Saturday, October 16, 2010

Federal Criminals

Roger Christie is a man of peace, illegally imprisonedin Honolulu Federal Penetentiary since July 8th, 2010. He's been denied bail twice, and had his trial postponed until April 2011. Essentially, he's being judged and imprisoned without trial, for what amounts to a first-time, non-violent accusation. The criminal violations of Constitutional Law and due process are stunning in the blatant disregard for law being committed against Roger Christie. Clearly disproportionate to the alleged crime Roger has been providing sacrament to the THC Ministry community for ten years, openly and honestly. He and the local Cannabis culture have succeeded against the black market where the "authorities" have failed by growing and trading locally. Now Roger and his ministry are being punished for their effort to normalize relations with Cannabis by teaching respect and demonstrating its economic value.

If you imprison a man of truth and peace, then you violate everyone's peace, but the truth doesn't change: Cannabis is too valuable to be truly illegal. Hemp nutrition, both unique and essential, is not even close to being within the moral jurisdiction of the court. To induce scarcity of essential resources is a threat to national security.

Except that every human is free then we are none of us truly free.
"Every herb bearing seed" is no more within the jurisdiction of the court
than any womb bearing child is.

Essentially the responsibility of the father, we are charged with providing the best food possible for our children and our community. The best food possible for the greatest number of people is hemp seed. Hemp is the most potentially abundant and environmentally beneficial crop there is, so what makes people think that the government has rightful jurisdiction?

It is simply the inertial credibility that is still being assumed by an outlaw federal government. The incumbent political regime in the US continues to obstruct Cannabis, an historically revered, "strategic food resource," at every opportunity. Perhaps President Obama and Governor Arnold don't think we need essential fatty acids and sustainable biofuels from the same harvest, but I do. I challenge their authority over any "herb bearing seed" and take issue with the fact they haven't recognized Cannabis for what it's truly worth. "Misprision of treason" is the failure to act in defense of national security. Clearly, our elected officials are remiss in recognizing the strategic and ecological values of hemp.