Monday, May 5, 2014

United Nations Food Security & Nutrition Forum: Selection and Prioritization of CFS Activities for the Biennium 2016-2017

Dear Mr. Fratini and FSN forum participants, 
Thank you for your objective consideration of my suggestions in response to your questions.

1. What issues should be addressed by the Committee in the biennium 2016-2017? 
The nutritional value of Cannabis hemp must be addressed, at the same time hemp's unique and essential climate mitigation potential is considered. 

Explain the issue and describe why you are proposing it;
It should be noted that the nutritional value of Cannabis sativa ("hemp") is recognized as "strategic" in Executive Order 13603, signed by President Obama on March 16, 2012. It is the latest in a collection of seven Executive Orders signed by seven American presidents, that identify "hemp" as a "strategic food resource."
The complete nutrition offered by Cannabis hemp is the first reason to focus on this under-regarded organic crop, but there are several more reasons to take an honest look at the potential for a global campaign emphasizing Cannabis agriculture.
The second reason is that Cannabis is the only crop to provide complete nutrition and sustainable biofuels from the same harvest. This means that food security and nutrition is improved at the same time that bioenergy is sustainably, organically produced.
The third reason to regard hemp has to do with the climate change mitigation potential of atmospheric aerosols produced by Cannabis; and an extraordinary carbon sequestration potential of 9 tons per acre, per growing season.
What kind of activity do you propose to address this issue?
Every available means for assessing the true value of Cannabis agriculture, manufacture and trade, in addressing food security, nutrition and climate change, must be implemented immediately, before the time "window of opportunity" described in the UN's IPCC report closes on our ability to have an effect.
Which kind of CFS workstream should be put in place to address it?
a. A major workstream
A global emergency preparedness protocol, equivalent to "essential civilian demand" mentioned in EO 13603 and CFR 44.
Cannabis is critically important for rebalancing Earth's atmosphere and for globally redistributing essential food and energy resources.
The antibiotic and insecticidal properties of the Cannabis plant are also of tremendous importance in treatment & prevention of disease, for phytoremediating contaminated soils and for purifying water.