Friday, May 15, 2009

Letter to Governor in Sacramento Bee

Dear Governor Schwarzenegger,

Doesn't it seem to you like there's a piece of the puzzle missing, like California is playing solitaire with a deck of 51? In truth, that's precisely what's happening.

California is an agricultural cornucopia. But organic agriculture and the free market are incomplete, and cease to function, without the benefits world's most useful, nutritious, healing agricultural resource. What if Cannabis were too valuable to be truly illegal? Wouldn't that simplify the State's problems immensely?

We could farm hemp and grow marijuana openly, without punishment for cultivation or use. If people abused pot, then they could be treated according to their need, whether by treatment or legal penalty. The economics of prohibition are invariable. Corruption, violence, black market...How can you continue to ignore what's so commonly known?

Identified as a "strategic resource" in Executive Order 12919, Cannabis is prohibited merely because (supposedly) cops can't tell "rope" from "dope." The absurdity of concurrently classifying hemp as a crop that's critical to national security, and as a Schedule One drug amounts to criminal negligence.

Please consider the unique and essential value of Cannabis agriculture, manufacture and trade, the counter-productive effects of the drug war, and the ancient traditions that honor religion and farming as inseparable. In fact, our right to farm Cannabis is protected by the First Amendment, if we are truly, proportionately grateful for the harvest.

The freedom to farm "every herb bearing seed" is the first test of religious freedom. Cannabis is valuable beyond the rightful jurisdiction of any court. Time is the limiting factor in the equation of survival.

Cannabis sis the only crop that produces food and fuel from the same harvest. Cannabis produces 58 monoterpenes that go up into the atmosphere and reflect solar radiation away from the plant, while seeding cloud formation and making rain.

To ignore the true value of Cannabis potentiates extinction. Cannabis is neither dangerous nor illegal -- it is in fact, unique and essential to sustainable existence on this planet.

The most direct route to ending prohibition is essential civilian demand. I would sincerely appreciate it if your office would provide me with the proper protocol for exercising essential civilian demand for industrial hemp.

I think the debate regarding hemp agriculture is of an even greater immediate urgency, and has enormous potential for state funding compared with the contentious and emotional issue of marijuana.

Marijuana problems would all be is simply remedied by allowing everyone to grow outdoors. Indoor cultivation would no longer be cost effective and a major consumer of electricity shut down by the free market. The product of artificial light and chemical intensive growing techniques lacks the CBDs that balance the THC. Indoor cultivation is a perversion of the herb. which otherwise needs no chemicals to thrive.

The world's oldest global agrarian culture doesn't need permission to exist from an economically insolvent, morally bankrupt, dysfunctional government. Unless respect for nature and a spiritual dimension are reintroduced into all dimensions of human society, then our species will not see the end of this century.

The sooner we wake up to the real value of Cannabis, the better our chances for avoiding synergistic collapse. If you would like my help in navigating this issue, I am ready to offer you 18 years of Cannabis scholarship and international communications experience pertaining to this subject from every conceivable aspect.

Healing Strategy for the War on People

The following is the personalized letter sent to US "drug czar" Gil Kerlikowske from the DPA website at

The drug czar said he "wants to banish the idea that the U.S. is fighting 'a war on drugs.'" Urge him to back up the rhetoric by supporting real policy change....

Dear Gil,

I am relieved to learn that you reject the counter-productive idea of a "war on drugs." I trust that your demonstrated commitment to compassionate justice and reason goes deeper than a simple change in terminology. It is past time for meaningful policy change: an exit strategy for the drug war is a majority supported national imperative. There is much healing to be done from the harms created by a prolonged, failed policy.

It will take innovative thinking to get us out of the mess created by the policies of the last several decades, and a wide range of solutions should be up for debate. I urge you to put ALL ideas on the table, including letting people grow as much Cannabis as they want.

The "forbidden fruit" aspect of Cannabis is what creates the problems, from the black market to teen marijuana abuse. In Holland, where marijuana is grown, sold and used without government interference, teen use is a fraction of what it is in the US and other intolerant countries.

