Saturday, October 30, 2010

"...comparing Prop 19 to modern-day cannabis prohibition" :

"...comparing Prop 19 to modern-day cannabis prohibition" :

Prop 19 maintains myths & illusions about Cannabis that have effectively institutionalized prohibition for 73 years.

Dispelling that illusion is happening through the efforts of activists and scientists like Jack Herer, Todd Mikuriya, and other visionaries who pushed the envelope of what was acceptable or possible even a few years ago. See

"Medical marijuana: The science behind the smoke and fears"

It remains for people to say, "If the corporately corrupted government has been intentionally wrong, obstructionist and misleading about Cannabis all these years, then why should government continue to have jurisdiction over a "strategic resource" it has failed acknowledge the true value of for seventy-three years?

Federal, essential civilian demand, before next spring. That would be an easy choice if it weren't for the "fear of flying" exhibited by those who underestimate the power of truth.