement for the most direct strategy there is for ending prohibition.

Secondly, Prop 19 fails to make the most of our historic opportunity -- to recognize the true value of the world's most valuable agricultural resource. Prop 19 misses the larger, badly needed opportunity for an agricultural renaissance, by burdening it with an expensive, inefficient bureaucracy. The corporate government can only get its cut of the pot market through perpetuating the lies of prohibition -- that Cannabis is somehow "dangerous" and needs to be regulated by a protective paternalistic "bureaucrazy." That lie has been revealed as completely false, in fact the opposite of what is true.

Cannabis has finally been recognized all over the world as an agricultural and therapeutic wonder at the same time that petrol has finally been recognized as a deadly, unacceptable source of energy. Our governments have corrupted themselves to economic insolvency and now the same entities want to control Cannabis, resource they've refused to acknowledge !

The fundamental shift in values that's happening right now means that anything is possible.

Third, Prop 19 avoids the opportunity to recognize the enormity of what's happening nationally and globally. Wake up! The world's MOST useful and nutritious plant, a known "strategic resource" has been erroneously characterized by the corporate regime, that is recalcitrant in classifying Cannabis as a Schedule One drug -- in spite of rigorous science and international consensus to the contrary!

Follow that kind of "leadership" if you want, but I won't go along with the illusion. Are you content to concede rightful jurisdiction over "every seed bearing plant" without doing everything possible to revaluate Cannabis beyond government control of any sort? I'm not.

As long as we have the slimmest chance of reclaiming our freedom to farm, then we are obligated to go for it.

"...establish California as the most forward-thinking and liberalized area in the world for cannabis policy, Amsterdam, Vancouver, etc included."

Hah! -- not hardly. Cannabis grows openly everywhere in Holland, Canada and other regions where hemp is being farmed because Nature spreads the seeds all over the place.

That's a primary difference between a drug and an herb. Drugs don't make seeds, herbs do. That's significant to the discussion of "control."

"It's great that you love and appreciate cannabis"

I simply appreciate Cannabis for what it is truly worth. Cannabis is both unique and essential. Until the meaning of that sinks in, then people will continue to be misled, in a stupor of mis-vauation that persists after seventy-three years of "Reefer Madness."

"keep in mind the position you're supporting when you do so"

Among other names and concepts, it's been called "god-given" "The Constitution, "inalienable rights" "natural law" "self-evident" ...

It's so easy (and arrogant) to call something "meaningless" if you don't understand it. If you won't even try to understand the larger picture, then I can't help you.

"...comparing Prop 19 to modern-day cannabis prohibition" :

"...comparing Prop 19 to modern-day cannabis prohibition" :

Prop 19 maintains myths & illusions about Cannabis that have effectively institutionalized prohibition for 73 years.

Dispelling that illusion is happening through the efforts of activists and scientists like Jack Herer, Todd Mikuriya, and other visionaries who pushed the envelope of what was acceptable or possible even a few years ago. See

"Medical marijuana: The science behind the smoke and fears"

It remains for people to say, "If the corporately corrupted government has been intentionally wrong, obstructionist and misleading about Cannabis all these years, then why should government continue to have jurisdiction over a "strategic resource" it has failed acknowledge the true value of for seventy-three years?

Federal, essential civilian demand, before next spring. That would be an easy choice if it weren't for the "fear of flying" exhibited by those who underestimate the power of truth.

support for marijuana prohibition is dropping

Popular support for marijuana prohibition is dropping even as the tragic numbers keep increasing and the tax money to support prohibition runs out, i.e.:

-- 30,000 people murdered in Mexico since 2004
-- incalculable money wasted and countless lives lost enforcing counter-productive policy
-- percentage of the American people learning about the many other beneficial uses of Cannabis

The debate needs to be broadened beyond "pot" and "industrial hemp" to encompass all of the properties of the Cannabis plant and the most effective way to "regulate" Cannabis agriculture manufacture and trade.

In short, the way I understand it by participating in what's happening in Europe, Cannabis is self-regulating. The low-THC strains seed the high-THC strains. Pot is less the "forbidden fruit" as it is here, so of less interest to rebellious youth.

In reality, individual responsibility is what's real. People have to take responsibility for making life choices.
"how do you propose to exercise that "essential civilian demand"?"

A week-long series of public educational events featuring film screenings, hempseed receptions and barter fair, broad-based, expert and public testimony in Sacramento, establishing the true value of Cannabis ecology, agriculture, manufacture and trade as both unique and essential.

Taking up arms isn't an option. Coordinating truth is. Prohibition will be ended by a simple shift in values from illegal to essential. "Essential civilian demand" is a simple, formal challenge of rightful jurisdiction over any natural resource that is both unique and essential.