When is this administration going to acknowledge the true value of Cannabis agriculture, as Dennis Kucinich and Ron Paul have done? How can you continue to ban the world's most useful organic agricultural resource, in the midst of economic collapse, just because cops can't tell rope from dope?

Shame on you for turning your backs on the immense sacrifices made for freedom. Our forefathers didn't die for the freedom to complain. Shame on you for disregarding the rights of the world's people to grow and eat the most healthful seed on Earth. Shame on you for stalling the end of prohibition when the future of this planet could depend on how much Cannabis we grow, how fast.

The administration is off to a good start with its support for ending federal raids on medical marijuana patients, fixing the crack/powder cocaine sentencing disparity, and repealing the federal ban on syringe exchange funding.

However, I remain concerned because so far, there has been more talk than action. Medical marijuana raids have continued and the syringe ban is still in the budget President Obama submitted to Congress.

Please back up your call for an end to the war on drugs by considering bold policy changes that will end this misguided war in practice, not just in name.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Lawful rebellion - Confronting the treasonous State.

A constitution is not the act of a government,
but of a people constituting a government,
and a government without a constitution is power without right …
A constitution is a thing antecedent to a government,
and a government is only the creature
of a constitution.

Thomas Paine, 1792

If the U.S. Constitution is still in force, then individual freedom of religion must continue to function. The First Amendment is the cornerstone of every freedom we have. Our individual freedom to farm "every herb bearing seed" is the first test of religious freedom.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Dolphin economics to end the "drug war"

As a first-generation, "citizen of the world" (an honor conveyed by Russian ancestry, a decade living in Europe, and the heartful empathy implanted in my soul by grassroots travel & digital communication), I appreciate being invited to contribute a North Californian perspective into the European discourse. At the base of a global energy presence, Mount Shasta's immensity implies everyone being connected to everywhere.

So many of the counter-productive policies that burden Europe originate in the Unites States, and must end here in order to end "over there." I am working to revaluate Cannabis agriculture, manufacture and trade, for purposes of transcending prohibition of a "strategic food resource."

Please help me by considering the final arguments leading the world back to our Freedom to Farm "every herb bearing seed." Freedom to farm "every herb bearing seed...and every green herb" are the first two tests of religious freedom.

Cannabis is unique and essential to our survival for several reasons. Primarily because Cannabis is the only crop that produces a complete food and several biofuels FROM THE SAME HARVEST. Abundant, organic biofuels manufacture on a hyper-efficient regional scale, and the benefits of increased carbon sequestration/oxygen production could accompany essential food production, not be exclusive of it. Global food security and malnutrition, SOLVED! Fuel production and atmospheric carbon imbalances- SOLVED! Pollution from non-biodegradable plastics -- SOLVED!

Cannabis agriculture also produces an abundance of atmospheric "monoterpenes" that reflect solar radiation away from the Earth and seed cloud formation with biogenic volatile organic compounds (BVOCs). With 58 monoterpenes and possessing one of the most efficient and globally available solar collectors (the hemp leaf), Cannabis presents an "inconvenient solution" whose global cultivation is in proportion to the problems we face. There is no more cost-effective and time-efficient way to re-stabilize the Earth's atmosphere. Both global warming and global broiling by UV-B need to be acted upon immediately.

Climate destabilization is related to economic instability, food insecurity and social upheaval on a scale that is unimaginable. Time is the limiting factor in the equation of survival. Cannabis freedom is the best choice for averting synergistic collapse of environment, economics and social structures.

The only reason industrial hemp isn't grown in the US and by UN dominated countries is that the police can't tell the difference between the non-psychoactive industrial strains and marijuana. This is not credible excuse to cripple the world's most useful and nutritious crop. Marijuana plants are given plenty of room, planted six to twelve feet apart. Industrial hemp are spaced two to twenty-four inches apart.

In addition, low-THC strains of hemp will cross-pollinated with marijuana and reduce the price of it on the black market. If people were serious about reducing consumption of marijuana, then take the profit out of it and stop making it a "forbidden fruit."

The economic inertia and persistent social prejudice against Cannabis seems to be keeping the world stuck on a self-destructive trajectory. To revaluate Cannabis agriculture, manufacture and trade in our own minds, will allow us to recognize spirituality in the land-based equivalent of highly evolved "Dolphin Economics."

