Friday, June 28, 2013

from the Foreword of my forthcoming book "Cannabis vs. Climate Change"...

If you want to live, read this book.

“Cannabis vs. Climate Change” introduces primary ecological interrelationships, of pivotal evolutionary consequence. Until now, suppression of research imposed by prohibition's baseless fears and unscientific opinions about ‘marijuana’ have inhibited objective consideration and timely implementation of Cannabis-inclusive agricultural strategies for resolving climate change.

Imposed ignorance has limited mankind's collective consideration of the life-saving potential in enlisting the many uniquely essential benefits offered by organic, non-GMO Cannabis farming. Limited thinking and institutionally-imposed under-appreciation of Cannabis is a far greater threat to human social evolution than weapons of mass destruction could ever be.

Successive ecological tipping-points are compounding extreme conditions effecting complex relationships threatening irreversible, global systemic collapse. Time has run out for continued indulgence of degenerate obstinence in positions of leadership, wielding a so-called “drug war” that's characterized by unobjective irrationality, vested in toxins, addicted to profit. Certainly the prohibition of Cannabis is more immediately dangerous to all life on Earth than all the weapons in the world.

In the past fifty years, increasing UV-B radiation from the Sun has become our most fearsome and immediate threat. The purpose of this first-of-three books is to alert people to the dangers of "global broiling" by UV-B, to catalyze the polar shift in human values, necessary for initiating the most time-efficient, coordinated global agricultural campaign possible, for expanding the planet's arable base through reintroduction of Cannabis throughout its globally adaptable range.