Saturday, October 23, 2010

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Cannabis ministry founder denied bail for the fourth time

It is outrageously illegal to keep Hawaii's THC Ministry founder, Reverend Roger Christie in prison. The imprisonment of Roger Christie is so anti-Constitutional that Hawaii's Governor Linda Lingle, must be mandated to immediately issue a pre-trial pardon for this blatantly illegal federal attack against one of her State's most widely respected citizens.

Roger Christie is a respected member of his Big island community, well known and respected by local law enforcement as a sincere, cooperative and rational gentleman. The local police know Roger's ministry is doing the Big Island community a great service by making organically grown marijuana available to people who choose to use it. Personal spiritual choice, individual health, and the pursuit of happiness are all being denied without trial. It is inconceivable that such an egregious violation of human rights could continue without international regard and response.

When the implications of Roger's incarceration are fully understood by sufficient numbers of people, then it will be clear that the peole responsible or his being denied bail are complicit in criminally violating the most foundational laws of our political system. When news of this finally makes it into the mainland media, the last marijuana trial will achieve much more than Prop 19, at a fraction of the expense in time and other precious resources.

Injustice of this magnitude can only occur in a condition of mass illusion, a vacuum of reason. Prohibition is perpetuated by false and damaging values that begin with disrespect for the Laws of Nature and assigns a positive economic value to toxic chemical substitutes.

If Governor Linda Lingle fails to act in defense of state and federal Constitutions she has sworn to uphold, then she is guilty of "misprision of treason" as are all of the the other public officials who fail to recognize the critically "strategic" value of Cannabis agriculture, manufacture and trade, in the context of increasingly violent and toxic crises we face in the 21st Century.

I believe that through the power of internet communications, the true value of Cannabis can be communicated globally, instantaneously, electronically: "Cannabis isn't illegal. It's essential."

It's in everyone's best interest that Rev Roger be released to the care of his loving family! Roger's decades of service to his Big Island community and the world are legendarily creative, respectful and beneficial. The court does not have the power to judge Roger Christie, only the People are supposed to have that!