Saturday, October 30, 2010

"how do you propose to exercise that "essential civilian demand"?"

A week-long series of public educational events featuring film screenings, hempseed receptions and barter fair, broad-based, expert and public testimony in Sacramento, establishing the true value of Cannabis ecology, agriculture, manufacture and trade as both unique and essential.

Taking up arms isn't an option. Coordinating truth is. Prohibition will be ended by a simple shift in values from illegal to essential. "Essential civilian demand" is a simple, formal challenge of rightful jurisdiction over any natural resource that is both unique and essential.

A public demonstration of responsibility for the true value of Cannabis on the steps of the State Capitol would establish legal precedent, concurrent with a lawsuit for "misprision of treason" against the Governor for failing to act in the interest of National Security when twice he vetoed legislation that would have allowed for farming of industrial hemp, a known "strategic resource."

Then we plant our organic, non-GMO hemp fields across the nation this spring. That's it. That's my plan. And it's not mutually exclusive with Prop 19 - just supercedes it. Prop 19 is going to create more distraction and confusion, waste more time. It's time to end prohibition nationally, before next spring.

Cannabis has been recognized as a "strategic resource" by six American Presidents. It needs to be recognized as critical to national security again -- by "We The People" this time. The science exists to support revaluation.

In your heart-of-hearts, do you REALLY need permission from a dysfunctional, morally bankrupt, Geneva Convention-violating government to feed your family and community the world's most complete source of organic vegetable nutrition fresh out of your garden?

Not so relevant, but I enlisted in the Marines in '74, when I was 19. More meaningful has been the evolution of the desire to serve all beings, through Cetacean awareness work, direct action with Sea Shepherd and through on-going participation in international human rights work, beginning with everyone's freedom to farm.

I've defended myself, by myself, in Federal Courts twice, been convicted twice refused to pay twice. Judge me as a looney if you want to, but learn about Cannabis monoterpenes vs global broiling first. I'm the guy that figured that one out. All I need is people to get this message out and we can start letting people out of prison.