Sunday, October 31, 2010

Prop 19 is a recipe for expensive confusion, costing precious time and money.

Prop 19 is a recipe for expensive confusion, costing precious time and money.

What's needed instead is a formal re-assessment of Cannabis, based in credible science. The studies have been done. The reports written. Cannabis is the safest most effective herbal preventative and therapeutic agent that there is. Cannabis in many forms (seeds, buds, essential oils, etc.) is effective in preventing, treating and in some cases, curing a wide range of ailments, including physical, emotional, and substance abuse (i.e. alcohol & hard drugs) problems.

Prohibition in any form for anything creates a vicious, violent, black market with real damage inflicted on individuals, the environment and society. Ending prohibition of the world's most nutritious, useful, environmentally beneficial agricultural resource, by recognizing its true value, will do more good than any other move we could make. It's been done in other countries and the results are tangible, verifiable and profound.

Unfortunately, Prop 19 perpetuates the baseless, erroneous, prohibitionist myth of people needing government 'protection' from marijuana. Misinformation and a "Reefer Madness" imposed valuation of Cannabis conveys corporate control over our freedom to farm.

Violation of our Constitutional rights is a greater threat to national security than marijuana could ever be, even if the lies being told about it were true. Individual responsibility for life choices is the key to normalizing our relationship with Ca