Saturday, October 30, 2010

Love trumps law.

Your planet is dying, why would I want to come down there?

Besides, somebody's got to fly ahead, trusting you'll catch up sooner than too late.

Can you and I agree that Cannabis is more than merely 'beneficial' -- that Cannabis is in fact both unique and essential? Know why? There are three very specific reasons, backed by irrefutable science. Food, climate, biofuels.

Tune-up & call in this Sunday at high noon

Axilological praxis : The Art of Shifting Cannabis Value

I do appreciate your sacrifices, your service, and your ability to communicate your views. No doubt, this war has taken a heavy toll on all of us, on many levels. Friends I've lost to cancer, just for starters, and the nine hundred fifty million starving, malnourished people that could otherwise be self-sustaining, and the other millions of casualties that are unnecessary, beyond the pale.

Most recently, on July 8th, my longtime friend, patriot and Cannabis associate, THC Ministry Reverend Roger Christie, was taken to federal prison in Honolulu and remains in federal prison to this day. He's been denied bail four times and his trial postponed until April 2011. Roger's is a first-time, non-violent accusation with no local complaint registered against him.

Please people, write to Roger and let him know his standing up for the Constitution means something to you. Tell others you know about him. For twenty-five years he's been a valuable, widely respected member of his Big Island community, and a globally respected cultural ambassador, a premiere Cannabis scholar, delightfully sincere and charming hemp store entrepreneur, and courageous founder of the Hawaiian THC Ministry.

This is what essential civilian demand does that Prop 19 doesn't. It demands that "Green Prisoners" be released from prison by recognizing the illegality of Cannabis prohibition. How can a "strategic resource" possibly be a "Schedule One drug"? They're opposites!

Thanks, but I'm not waiting for the approval of soccer moms and don't under-estimate their capacity for understanding what's best for their families and community. Look at the success of hemp foods in the US even though we can't grow it here! Soccer moms are making that choice more and more.

Even if I have to do it alone, I'll continue to call for immediate, comprehensive objective revaluation of Cannabis from experts in all fields. As far as I can tell through my years of filming and participating in the evolution of 21st Century Cannabis culture, the plant is valuable far beyond the rightful jurisdiction of any court. Why would I seek permission to grow it?

Not just for humankind, by the way. Mankind s far beyond its rightful authority in inducing scarcity of a unique and essential food resource upon which other species also depend for optimum health and ultimate survival.

No tax on Cannabis. No regulation of Cannabis farming. Imposed bureaucracy will only increase the cost of farming and perpetuate further interference with corporate entities that control our political system. Besides, Cannabis is a successful competitor, fortunately a very beneficial one, and will spread naturally, unless of course, the government continues and expands its war against ditch weed.

Our freedom to farm "every herb bearing seed" is the first test of religious freedom. First Amendment, there it is. Defend it or not. Use it or lose it.

Is everyone who loves the Cannabis plant a Cannabis minister yet? Why not start your own individual ministry in order to help reclaim our First Amendment right on behalf of the ancient Cannabis culture? Of which we are co-evolving the leading edge. If this makes sense to you, then you can simply write a letter to yourself in appreciation for the true value of Cannabis. Potential may still remain if we act wisely, efficiently, and with conscious application of the gentle quiet power of truth.

Love trumps law.