Saturday, October 30, 2010

direct action, not distraction

"the only thing standing in the way of planting industrial hemp in California is the prohibition of marijuana"

Not exactly. A most easily dispelled myth has effectively stopped industrial hemp agriculture. That is the institutional lie, promulgated by law enforcement, that it's difficult to tell marijuana from industrial hemp. Not true.

They are physically distinct, planted differently and in a field of hemp, the male flowers grow among the female flowers to produce seeds. All that's needed to end industrial hemp prohibition is to challenge and easily defeat that lie. It wouldn't hurt to point out that industrial hemp agriculture is the most cost-effective way to naturally balance commercial marijuana production and the quickest way to get the pot plantations out of the National Forests.

Holding the government accountable for the truth about Cannabis at the federal level could happen if even a fraction of the money and effort that's being poured into Prop 19 were directed into exercise of essential civilian demand. And as I've said before, they are not mutually exclusive.

There is no established federal protocol for essential civilian demand. I've attempted to create one through construction of a formal public record: endless written challenges of rightful jurisdiction, public civil disobedience, film, and most recently on my BlogTalkRadio program.

None of that matters if people don't understand the condition of extreme urgency we face, and support timely consideration of all possible solutions at the federal and international level.

The bees are dying. We don't have time for distraction.