Saturday, October 30, 2010

Reply to comments on AlterNet about Prop 19

Thanks for your thanks&consideration of what some (who have sacrificed nothing) so easily dismiss as a "rant." Taxation and regulation is the way our corporately conscripted government cripples industries that are in competition with the Masters of War.

At 55 I am too old to be intimidated by the bogeyman of what's thought to be "impossible." If our ecosystem was the one we had back in '79 I might agree with you, but with 50% of the bees dead, and UV-B killing everything, we need a stronger, more immediate strategy than a 5x5 foot pot garden.

Cannabis monoterpenes reflect solar radiation away from a planet that's losing its atmospheric aerosols, produced by the dwindling boreal forests. A massive planting is needed this spring to rebalance that equation.

Essential civilian demand is the way to achieve that, but you don't see anyone addressing this as "possible." Why is that? A federal strategy is not mutually exclusive of a state strategy.

The equation of survival is simple. Time is the limiting factor. Do you want to survive or not? What's really real? Obama & Holder, or melting ice caps and mass species extinction?

If people think things are bad now, wait until petrol prices suddenly jump and electronic communication becomes unaffordable -- chaos. That's as real as it gets.

"Misprision of treason" is the failure to act in the interest of national security. Right now, all of our politicians are guilty of failing to recognize the true unique and essential "strategic" value of Cannabis.