Friday, August 27, 2010

Values, not laws. Evolution vs. revolution

The economic revolution is being imposed quietly by the incumbent regime. As values are twisted to accommodate the interests of the increasingly wealthy chemical class, control over Cannabis agriculture is about to be gained by acquiescence.

The determining factor in responsible governance of Cannabis has nothing to do with Proposition 19. Proportionate humility in the presence of the miraculous is what's needed. Transcending prohibition of the world's most nutritious and useful crop is a simple shift in its perceived value.

Proving the true value of Cannabis means simply pointing out that it is both unique and essential. Once that is established, then the value of Cannabis makes its prohibition impossible.

No vote needed. No tax needed. To concede jurisdiction over the Cannabis plant is sheer madness.

Is it not madness to give over the world's most valuable plant to the system that has failed to acknowledge its true value for seven decades? Regarding climate change and in particular “global broiling” by increasing UV-B radiation, how hot do things have to get before all solutions are considered?

If Cannabis agriculture is the most available and effective way to protect this planet from synergistic collapse of environment, economics and mankind’s social order, then why do precious planting seasons pass without recognizing the essential value of hemp agriculture, manufacture and trade?

"Essential civilian demand" for Cannabis must be carried out before the November elections. This is a pivotal time, and to fail in acting responsibly will cost present and future generations dearly.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

This was written in response to a question about Cannabis on Facebook

Rajeev asked "is cannabis the same plant as marijuana?"

Neither Sunil nor Sam answered your question Rajeev. The short answer is, yes, but there's much more to it than that. Confusing as the nomenclature is, a longer answer is needed to understand it fully.

Cannabis is the genus name (properly capitalized according to the CBE Manual) for an ancient plant of many names, including 'marijuana'. For this discussion a distinction is being made between two types of Cannabis, low- and high-THC varieties of Cannabis.

In the US, high-THC Cannabis is most often referred to as 'marijuana,' "pot," etc. THC has psychoactive effect and is used therapeutically, spiritually and recreationally.

Low-THC Cannabis is often referred to as "industrial hemp" or just "hemp." For the sake of accuracy, historically high-THC 'marijuana' was sometimes also called "hemp."

My concern with Prop 19 is that after seventy-three years of being wrong, misleading and abusing people about the true value of this "herb bearing seed", we are so eager to convey control over this sacred herb to the same authority that's been putting people in jail for recognizing value in it and defying an anti-Constitutional law.

Now that the corporate chemically controlled government is being overruled by the growing awareness of the American people, it's time to exercise "essential civilian demand" if we are to avoid extinction. Wake up!! The bees, bats and amphibians are dying!

A total lifting of the ban on so-called "industrial hemp" (which also has enormous therapeutic benefits) is called for without tax or regulation. Cannabis is both unique and essential, a strategic resource that's critical to national and global security.

Sunil, you and Chris Conrad know so much about Cannabis and yet you still don't understand its critical importance in avoiding the synergistic collapse that's starting and being suffered all over the world. 'Time' is the limiting factor in the equation of survival. If we don't start an intensive planting of industrial hemp by next spring, then we could all be sitting around happily rolling "legal" joints when shithitsthefan.

WHY DO WE NEED GOVERNMENT PERMISSION TO GROW ANY "HERB BEARING SEED?" Is the Constitution that dead in people's minds that even the First Amendment doesn't count? You know that Reverend Roger Christie is being held in federal prison, right? He's been there since July 16th, and been refused bail for a first-time, non-violent offense.

Are these the people you want to continue giving jurisdiction to rather than saying "Our freedom to farm "every herb bearing seed" is the first test of religious freedom." Done. Legal.

What you and Chris are supporting could incrementally seal our fate, effecting the predictable extinction of our species, by employing half-measures without even trying to implement the strongest most direct route to freedom: "essential civilian demand" for a "strategic" resource.

If our fathers and grandfathers did this, we'd all be spreckin Doytch & Japanese by now.

Sunil and Chris, did you notice the minimal reference made to "industrial hemp" in Prop 19 ? Does that oversight not concern you?

Because hemp has been banned using marijuana as an excuse, then wouldn't it be normal to delineate and end to the ban on hemp agriculture in the Proposition that quasi-legalizes marijuana agriculture?

Free Roger Christie, now.

Reverend Roger Christie must be released immediately. This man is a benefit to a free society and is being held in violation of the First Amendment to the United States Constitution. Only an outlaw regime would deny this man bail, as has ben done, twice!

Stand up for religious freedom now or kiss the Constitution good-bye, forever.

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Reverend Roger Christie: First case in the objective Court of Global Consensus

"God" is quoted on the first page of the Bible recognized as "Holy" in the U.S. courts. The first thing God is supposed to have said was in regard to the importance of "herbs." He repeated Himself three times!

