Monday, January 16, 2023

“Spherical economics”

“Spherical economics” ~ Earth-healing values for “Gaiatherapeutic” industry

Definition: A “spherical” economic perspective prioritizes functional respect for Nature over industry profits.


In a “spherical economy” environmental toxins and environmentally destructive industrial practices have negative value. Conversely, time-sensitive environmental services are assigned positive economic value. 

For example, when a unit of paper is produced from hemp, the value of the trees that were not needed to be cut to produce that paper is calculated into the value of the hemp paper; along with the carbon, oxygen and terpene values associated with organic Cannabis farming. 

Integrated complexity obscures mankind’s full understanding of global systems and processes comprising the Natural Order. Vast mystery inspires proportionate awe, commanding cautious respect. 

To intentionally modify integrated systems without  understanding or proportionate regard for unintended consequences is reckless beyond criminality. 

Even today, mankind continues to disrespect integrated systems upon which our future depends in the interest of obsolete impacted industries riding the economic inertia of the status quo. 

Cutting down forests to make paper is sheer madness. Consuming ecosystems turned into toxic energy and manufacturing generating “Gaiacidal” materials knowingly subverts natural relationships that are essential to maintaining functional integrity in Earth’s atmosphere, soil, water, air and wildlife. 

In the past few decades, humanity has become increasingly aware of how close we are to inevitable ecological “ripping points,” from which recovery isn’t possible. Social and economic imbalances are increasing concurrently, as the possibility of nuclear annihilation looms, at the whim of fossil fuels 

enriched, warmongering global industrialists. 

At what point does the pointless absurdity of mankind’s current dominant social evolutionary trajectory run out of illusory value? The hologram of value currently represented in human economic markets is disingenuous. The foreseeable terminus has rendered mankind’s previously accepted values functionally obsolete. In the absence of crucial systemic relationships being eroded by increasing demand, inefficiency and consumption, a non-linear extinction level event becomes increasingly likely.

Integrated environmental services that were once dismissed by industry as inconvenient, “unquantifiable externalities,” burdensome to the bottom line & inconvenient for centralized control; have become urgent national security priorities in every nation, with limited time running out at an accelerating rate.

Fortunately, in “The Tree of Life” there is Nature’s biogenic herbal remedy, that may yet be effective in helping mankind to avert the ripping point of irreversible systemic collapse. If a timely, proportionate, organic agricultural response is initiated before this Spring in 2023, the world may yet have time to coordinate with Nature for the eventual healing of the Earth, and mankind’s peaceful social evolution. 

It is in everyone’s best interest to heal the planet, and secure regional natural resources providing complete essential nutrition, while providing abundant, clean energy. There’s only ONE crop that does all of those things, from the same organic harvest, in more countries, in the shortest span of time, with the greatest environmental & agronomic benefits: 

Human physiology depends upon our Endogenous Cannabinoid System for optimum health & proper development. Federally recognized in the U.S. as a “strategic resource” since 1942, “hemp” is essential for complete essential nutrition, providing food & energy security in every country where it can be grown. 

Cannabis is uniquely, essentially nutritious, not dangerous or undesirable until it’s made “illegal.” Cannabis is mankind’s functional interface with the Earth’s Natural Order.

The evolution of revolution is revaluation.

It’s time to think outside the bong about Cannabis. Integrated natural systems require mankind’s immediate return to responsible stewardship. 

Objective assessment and logic are needed regarding mankind’s choices of the natural resources we have to work with in supplying industry with optimally “Gaiatherapeutic” industrial feedstocks. 

On land & sea, natural systems are under persistent chemical attack. Conditions of radical contamination and imbalance in dynamic systems has become commonplace. Entire regions of the Ocean are expanding “dead zones.”

Extreme contamination of Earth’s hydrologic cycle has rendered further manufacture and consumption of endocrine disrupting “forever chemicals” functionally obsolete. Reproductive systems in man, plants & animals are being impacted.

Mankind’s long term industrial production increasingly depends upon our achieving cooperative, symbiotic relationship within Earth’s highly evolved systems. Earth-healing, “Gaiatherapeutic industry” is more immediately essential to mankind’s functional integrity within the Natural Order than it has ever been.

