Friday, February 15, 2008

Regarding the Commission on Narcotic Drugs, Fifth report of the Executive Director

Regarding the Commission on Narcotic Drugs
The world drug problem
Fifth report of the Executive Director

Pg. 29 :
"Illicit drug crop eradication and alternative development
(e) Donors, affected States and other relevant key development partners
should examine innovative ways to promote environmentally sound alternative
development programmes."

In this document, the United Nations has failed to assess, or even acknowledge, the immense harm engendered by the "drug war," which is imposing critical food insecurity and malnutrition on countries where industrial hemp is prohibited. The United Nations is apparently in denial of the looming global food crisis and refuses to recognize the world's most nutritious seed as food for humans, as it fails to account for seven decades of protein production losses and poverty imposed, by banning a critical industrial feed stock.

I interpret "innovative ways to promote environmentally sound alternative development programmes" as a mandate to cultivate industrial hemp. As long as prohibition continues to profit the bureaucracies producing these reports, over-paid bureaucrats will continue to spew drug war rhetoric and propaganda in lieu of a responsible effort to address problems attributed to drug use, that are in reality created by the "drug war" itself.

As far as I can tell, "religious" freedom is the most potent protection there is against the drug war machine. International treaties and most governments are bound by law to protect people's right of religious freedom. Whether we are protected as individuals, or it is necessary to join a "church" to be legally legitimate, seems to be the question.

Because Cannabis agriculture is the world's oldest global culture, it does not require permission to exist from recently established governments. Because of environmental, economic and social imbalances being induced by Cannabis prohibition, there is no obligation to obey laws that are transparently perverse.

With everything we know of the true value of Cannabis, if mankind doesn't initiate a massive global planting of industrial hemp this spring, then we must recognize that we are facing a much greater threat than global warming. Economic intransigence has institutionalized prohibition of the world's most useful and nutritious crop. Our most proximate and potent strategy for addressing climate change is being suppressed.

Because Cannabis produces atmospheric aerosols called "monoterpenes" that reflect solar radiation back into space and seed cloud formation, while sequestering a ton of carbon/acre/year, the cost of the so-called "drug war" in hindering climate change mitigation, has driven the cost of prohibition up, far beyond accountability.

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Letter to the Attorney General of California

Dear Attorney General Brown and staff,

I would like to request a meeting with Attorney General Brown to discuss information about climate change strategies that I have discussed with him on the telephone, and sent previously to you office using the AG's on-line messaging service.

Please let me know, by telephone or e-mail, when would be the earliest convenient time for us to meet, regarding the critical role of hemp agriculture in climate mitigation strategies, addressing both global warming and global broiling.

Now that the Conference of Mayors, LEAP and many others have identified the "drug war" as a failed policy, the effects of drug policy on food security, nutrition, environmental imbalance, economics, and the social structures upon which we all depend can and must be openly considered.

Thank you very much for your time and attention to this request.


Paul J. von Hartmann
California Cannabis Ministry
831 588 5095 cell

Cannabis agriculture, nutrition and global broiling

As many of you probably already know from reports in the alternative and mainstream media

"Hot Hemp Foods on Today Show"

Cannabis hemp is potentially the most abundant, globally distributed, nutritious and useful organic agricultural resource on Earth.

Hemp also sequesters carbon from the atmosphere (nine tons/acre/year); regenerates depleted, compacted and contaminated soils; while producing atmospheric aerosols called "monoterpenes" that reflect solar radiation back into space and seed cloud formation. There is simply NOTHING that even comes close to hemp agriculture for its proximate effectiveness in addressing many problems at once, including and especially climate change.

"Radiative forcing is the change in the balance between radiation coming into the atmosphere and radiation going out."

In a recent teleconference call, Eban mentioned that Focus the Nation is not concerned with increasing UV-B radiation. Well, that's a choice...

But people ought to consider that even more immediately dangerous than global warming is the increasing UV-B radiation ("global broiling") that is being ignored. By its nature, global broiling is much harder to measure and discern the impacts of than global warming, but that doesn't man it isn't having devastating effects. Genetic mutation, impaired immune response, and stunted growth are all happening right now as the result of global broiling.

Consider that the massive mysterious die-off of bees all over the world, neatly labeled as"Colony Collapse Disorder" may actually be a result of immune system failures in an indicator species. By the time we figure out what's killing the bees, it could be too late to do anything about it. All solutions must be considered if we are to avoid the synergistic collapse of environment, economics and social structures upon which we all depend.

Time is the limiting factor in the equation of survival.
How bad do things have to get before all solutions are considered?

The REAL Question for Davos07

I suggest that people reference the Conference of Mayors resolution of June 2007, which recognizes the drug war as having "failed" and communicate to their elected officials that the counter-productive drug policy, based in punishment, is suppressing consideration and discussion of what may be the most viable measure for addressing climate changes (both global warming and global broiling), Cannabis agriculture.

Consider for a moment that even in the midst of radical global food insecurity and epidemic malnutrition, because of 'marijuana' prohibition, the United Nations Food & Agriculture Organization doesn't even recognize the world's MOST nutritious seed as food for humans.

Hemp Oil Nutrutional Profile, MaryBeth Augustine, RD,CDN

This level of informational negligence is effecting discussion of climate change solutions. How sad and pointless that such a failed policy could be harming so many people in so many ways. Now that our elected officials are paying attention to climate change, it is time to point out that part of the solution is to stop creating problems.

I invite anyone who understands the potential for employing nature to heal nature, to contact me directly at or on my cell at 831 588 5095.

I particularly challenge the spiritually vital community to do the right thing by putting "drug war" rhetoric (and the phony moralism that's been associated with it) aside long enough to investigate the TRUE value of Cannabis agriculture, as a source of biofuels, oil rich protein, effective herbal therapeutics, paper, cloth, paints and varnishes, building materials, bio-degradable plastics, as feed & cover for wildlife and much more.


The Emperor Wears No Clothes - Book Chapters

and pass this information on to your elected officials.

Best wishes to all,

Friday, February 1, 2008

Funding for clinical trials needed

The California Cannabis Ministry is seeking funding for a clinical trial of hemp seed nutrition, used in combination with Cannabis essential oil.

It is proposed that there is substantial and unique benefit for prevention and treatment of cholesterol and overall systemic toxicity in blood, nervous and lymph systems. Anti-fungal, anti-viral, anti-oxidizing, anti-biotic to name just a few of its therapeutic benefits, Cannabis essential oil has no psychoactive (THC) component, and is also an environmentally benign pesticide, toxic to insects.

I invite anyone who may be open to the immensity of this project to participate. Ultimately, I am intent on getting the UNFAO to
recognize and encourage the true value of hemp in food security and nutrition. There can be no single measure that could so easily occur that would have greater effect for more people and other creatures.

I am certain that there is substantial synergistic benefit, as the result of ingesting the fresh, whole Cannabis
plant, all at once. I can report first-hand on the effects, and therefore propose to conduct clinical trials using a blend
of hemp seed oil and essential oil. Tests will also be done to measure the extended shelf-life of the hemp seed oil as a result of mixing with essential oil.

It has been my experience, and that of several patients I have
introduced this combination to that holistic hemp nutrition affords substantial, multiple benefits
for a wide variety of imbalances. Because of its anti-oxidizing effect, Cannabis essential oil and
seed oil are as close to an "elixir of Life" than any other substance on Earth, besides pure
Shasta springwater.