Friday, October 1, 2010

Buoyancy of Spirit

Glancing at the headlines this morning, I see once again that our world is awash in sadness. Breakdown, suffering, struggle, aggression and chaos are evolving in the wake of prolonged, imposed essential resource scarcity.

If we are to survive, we need to wake up soon to the fact that agriculture is our link to the Great YouNameIt that created the world we humans are meant to care for, not pillage. Failing to recognize the unique and essential value of Cannabis ecology, agriculture, manufacture and trade is a treasonous act against the Natural Order, a commonly known threat to everyone's well-being. I am concerned that the intrenched misdirection that has masqueraded as government will continue to impose scarcity where abundance is needed.

In considering the legitimacy of my ministry and the meaning of my work, with age, I am evermore aware of the value in my empathic relationship with the people of the world. The desire to realize the fundamental human right to farm Cannabis has grown from decades of international travel, filmmaking, writing, art production, activism and photojournalism. Before that I spent thousands of hours underwater as a commercial diver on the north coast of California. And many more as an underwater photographer in the ocean around Hawaii.

The tangible connectedness I became a part of in the rhythmic surge of the sea has never really ended, translatable onto land as a universal concern for all life. I have spent much of my life advocating the appreciation of Cannabis for what it is truly worth. Add to that the value of peace, health and balance and people can begin to understand why it is so important to advance the conversation beyond "legalization" to "rightful jurisdiction." Do you really want to give the military industrial complex legal authority over any "herb bearing seed," let alone one that is both unique and essential?

For whatever buoyancy of spirit there may be in passing this perspective along, I offer this guided meditation, to recharge life energy and healing, directly from the source