Two hundred years ago, the native people lived in functional balance and harmony with Nature. What was taken, with spiritually-founded gratitude, did not deplete Mother’s bounty nor upset her balance. 

The lives of game animals were essential for survival. People honored the necessities of life as blessings, generously bestowed by a benevolent universal spirit. Mythologies were created to conceptualize respect for natural manifestations of apparent mystic influence. The Earth, Sun, Moon and stars were seen as ancient kin, spiritual ambassadors of gods, held in justifiable awe & passionate reverence. 

No part of brother buffalo ‘Tatonka’ was wasted. Salmon were deified in reverential recognition of their foundational importance to human survival. 

Multi-dimensional, entheogenic experiences further broadened mankind’s elevated regard and consideration of human existence, inspiring visions, dreams and profound philosophical insights. Life was worshipped for its ability to give life. Fecundity was life’s precious alchemy of Creation insuring survival. Nature was exalted and respected for giving insights into dimensions of existence greater than ourselves.

Eventually, dishonesty, greed & avarice achieved political dominance through skullduggery; creating the gods of money, celebrated in our own image & indulgences, elevating egos, personal wealth & status above consideration of Mother Earth. “Modern” industrial avarice has long since displaced spiritual respect for Nature. Eliminating hemp from the free market warped human values as other toxic resources & practices were elevated to fill the void of industrial feedstocks created by legislation.

In the prohibition of Cannabis, a sacred & spiritual being was subjugated through falsehood, prejudice & technology. 

Her genus name ceased being capitalized. The sacred goddess spirit embodied in “The Tree of Life” was coldly whored to industry, and remains so to this day.

Even though the Christian God’s first commandment was quoted, repeated twice in “every herb” as mankind’s meat (Genesis 1:29-31), we continue to live in conditions of epidemic scarcity and malnutrition.

Without the added dimension of moral accountability, “circular economies” can still steamroll over ancient, spiritually inclusive “spherical” value systems.  Contrived “credit offsets” excuse and defer corporate crimes against Nature and humanity.

Concern for future generations is still being dismissed, delayed and relegated to marginalized groups, labeled “anti-progressive,” and “environmental extremists,” characterized as “tree-hugging” purveyors of “gloom & doom.” 

When Nature’s mysteries of intangible systemic integrity became inconvenient to production, they were deemed “unquantifiable externalities.” The quality of life that depends upon systemic balance was subordinated in deference to unbridled “progress,” yielding maximum short-sighted profit. 

Over time, mankind’s loss of respect for Nature has become increasingly virulent, allowing competing market interests to dominate, wielding ever-increasing political influence to impose control through resource misvaluation. 

Respect for Nature includes properly assessing the value of natural resources we have to work with, in a context prioritizing respect for ancient, established, integrated natural systems.

Unevenly distributed fossil fuels deposits afford centralized pockets of energy production, leading to unnatural disparity of wealth. When farming of hemp was banned, the most globally available and abundant vegetable protein and biofuels feedstock was removed from the “ free market.”Patterns of energy production were established and impacted by “drug” policies against a “strategic” “herb.” 

Military industries flourished, needed to secure access to unevenly distributed energy resources. 

In the absence of Respect for Nature, Earth-killing, “Gaiacidal” industries have displaced & supplanted an Earth-healing alternative. Wealth disparity has achieved dangerous extremes through ruthless media manipulation of markets and human values. 

Wealth has been glamorized over respect for Nature. Global conferences to decide the fate of Earth’s future unnecessarily consume obscene quantities of toxic resources in meaningless time-wasting inefficiency.

Resources that can be controlled by the wealthy few are subsidized by governments. Cannabis hemp, which cannot be centralized & controlled is over-regulated, suppressed & banned. There is no mystery or ambiguity regarding our ecological predicament. As long as problems are allowed to generate profit, they will continue to be created by intention.

It is inconceivable that mankind’s selection of industrial feedstocks has expanded beyond reason to include self-destructive poisons. Modern industry consumes natural resources whose functional environmental significance supersedes material values placed upon the commodities manufactured from them.