A public demonstration of responsibility for the true value of Cannabis on the steps of the State Capitol would establish legal precedent, concurrent with a lawsuit for "misprision of treason" against the Governor for failing to act in the interest of National Security when twice he vetoed legislation that would have allowed for farming of industrial hemp, a known "strategic resource."

Then we plant our organic, non-GMO hemp fields across the nation this spring. That's it. That's my plan. And it's not mutually exclusive with Prop 19 - just supercedes it. Prop 19 is going to create more distraction and confusion, waste more time. It's time to end prohibition nationally, before next spring.

Cannabis has been recognized as a "strategic resource" by six American Presidents. It needs to be recognized as critical to national security again -- by "We The People" this time. The science exists to support revaluation.

In your heart-of-hearts, do you REALLY need permission from a dysfunctional, morally bankrupt, Geneva Convention-violating government to feed your family and community the world's most complete source of organic vegetable nutrition fresh out of your garden?

Not so relevant, but I enlisted in the Marines in '74, when I was 19. More meaningful has been the evolution of the desire to serve all beings, through Cetacean awareness work, direct action with Sea Shepherd and through on-going participation in international human rights work, beginning with everyone's freedom to farm.

I've defended myself, by myself, in Federal Courts twice, been convicted twice refused to pay twice. Judge me as a looney if you want to, but learn about Cannabis monoterpenes vs global broiling first. I'm the guy that figured that one out. All I need is people to get this message out and we can start letting people out of prison.

Prop 19 a product of political "realities" ?

"...the planet is dying under the mis-leadership of political "realists."

Is federal exercise of "essential civilian demand" too radical for you? The true value of Cannabis as a proportionate response to to global warming and global broiling is what's real.

What makes "lawful possession" of Cannabis legal is the impossibility of continuing a counter-productive, extinctionistic policy that's run out of political inertia after being revealed for what it truly is -- deadly, expensive, and manipulative.

LAWFUL possession

"Prop 19 makes LAWFUL the personal possession of [Cannabis]."

No, extremely urgent environmental necessity does that and the First Amendment backs it. Even simpler.

Essential civilian demand isn't "waiting for utopia" - it's the conscious evolution of the fundamental values of human society lining up with the supremely relevant Laws of the Natural Order; combined with a realistic understanding of how the process of change has changed, as the result of instantaneous global electronic communication.

If you and I realize that Cannabis is essential to the survival of humankind, then everyone else on the planet can be apprised of that in the blink of an eye. If Thomas Jefferson had a laptop do you think our government would be as it is today?

What's apparently lacking is the united voice of all people who understand the true value of Cannabis and the endless harms of prohibition, holding our government accountable for seventy-three years of misinformation and deceit.

Letter to William Panzer in reply to "Prop 19: Why I'm Reluctantly Voting "Yes""

Thank you for your reasoned statement regarding "Prop-Up Prohibition #19." I'm almost to the point of supporting it for the same "message effect" reason, but I'm still concerned about two things:

1. Voter acquiescence of (both state and federal) First Amendment protections of the ancient historical/traditional relationship between ancient, spiritually integrated (i.e. organic, biodynamic) practices of gardening/agriculture and "religious" freedom. Prop 19 essentially concedes rightful jurisdiction over "every herb bearing seed."

"Acquiescence is a legal term used to describe an act of a person in knowingly standing by without raising any objection to infringement of his rights, when someone else is unknowingly and honestly putting in his resources under the impression that the said rights actually belong to him. Consequently, the person whose rights are infringed cannot anymore make a claim against the infringer or succeed in an injunction suit due to his conduct. The term is most generally, "permission" given by silence or passiveness. Acceptance or agreement by keeping quiet or by not making objections."

Legal precedents cited by the THC Ministry

2. Prop 19 embraces the fraudulent prohibitionist position that Cannabis is dangerous to human physiology and society, rather than beneficial, as medical, social science and empirical investigation have borne out. As you know, Cannabis nutrition has been clinically recognized as effective in providing essential nutrients; herbal marijuana has been shown to be effective in prevention and treatment of many diseases; and is an acceptable alternative to hard drug use (including alcohol).

Here is the hard to find NIDA document that bears out the tragic social consequences of marijuana scarcity in Hawaii

I'm still convinced that legally, because Cannabis has been identified in six Executive Orders signed by six American Presidents as a "strategic resource" critical to national security, it is a well-documented "misprision of treason" to fail to act on the known "strategic" value of Cannabis.

