Saturday, October 30, 2010

support for marijuana prohibition is dropping

Popular support for marijuana prohibition is dropping even as the tragic numbers keep increasing and the tax money to support prohibition runs out, i.e.:

-- 30,000 people murdered in Mexico since 2004
-- incalculable money wasted and countless lives lost enforcing counter-productive policy
-- percentage of the American people learning about the many other beneficial uses of Cannabis

The debate needs to be broadened beyond "pot" and "industrial hemp" to encompass all of the properties of the Cannabis plant and the most effective way to "regulate" Cannabis agriculture manufacture and trade.

In short, the way I understand it by participating in what's happening in Europe, Cannabis is self-regulating. The low-THC strains seed the high-THC strains. Pot is less the "forbidden fruit" as it is here, so of less interest to rebellious youth.

In reality, individual responsibility is what's real. People have to take responsibility for making life choices.