Among the most egregious examples of this perverse dynamic is found in mankind’s production of paper. Even though the boreal forests have long been celebrated for their critically important environmental services as the “lungs of the Earth,” half of the world’s boreal forests have been cut down or died from pest infestations in the past seventy years. 80% of the forests were rendered into paper products using chemical-intensive, toxic industrial processes. 

Big mistake. All of those paper products could have been made better, at less cost, with less pollution, using organically grown hemp. Compared with paper made from trees, an acre of hemp is estimated to produce four times the volume of paper, using a fraction of the processing chemicals.

While “circular economics” has been introduced in response to problems of manufacturing, reuse & waste disposal, “forever chemicals” and ubiquitous, environmentally persistent plastics have nevertheless become imbedded within Earth’s hydrology. A spherical Earth-first perspective has become increasingly urgent and  necessary.

Time is the only thing we can’t make more of. Time is the limiting factor in the equation of survival. Time is the NFT of the 21st century.

On a planet threatened with systemic collapse, the value of money is linked to the time & efficiency it buys. A rich man with one minute to live is not wealthy at all. 

A circular economic model maps out patterns of human industry that are pointed in the right direction, though in my understanding of it, the dimensions of time & spirituality seem to be left out of the modern “circular” industrial model. 

Circular production dynamics are inherent to spherical economics. Expanded dimensions of time and morally accountable responsibility orient toward global harmony and a livable future for subsequent generations of all life. The absence of corporate accountability for environmental harms would not be possible in a spherical value system.

Past mistakes continue to compound. Dangerous absurdities ricocheting over decades of profitable dysfunction, metastasize into radical systemic imbalance, threatening every creature on Earth with an unthinkable future. 

Respect for Nature is revealed as an urgent element that has been missing from mankind’s industrial evolution. Respect for Nature has become essential for recovering global systemic balance in the time we may have left to make a difference.

Conditions of imbalance are at dangerous extremes and getting worse at an accelerating rate. The window of opportunity is closing for mankind to make a difference in our collective fate.  

Doing the right things too late achieves the same undesirable result as doing the wrong things. The longer we hesitate in initiating Cannabis-inclusive strategies to heal Earth’s atmosphere, soil, water, air and wildlife, the smaller become mankind’s chances for survival.

Two hundred years ago people used the animals they hunted for more than just food. Every part of a buffalo, deer, elk, and antelope were used in some way. Functionality determined value. Spiritually charged gratitude was culturally imbedded into indigenous traditions and sacred practices. Sincere gratitude was an individual’s direct line to the divine. 

In our time, the Cannabis plant has become unique in its ability to provide essential nutrition and other “strategic” commodities, simultaneous with time-limited critically essential environmental services. Cannabis is the only crop that produces complete essential nutrition and abundant, clean energy from the same organic harvest; as it simultaneously heals Earth’s atmosphere, soil, water, air and wildlife; while redistributing the true wealth of the world.

Objective consideration of Cannabis values demands an end to institutional foolishness. The patina of misinformation and hysteria that has surrounded hemp, has clouded rational thought and undermined farm & garden policy for more than eight decades.

Vast herds of buffalo provided abundance for native peoples for thousands of years. In the sea, fish were plentiful, food for Cetaceans, man and other predators.  

If mankind is to survive, we must expand the arable base by growing a non-invasive pioneer crop that produces the abundance of protein, energy, paper, building materials, cloth, etc. needed to satisfy the needs of a growing global population. 

Because environmental conditions and systemic relationships are changing at an accelerating rate, the urgency of properly assessing the increasing value of time is growing as well. 

If there is a crop that makes better use of the time we may have left to make a difference, then the value of that crop includes both the material goods manufactured from the industrial feedstocks produced, as well as the time values of environmental services associated with organic cultivation of a resource that is beneficial to the functional integrity of the Natural Order.

Like the buffalo, every part of the hemp plant has functional value. If done properly, there is zero waste or pollution. Many products of higher quality than currently being produced, at less cost, with more environmental benefit from Cannabis, accompanied by many environmental benefits associated with its cultivation. 