Please let me know if you have any interest in helping me to exercise "essential civilian demand'

"Sec. 103. General Functions. Federal departments and agencies
responsible for defense acquisition (or for industrial resources
needed to support defense acquisition) shall:

(a) Identify requirements for the full spectrum of national
security emergencies, including military, industrial, and
essential civilian demand;"

Responsible Office: Defense Affairs Division

Monday, October 25, 2010

Comment on AlterNet article "19 Reasons Pot Should Be Legal"

For eighteen years I've been working hard (in the US and in Europe) to completely end Cannabis prohibition. I wrote "The Fundamental Challenge of Our Time", translated into Dutch and adopted as the manifesto for the Cannabis College in Amsterdam in 1998. (

I've had a formal complaint on-line since 2003

and challenged two state attorneys general then planted Cannabis publicly twice, demanding to be arrested for something that has never been truly illegal. I've also been convicted as a tax protester for refusing to give money to an outlaw political regime, violating its own Constitution.

Of course prohibition of the world's most healing, useful and nutritious herb has to end. Anyone who doesn't know that by now is either heartless, brainless or economically corrupted by Cannabis-competitive industries (i.e. fossil fuels, chemical ag, pharma, timber, etc...).

Prop 19 doesn't end prohibition of marijuana or industrial hemp. "Prop-up Prohibition #19" perpetuates the "drug war" by equating marijuana with alcohol, imposing convoluted legal penalties on some people, and raises revenues through regulations and punishment under the bogus, arrogant assumption of rightful jurisdiction.

Prop 19 concedes rightful jurisdiction, disregarding our right to"every herb bearing seed" gutting traditions of spirituality associated with agriculture, the agrarian backbone of the First Amendment, by "acquiescence."

"Acquiescence is a legal term used to describe an act of a person in knowingly standing by without raising any objection to infringement of his rights..."permission" given by silence or passiveness....Acceptance or agreement by keeping quiet or by not making objections."

The reasons presented here for voting 'Yes' on "Prohibition-lite" are simplistic. As does "Poop 19" it embraces illusions of harm rather than benefit associated with ingestion of Cannabis. Science has repeatedly proven otherwise.

The best "medicine" is the one that keeps you from getting sick in the first place. Cannabis seed nutrition achieves that, while the stress relief provided by marijuana (particularly when you grow your own) helps in a myriad of other ways.

No court has the right to tell you that you can't grow Cannabis -- it's unique and essential for three very specific reasons. Only you can give away your rights (and everyone else's) by accepting imposed authority and disingenuous assessment of Cannabis from a morally and financially bankrupt, economically corrupted regime. Only by "We the People" failing to recognize the true essential value of Cannabis has prohibition persisted, insulting compassion, reason, the sacrifices made for freedom, while betraying the trust of future generations.

Cannabis isn't illegal - it's essential. No tax on pot. And no government regulation of any non-GMO, organic "herb bearing seed."

"Essential civilian demand" for the "strategic resource" Cannabis is desperately needed. Non-violent Green Prisoners need to be released and compensated for the crimes committed against them in the name of an illegal prohibition.

The bees are dying. The coral reefs are dying. The boreal forests are dying. How bad do things have to get before all solutions are considered? A massive planting of Cannabis is the only thing that can save our stupid, short-sighted human asses.

Where's a "fair and balanced" editorial policy at AlterNet? Why isn't this information allowed to progress beyond the comments section of this news service before the election? You may think Prop 19 "legalizes" marijuana, but it doesn't. People are so desperate for this change they'd grasp at razor blades to see it happen.

"19 Reasons Pot Should Be Legal"

Saturday, October 23, 2010

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Cannabis ministry founder denied bail for the fourth time

It is outrageously illegal to keep Hawaii's THC Ministry founder, Reverend Roger Christie in prison. The imprisonment of Roger Christie is so anti-Constitutional that Hawaii's Governor Linda Lingle, must be mandated to immediately issue a pre-trial pardon for this blatantly illegal federal attack against one of her State's most widely respected citizens.

Roger Christie is a respected member of his Big island community, well known and respected by local law enforcement as a sincere, cooperative and rational gentleman. The local police know Roger's ministry is doing the Big Island community a great service by making organically grown marijuana available to people who choose to use it. Personal spiritual choice, individual health, and the pursuit of happiness are all being denied without trial. It is inconceivable that such an egregious violation of human rights could continue without international regard and response.

When the implications of Roger's incarceration are fully understood by sufficient numbers of people, then it will be clear that the peole responsible or his being denied bail are complicit in criminally violating the most foundational laws of our political system. When news of this finally makes it into the mainland media, the last marijuana trial will achieve much more than Prop 19, at a fraction of the expense in time and other precious resources.

Injustice of this magnitude can only occur in a condition of mass illusion, a vacuum of reason. Prohibition is perpetuated by false and damaging values that begin with disrespect for the Laws of Nature and assigns a positive economic value to toxic chemical substitutes.

If Governor Linda Lingle fails to act in defense of state and federal Constitutions she has sworn to uphold, then she is guilty of "misprision of treason" as are all of the the other public officials who fail to recognize the critically "strategic" value of Cannabis agriculture, manufacture and trade, in the context of increasingly violent and toxic crises we face in the 21st Century.