"You help me help you help everyone" is how I think of it. If even half of the people who want the "drug war" to end were to send me a penny, I could end prohibition tomorrow, by digital "essential civilian demand." All that's needed is for everyone to say the same thing at the same time. It's a lot cheaper to do that than you might think.

Essential civilian demand for unique and essential resources is an obligation that this generation has to our children and future generations. If the world demands Cannabis freedom, the leaders will have to follow. If we continue to play the game as it is being served up, then our species will not see the end of this century.

Monday, May 4, 2009

How then, do we create that Sacred Zone?

"How then, do we create that Sacred Zone? It starts, as it must, with the end of Mountain Removal."

A Sacred Zone is a brilliant concept.* They are absolutely what needs to happen -- everywhere. Recognizing the Earth as a great, contiguous blessing that we've all been gifted, is key to the survival of our species. Gratitude for the gift is a necessary component for proper stewardship of it.

I believe that the process for ending Mountain Top removal begins with the immediate devaluation of coal. Recognizing the true value of coal as nil, in the context of cheap, available regionally distributed alternative fuel sources, will stop the extraction of coal. Proportionate respect for true costs and dangers of extractive resource economics means eliminating those industries that potentiate extinction. If there were available alternatives to coal, people wouldn't mine it. The fact is there is an alternative to coal that has been suppressed for so long, that people no longer even consider it an option: Industrial hemp -- How bad do things have to get before all solutions are considered?

Hemp agriculture is critical to producing abundant organic biofuels AND highly nutritious food -- FROM THE SAME HARVEST! People who criticize biofuels because they are concerned about food security would be reminded about hemp.

Seeds for protein-rich food and stalks for biomass ethanol, cellulosic hydrogen, pyrolytic charcoal fuels, grown organically, sustainably, with multiple agronomic benefits. All that needs to change is our spiritual regard and essential respect for the world's most useful and nutritionally complete agricultural resource.

What used to be considered "environmental externalities," dismissed as unquantifiable and therefore not counted at all, are coming to be recognized as critical components of a very delicate system upon which all life depends. Quality of life, an unpolluted environment, the value of peace all matter in ways that ultimately determine the existence of the human economics that fails to take them into account.

Time is the limiting factor in the equation of survival. Every springtime that passes is gone forever.

Unless We the People reclaim the ancient relationship of respect and gratitude that has existed between religion and agriculture, our spiritual bankruptcy will prove a greater threat than economic insolvency.

*Thanks and much respect to Van Jones and Bob Kincaid

Sunday, May 3, 2009

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In addition to all of this great info, consider that the freedom to farm "every herb bearing seed" is the first test of religious freedom. The First Amendment protects our individual freedom of religion. You don't need to join a "church" to have religious freedom. The ancient precedents set by Cannabis agriculture, establish Cannabis as critical to the evolution of our species.

Cannabis could be accepted as legal tomorrow, if my e-book goes viral...

: ) )-*******s*m*i*l*e********

Check out my blog and my films. Buy an e-book! Pass it on!

Among other insights that can help to free you from prohibition right now are:

We have nothing to fear but the atmosphere itself! There is no money on a burned out planet! There is no law or happiness, or children or anything that we hold dear.

The world's oldest global culture doesn't need permission from a dysfunctional government to survive! Reclaiming our spiritual relationship with Nature over-rules all corrupted courts.

A "strategic food resource" (Executive Order 12919) can't possibly be concurrently classified as a Schedule One drug (DEA).

Laws being broken by the government can most efficiently be resolved through "essential civilian demand." No more time and money needs to be expended to pass new laws.

The power of the truth is greater than any of us can comprehend.

The heart-break of synergistic collapse is worse than any of us can imagine.

The possibility of global healing is closer than it's ever been, because conditions are potentiating extinction more proximately than ever.

I've been invited back to present at Hempfest in Seattle this year. If you're fed up with 'marijuana' prohibition, then let's all pull together to reclaim everyone's Individual First Amendment right to Cannabis.

for peace,