Serving mankind’s essential needs while supporting Nature’s systemic integrity, qualifies Cannabis as mankind’s functional interface with the Earth’s Natural Order. There is no other crop that fulfills all of the requirements needed for a livable future. Cannabis is uniquely essential, the sacred Tatanka of our time.

Without a Cannabis hemp-inclusive free market, our species can never achieve sustainable existence on this planet. Government regulation of Cannabis has proved to be as harmful as the disastrous pandemic response, over a much longer time period.

A spherical economic perspective affords clear, objective natural resource assessments. Without a doubt, hemp processing and utilization are required on a scale that is in proportion to the vast tracts of boreal forests and inconceivable expanses of marine phytoplankton lost in the past seventy years. 

There’s need for a comprehensive, realistic agricultural resource revaluation before this Spring planting season in 2023.

A polar shift in Cannabis  value from “illegal” to essential is urgently needed, for mankind to achieve timely transition into “spherical” Earth-healing industry production models, in time to make a difference.

“Gaiatherapeutic industry” is meant to characterize mankind’s value systems that are healing to the Earth. Imbuing industry with a morally accountable  Respect for Nature eliminates incalculable, disruptive imbalances, increases efficiency, while stabilizing long term regional and global  systems.

The world can no longer afford armed conflict. Wars have escalated to the threat of global annihilation. Self-destruction is functionally obsolete. To squander what time and resources we have left on wars-for-oil  is as pointless as a fist fight on the Titanic. 

Aligning mankind’s economic values with Nature integrates appropriately urgent intention with consciously evolving symbiotic, Earth-healing “Gaiatherapeutic” industries.

Spherical Value Systems

  1. Ecological values of benefit to Earth’s atmosphere, soil, water, air & wildlife supersede selfish interests.
  2. Quality of Life values are identified by equitable resource availability potentiating a peaceful human social order.
  3. Agronomic values add  benefit through crop rotations & companion planting.
  4. Acknowledging ancient, historically and traditionally foundational concepts of kinship with all life, #RespectForNature is elevated from a trivial “unquantifiable externality” to its proper stature as a “strategic priority.”
  5. Traditional utilitarian values of quality in manufactured products influence feedstock production.
  6. Proper valuation of available resources is as important as responsible stewardship and repair of Earth’s Natural Order. 
  7. Working with Nature to heal Nature has several advantages over short-sighted geoengineering schemes, already engendering conflict.

“Economic Sphere: A set of relations of people, arising from the creation and movement of material goods.”

Time without money is more valuable than money without time.

Nature bites last. 

You can run out of money & then become wealthy again. When you run out of time, you’re done, no matter how much money you have.

You can have all the money in the world but if you only have a minute to live in a healthy world, then what’s truly valuable?

“Spherical Economics” looks at four dimensions of human market values & benefits of industry. 

1. Choice industrial feedstocks 

2. Choice of energy production technology 

3. Agricultural methods




Production efficiency based In Biomimicry 

Regional energy’s societal benefits

Consumption efficiency: 

Reuse, repurpose, recycle, compost, remineralize,

Thursday, December 15, 2022

Respect for Nature: No GMO

 Respect for Nature: No GMO

“If Nature doesn’t do it, people shouldn’t do it.” is the essence of Respect For Nature. Responsible stewardship of the #NaturalOrder requires humility in the wake of incomprehensible millions of years of evolution. 

What’s known for certain is that all life systems are connected. Tinkering with genetics just because we can and some people want to, is wildly irresponsible, dangerously stupid & completely unnecessary. Disrespecting Nature disrespects what many people refer to as “God.” 

There is no rightful authority that can violate the Natural Order without trespassing on the spiritual rights of people who recognize the inherent wisdom & sanctity of Nature, even though others may not give any value to “spiritual externalities.”

Compromising the integrity of systems poorly understood, upon which everyone’s wellbeing depends now and into the future, is a fundamental attack against all life on Earth. 

Humanity teeters on the brink between nuclear annihilation & irreversible systemic collapse, precisely because we have failed to respect Nature in favor of profit, control, & convenience. There’s always a price to pay for convenience. Our children will likely be paying that price, on a debt being racked up by their parents.