I believe that through the power of internet communications, the true value of Cannabis can be communicated globally, instantaneously, electronically: "Cannabis isn't illegal. It's essential."

It's in everyone's best interest that Rev Roger be released to the care of his loving family! Roger's decades of service to his Big Island community and the world are legendarily creative, respectful and beneficial. The court does not have the power to judge Roger Christie, only the People are supposed to have that!

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Federal Criminals

Roger Christie is a man of peace, illegally imprisonedin Honolulu Federal Penetentiary since July 8th, 2010. He's been denied bail twice, and had his trial postponed until April 2011. Essentially, he's being judged and imprisoned without trial, for what amounts to a first-time, non-violent accusation. The criminal violations of Constitutional Law and due process are stunning in the blatant disregard for law being committed against Roger Christie. Clearly disproportionate to the alleged crime Roger has been providing sacrament to the THC Ministry community for ten years, openly and honestly. He and the local Cannabis culture have succeeded against the black market where the "authorities" have failed by growing and trading locally. Now Roger and his ministry are being punished for their effort to normalize relations with Cannabis by teaching respect and demonstrating its economic value.

If you imprison a man of truth and peace, then you violate everyone's peace, but the truth doesn't change: Cannabis is too valuable to be truly illegal. Hemp nutrition, both unique and essential, is not even close to being within the moral jurisdiction of the court. To induce scarcity of essential resources is a threat to national security.

Except that every human is free then we are none of us truly free.
"Every herb bearing seed" is no more within the jurisdiction of the court
than any womb bearing child is.

Essentially the responsibility of the father, we are charged with providing the best food possible for our children and our community. The best food possible for the greatest number of people is hemp seed. Hemp is the most potentially abundant and environmentally beneficial crop there is, so what makes people think that the government has rightful jurisdiction?

It is simply the inertial credibility that is still being assumed by an outlaw federal government. The incumbent political regime in the US continues to obstruct Cannabis, an historically revered, "strategic food resource," at every opportunity. Perhaps President Obama and Governor Arnold don't think we need essential fatty acids and sustainable biofuels from the same harvest, but I do. I challenge their authority over any "herb bearing seed" and take issue with the fact they haven't recognized Cannabis for what it's truly worth. "Misprision of treason" is the failure to act in defense of national security. Clearly, our elected officials are remiss in recognizing the strategic and ecological values of hemp.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

To Roger and the Choir...

Right-On Reverend! — You’re even more right than you know…
Cannabis isn’t illegal, it’s essential.

Drugs don’t make seeds, herbs do.

Freedom to farm “Every herb bearing seed” “every green herb” “every plant that bears fruit with seed in it” are the first three tests of religious freedom!

Monoterpenes from Cannabis agriculture are the sun screen for the planet!

Hemp seed is nutritionally unique and essential!

Hemp is the only crop that produces a complete food and sustainable biofuels from the same harvest!

Beyond the rightful jurisdiction of any court, Cannabis is critical to mankind’s sustainable existence on this planet, and we’d better start planting it everywhere soon, because

Time is the limiting factor in the equation of survival.

Friday, October 1, 2010

Buoyancy of Spirit

Glancing at the headlines this morning, I see once again that our world is awash in sadness. Breakdown, suffering, struggle, aggression and chaos are evolving in the wake of prolonged, imposed essential resource scarcity.

If we are to survive, we need to wake up soon to the fact that agriculture is our link to the Great YouNameIt that created the world we humans are meant to care for, not pillage. Failing to recognize the unique and essential value of Cannabis ecology, agriculture, manufacture and trade is a treasonous act against the Natural Order, a commonly known threat to everyone's well-being. I am concerned that the intrenched misdirection that has masqueraded as government will continue to impose scarcity where abundance is needed.

In considering the legitimacy of my ministry and the meaning of my work, with age, I am evermore aware of the value in my empathic relationship with the people of the world. The desire to realize the fundamental human right to farm Cannabis has grown from decades of international travel, filmmaking, writing, art production, activism and photojournalism. Before that I spent thousands of hours underwater as a commercial diver on the north coast of California. And many more as an underwater photographer in the ocean around Hawaii.

The tangible connectedness I became a part of in the rhythmic surge of the sea has never really ended, translatable onto land as a universal concern for all life. I have spent much of my life advocating the appreciation of Cannabis for what it is truly worth. Add to that the value of peace, health and balance and people can begin to understand why it is so important to advance the conversation beyond "legalization" to "rightful jurisdiction." Do you really want to give the military industrial complex legal authority over any "herb bearing seed," let alone one that is both unique and essential?

For whatever buoyancy of spirit there may be in passing this perspective along, I offer this guided meditation, to recharge life energy and healing, directly from the source