Obviously Reverend Roger Christie's imprisonment, and being denied bail, are first Amendment violations which merit widespread concern and immediate action. Any authority that presumes jurisdiction over any "herb bearing seed" is violating its own Constitution. People must take responsibility for the true value of Cannabis agriculture, manufacture and trade in a timely manner, or face increasing government tyranny throughout the slide to global extinction.

It's our choice and someone else has been making it wrongly all of our lives. Roger's case is the leading edge of social evolution and a shift in essential values. There are a few things we need to survive on Earth, and Cannabis is one of them.

A lawsuit needs to be brought immediately against all individuals responsible for emprisoning the Reverend Roger Christie. His mother is worried sick, and we all ought to be worried that Roger has been denied bail.

The unobjective court system (franchised & corrupted by perverse economics and unreasoning political power, affording the black market the power to imposed essential resource scarcity, through prohibition) are guilty as Hell of "misprision of treason."

Roger and I have been pointing out for decades that Cannabis can't be illegal, because it's essential!

Failure to act in the interest of national security is the crime of "misprision of treason." Cannabis has been identified by seven American Presidents as a "strategic food resource" that's critical to national security! You probably know that if you've read my stuff. I've been writing and speaking the same truths endlessly for so long on a G-string buget that I'm starting to burn out on doing other than gardening. Hempfest will be my last big shindig. I've got a regional plan to get going that involves starting a local alternative currency for the Bay Area. See for a link to the brochure.

Yet , groups like DPA, NORML, MPP and all the other heavily bankrolled groups, have failed to comprehend the most direct stratgey for ending prohibition because they have inexplicably rolled-over to concede rightful jurisdiction over an unique and essential natural resource.

Why would anyone agree to that? Inducing essential resource scarcity results in chaos, and eventual synergistic collapse. Cannabis prohibition is is antithetical to government.

I got to get going, so let me know if I can help in any way. I sent RC a copy of the Citizen's Rule Book & a funny card. I trust they'll laugh & let the Constitution (included in the booklet) through the prison mail censor.

Ask mothers suffering from hyperemesis gravidarum if 'marijuana' is harmful to pregnant women.

"[Devlin] also cited exhaustive medical and scientific studies, court rulings and expert testimony that show pot -- though medically beneficial and legal in some cases -- poses a risk to pregnant women, young people, long-term users, drivers and those with mental disorders."

This is at least wrong and at worst debilitating, possibly fatal, to mother and fetus. Ask women with hyperemesis gravidarum if 'marijuana' is harmful to pregnant women.

What's harmful to young people is being scapegoated as the cause for the world's most harmful government policy while being intentionally tempted by the "forbidden fruit" effect created by prohibition. If the government really want to stop the marijuana trade, all they'd have to do is grow industrial hemp in abundance, and all the outdoor pot would get seeded. No more black market, no more teen abuse, no more gangs growing plantations in our wilderness areas. And many other problems solved.

Shame on anyone who believes in the so-called "drug war" as other than an anti-Constitutional, revenue raising scheme, empowering people selling expensive solutions that don't work to solve problems that are evermore profitable. Will someone please help me Wake up America. Cannabis isn't illegal, it's essential.

We have nothing to fear but the atmosphere itself. Time is the limiting factor in the equation of survival. Cannabis is unique AND essential, valuable beyond the rightful jurisdiction of any court. Our freedom to farm every herbbearing seed is the first test of religious freedom.

Reverend Roger Christie has been denied bail in Hawaii.

This is outrageous, thuggish and an unacceptable violation of our "first freedom"

and the Church Arson Prevention Act of 1996

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Our right to right to freely evolve the spiritual dimensions of culture

The following started as a letter to Tommy an earlier version of which I sent to him this morning, but really this ought to concern everyone...

Dear "We the People of the United States of America"

I thought you & folks you know might like to help me help Roger Christie get out of prison. Roger is being held without bail in a case that will eventually reclaim our First Amendment right to freely celebrate the spiritual dimensions culture. At the same time, the case reintroduces the question of rightful jurisdiction over "every herb bearing seed" -- in particular, the most nutritious, healing and industrially valuable organic crop on Earth -- for reintegration into U.S. agricultural rotations and as a feed-stock for sustainable energy production and "Gaiatherapeutic" industries.

This is an epic court contest, not to be missed or misunderstood. Roger is taking it to the limit for our religious rights and the fundamental freedom to an agricultural free market -- all at the same time!

Most importantly, Roger is sincere in his spiritual reverence for Cannabis, as demonstrated in his life and work. The fact that he has openly defied an unjust law for more than twenty years ought to afford him at least the right of bail. His biography is fascinating,

"What Eisler calls a partnership spiritually is integral to this shift. Those that are seeking spiritual guidance must be able to open their minds, and hearts to what is around them. Cannabis helps us reach deep into our spiritual awareness, and with that we can find the truth in all things." -- RC

Roger Christie

Can you help us?
Please call me anytime.

for more info,
Free Roger Christie

Roger's attorney's name is Matthew Winter

Blest rushes,