Tuesday, December 13, 2022

Race to Armageddon

 Race to Armageddon 

I’ve been wondering for decades, which of the apocalyptic threats humans have been creating will be the first to manifest global annihilation, extinguishing all life from this planet; And, how much more time may we have left to make a difference, if it’s not too late already. 

As it is, we may not have too much longer to wait before we find out. The race to extinction between nuclear holocaust and non-linear extinction level events seems closer than ever. 

There’s the war in Ukraine, with nuclear sabers rattling, ominously mobilizing & strategically repositioning. 

In the meantime, the threat of irreversible systemic collapse looms ever larger as environmental conditions deteriorate and wildlife disappears. 

Combining mankind’s environmental terrorism with unbridled armed conflict results in sudden, unpredictable realities, like melting clathrate deposits in the Arctic, and methane gushing from the Nordstream pipeline.

Genetic modification is poisoning the food chain at fundamental levels, as  scientists pretend to understand the integrated systems with which we are being experimented upon.

“If #Nature doesn’t do it, people shouldn’t do it.” is the essence of #RespectForNature.

Responsible stewardship of the #NaturalOrder requires humility in the wake of incomprehensible millions of years of evolution. What’s known for certain is that all life systems are connected.

Tinkering with genetics just because we can and some people want to, is wildly irresponsible, dangerously stupid & completely unnecessary. Disrespecting Nature disrespects what many people refer to as “God.” 

There is no rightful authority that can violate the Natural Order without trespassing on the spiritual rights of people who recognize the inherent wisdom & sanctity of Nature, even though others may not give any value to “spiritual externalities.”

Compromising the integrity of systems poorly understood, upon which everyone’s wellbeing depends now and into the future, is a fundamental attack against all life on Earth. 

Humanity teeters on the brink between nuclear annihilation & irreversible systemic collapse, precisely because we have failed to respect Nature in favor of profit, control, & convenience. There’s always a price to pay for convenience. Our children will likely be paying that price, on a debt being racked up by their parents.

Before the #Cannabis #hemp industry is polluted with GM cultivars seeking to control the multi-trillion dollar energy market, people must begin to

“Just Say No!” to #GMhemp, before we are awash in genetically modified seed, corresponding chemical inputs & toxic pollen.

Friday, April 1, 2022

Responding to the UN FAO Food Security & Nutrition Forum’s Open Call (1)

“What are your experiences in the use and application of the CFS Principles for Responsible Investment in Agriculture and Food Systems (CFS-RAI) for improving food security and nutrition?” 


My experience, over the past twenty years that I’ve been offering practical suggestions in the UN FAO’s FSN forum regarding application of the CFS-RAI has been dominated by consummate frustration in having offered time-limited solutions to actively destabilizing, compounding global problems, without seeing a proportionate, timely response to rapidly worsening conditions. 

The ‘Tree of Life’ Solution to Global Extinction

Solutions are simple. It’s the problems that are complicated. But time is running out for any measures that might work. 

Uniquely effective, essential and painfully obvious solutions to systemic imbalances have been subjugated, overlooked and internationally ignored for decades. A very small “window of opportunity” for healing this planet is getting smaller,  closing at an accelerating rate. Collapse of the entire human social order could come at any minute with the intentional or accidental exchange of nuclear missiles. 

Collapse of Earth’s integrated natural systems could likewise come at any second; in unforeseen, “non-linear extinction level events” that we’ve been warned of repeatedly by the IPCC, since 2014. (2)

Global governance seems entranced in rote repetition of entrenched, extinctionistic economic patterns, propping-up status quo illusions of toxic value; wielding impacted, obsolete, dysfunctional & degenerate control systems; rather than initiating timely, innovative, uniquely effective, responsible, coordinated global action to address dangerously unstable human economic & natural systems. 

To rebalance mankind’s extreme conditions of essential resource disparity is only possible if we use the singularly effective, biogenic strategy that works with Nature to heal natural systems in the time we may have left to make a difference. (8)

Time is the limiting factor in the equation of survival. Time is the only thing we can’t make more of. Time is the NFT of the 21st century.

