Sunday, August 1, 2010

Our right to right to freely evolve the spiritual dimensions of culture

The following started as a letter to Tommy an earlier version of which I sent to him this morning, but really this ought to concern everyone...

Dear "We the People of the United States of America"

I thought you & folks you know might like to help me help Roger Christie get out of prison. Roger is being held without bail in a case that will eventually reclaim our First Amendment right to freely celebrate the spiritual dimensions culture. At the same time, the case reintroduces the question of rightful jurisdiction over "every herb bearing seed" -- in particular, the most nutritious, healing and industrially valuable organic crop on Earth -- for reintegration into U.S. agricultural rotations and as a feed-stock for sustainable energy production and "Gaiatherapeutic" industries.

This is an epic court contest, not to be missed or misunderstood. Roger is taking it to the limit for our religious rights and the fundamental freedom to an agricultural free market -- all at the same time!

Most importantly, Roger is sincere in his spiritual reverence for Cannabis, as demonstrated in his life and work. The fact that he has openly defied an unjust law for more than twenty years ought to afford him at least the right of bail. His biography is fascinating,

"What Eisler calls a partnership spiritually is integral to this shift. Those that are seeking spiritual guidance must be able to open their minds, and hearts to what is around them. Cannabis helps us reach deep into our spiritual awareness, and with that we can find the truth in all things." -- RC

Roger Christie

Can you help us?
Please call me anytime.

for more info,
Free Roger Christie

Roger's attorney's name is Matthew Winter

Blest rushes,