Sunday, September 15, 2013

Formal public announcement of "essential civilian demand"

Dr. Daniel Susott and Paul von Hartmann September 2013: Formal public announcement of "essential civilian demand" [1] for a"strategic" [1] "herb bearing seed" [2] "of first necessity to the wealth and protection of our country"[3] by power of religious freedom. [4, 5]

1. Executive Order 13603
2. Holy Bible, Genesis 1:29-31
3. Thomas Jefferson, hemp farmer, seed smuggler
4. United States Constitution, First Amendment
5. Universal Declaration of Human Rights

Dr. Daniel Susott and Paul von Hartmann September 2013

Dr. Daniel Susott, MD, MPH
Paul von Hartmann
6:10- 22:26


Honorable Judge Ruth S. Astle, and Deputy Attorney General Jane Zack Simon, Governor Brown and other responsible parties,

I am herewith returning, unsigned, the document you sent pertaining to the request for surrender of my California State medical l
icense. I am more than willing to sign an amended document, and resolve procedural issues you have raised regarding misconduct by people whom I entrusted, contingent upon the formal commitment by the Attorney General's office to address specific scheduling contradictions and national security issues raised in testimony by Mr. Paul J. von Hartmann, who testified at my the hearing on August 26th, 2013. 

National security issues raised by Mr. von Hartmann are directly relevant to the State and Federal scheduling of Cannabis that determine the procedures. The confounding and contradictory assessment of value identifying Cannabis as a "strategic resource" in Executive Order 13603 (President Obama, March 16, 2012) are more in line with my personal knowledge, the overwhelming majority of credible published research and my own international professional experience in other cultures that view Cannabis as an herb rather than a drug, used safely for millennia as medicine, food, and sacrament.

It would be antithetical and spiritually comprimising for me to go along with the current, fraudulent, "untenable" scheduling of the "herb" Cannabis, in light of what I know about the safety and efficacy of Cannabis. Even the DEA's own Administrative Law Judge Francis Young has ruled it "unreasonable, arbitrary and capricious" to conclude that the herbal therapeutic in question is properly and responsibly a "Schedule One drug." 

As a medical professional and a moral human being, it is my duty and responsibility to formally challenge erroneous scheduling of Cannabis that interferes with the best interests of my patients and of society. In consideration of the unacceptable harms imposed by improper scheduling of Cannabis, and the national security issues raised by Mr. von Hartmann, I have no choice but to ask the Honorable Judge Astle to defer surrender of my medical license until the national security issues and contradictions in proper scheduling, raised in testimony, are responsibly addressed. [1]

Thank you sincerely for your understanding, consideration and cooperation in doing what is in the best interest of my patients, and every living creature on this planet.

Sincerely yours,

Dr. Daniel Susott , MD, MPH


Dr. Daniel C Susott, MD, MPH

1. Increasing UV-B radiation at the earth's surface and potential effects on aqueous mercury cycling and toxicity.