With the catastrophic deaths of 50% of the world’s boreal forests and marine phytoplankton in the past seventy years, Cannabis hemp has become mankind’s functional interface with the Natural Order that sustains all life on Earth.

Working with Nature to heal Nature is not optional. Doing the right thing too late achieves the same undesirable, extinctionistic result as doing the wrong things will. 

Humanity has precious little time left to fix what we’ve broken. It’s 2022; it’s not 1975 anymore. There is no time left to waste, no room for error, and no time left to delay a global, organic agricultural campaign to heal Earth’s atmosphere of increasing solar UV-B radiation.

Ignoring the most obvious course of action with the greatest possibility of success has yielded no viable alternative strategies, either agricultural or technological. Biogenic, “Gaiatherapeutic” (i.e. Earth-healing) strategies that offer some possible, realistic chance of succeeding in resolving the most fundamental threats to all life on Earth in the time we may have left to make a difference are still not being discussed. COP 26 excluded hemp from the UN Climate Conference, as though we have time to be snobby about solutions.

Time, money and Human Resources are being squandered as people and institutions in positions of influence continue to steer us all toward irreversible, violent systemic collapse, before the middle of this century.

By the time “cascading systems failures” become obvious they will become irreversible. Multiple time-lags & inertial feedback loops obscure awareness of unknowable “ripping points” of recovery, which will have long passed before they are recognized in tragic retrospect. 

Economic inertia clouds governance, continuing to perpetuate humankind’s primitive disrespect of natural systems, long after the breakdown in systemic functionality has been revealed by atmospheric monitoring data & empirical observations. 


There is only ONE federally-recognized “strategic resource” that yields BOTH complete nutrition and clean energy from the same organic harvest; in more countries, in less time, providing more essential nutrition, environmental benefit & organic agronomic services than any other crop. Why has this plant been banned for eighty-five years, rather than being grown “any where” as George Washington advised? (10)

At the same time, hemp heals Earth’s atmosphere, soil, water, air and wildlife; it can be used to phytoremediate demineralized, contaminated, irradiated, compacted & eroded soils. 

A non-invasive pioneer crop that produces complete nutrition & clean energy from the same organic harvest in many countries around the world, in a very short span of time; Cannabis is uniquely qualified to expand Earth’s arable base and increase the carrying capacity of this planet.

In addition, there is only ONE agricultural resource that produces the enormous volume of atmospheric aerosol terpenes that is needed to replenish Earth’s stratosphere with aerosol terpenes, following the catastrophic deaths of the world’s boreal forests and marine phytoplankton, that used to produce twice the volume of terpenes they do now. Terpenes block the increasing solar UV-B radiation that’s “UV-Broiling” the planet at twice the levels and frequency of occurrence compared with levels that used to shield the Earth from the Sun just seventy years ago.

It is madness to stubbornly ignore the only solution there is when it is so obvious. Willful institutional ignorance continues to delay public awareness of the true, unique & essential natural value of Cannabis hemp. It would be especially sad if institutional recalcitrance turns out to be the cause of mankind’s extinction. 

As Bill Gates scatters chalk dust from a hot air balloon (5), and mirrors float in space (6), while sulfur missiles are shot at the sky (7), human disrespect for Nature continues to afflict mankind’s social evolution, threatening national security in every country with “additional disputes” predicted after 2030. (4)

Born into an illogical trajectory, we are currently aimed at, and precariously close to, achieving unpredictable global conditions leading inevitably to extinction.

Spring planting season 2022 is upon us. Coordinating every country’s  military personnel and coordinated infrastructure, from armies to farmers, means distributing hemp seed to every farmer & home gardener on the planet. 

A polar shift in values is needed immediately. Hemp must be recognized as being urgently essential, not illegal. It is the fossil fuels, nuclear energy and military industrial economies that are toxic to Mother Earth. “Reefer Madness” continues to mischaracterize Cannabis hemp, wounding our perceptions of value, a barrier build on fraud, obviating mankind’s realization of our shared desire for world peace.

Absent a timely, proportionate global response, “non-linear extinction level events” will punctuate our continued decline into environmental disintegration and escalating, violent upheaval in the human social order.

Everyone’s best chance for survival depends on all people everywhere understanding the unique and essential value of Cannabis hemp — immediately! 

For everyone’s children to inherit a peaceful, livable 22nd century, this Spring 2022 perhaps it might help to consciously, objectively identify Cannabis hemp as fulfilling all of the properties attributed to “the Tree of Life which bare twelve manner of fruits, and yielded her fruit every month: and the leaves of the tree were for the healing of the nations.” ~ Revelation 22:2 (3)



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Friday, March 18, 2022

Open Letter to Senators Wyden & Merkley, Congressman Bentz and the People of Oregon

look forward to talking with Senator Wyden this afternoon, at the upcoming town-hall meeting for Jackson County, Oregon:

“Operationalizing Climate Security” March 18, 2022 beginning at 4:30 PM PST.

The following is my reply to a public participation form for the Town Hall Meeting this afternoon. (5) 

“Specific Question you would like to ask about”:

Will you please meet with our broad-based coalition of Cannabis hemp industry leaders, to discuss the accelerated, federal emergency preparedness protocol “essential military and civilian demand,” for the “strategic” herb bearing seed””of first necessity to the wealth and protection of the country” & planet? 

Essential Rationale:

FACT: Cannabis is the only crop that produces complete nutrition and clean energy from the same organic harvest. At the same time, hemp produces atmospheric aerosol terpenes and oxygen, as it sequesters & sinks carbon in durable, recyclable goods; healing Earth’s atmosphere, soil, water, air & wildlife. Increasing solar UV-B radiation is a national security threat that is being overlooked.  

Because we are not growing hemp for seed & stalk in Oregon, we are food & energy insecure. 

Whatever people depend upon for those essentials now, may not be available very soon for a variety of reasons. Climate change, supply chain disruption, fuel shortages are all increasingly likely to impose hardships that are responsibly addressed through  regional, organic agricultural production.

Likewise suppression of the hemp animal feed industry by undemocratically self-empowered groups like

the Association of American Feed Control Officials (AAFCO) is counter productive to the requisite, proportionate, immediate, global response to the present lethal threats posed by increasing solar UV-B radiation.

It is patently absurd to cripple production of vegan feeds when current industry feeds are known to contaminate wild fish populations & Earth’s hydrology with increasingly anti-biotic-resistant biological pathogens, along with the persistent pharmaceuticals used in aquaculture.

Such obstruction must be overcome by necessity & reason. Cannabis has been on this planet for 35 million years. If there were any real dangers associated with the plant we would have some record of it by now. There is none. 

Please help eliminate arbitrary & capricious bureaucratic limitations being imposed on the one crop that can do what most needs to be done.

Several years ago, I gave my book “Cannabis vs. Climate Change” to your administrative assistant, Ree Armitage. I have not yet heard whether you have received it or not. A full explanation of this rationale can be found there. (6)

Thank you for all you’ve done for Oregon & the United States of America. I truly appreciate your service & great works.


Expanded reasoning:

None of us have ever known truly “free market economy.” The world’s most valuable, god-given agricultural resource has been banned and its market potential suppressed for 85 years. To initiate a truly free agricultural market before this Spring planting season is a matter of urgent National Security.

You are probably already aware that during times of responsible, coordinated emergency preparedness (as we are surely experiencing now) Cannabis “hemp” has been federally recognized, in seven Presidential Executive Orders, as a “strategic food resource” since 1942; available by “essential civilian demand” (EO 13603, EO 12919, CFR 44, etc). 

Arbitrary, extinctionistic, THC limits on industrial hemp are crippling Earth-healing,  “Gaiatherapeutic” industry, undermining Oregon’s food & energy security & environmental integrity. Will you please consider joining us in immediate exercise of “essential civilian demand” before Spring 2022, so we don’t miss another growing season?


I live in Ashland with my teenaged son. I have worked internationally, participating in the Cannabis industry for more than 30 years.  

In addition to the exercise of “essential military and civilian demand” for hemp, there are other equally urgent matters I feel it is my patriotic duty to comment upon in clear & unrestrained public discourse, while it is still possible.

Vaxx Mandates

I’ve voted as a Democrat for decades, but I am leaving the party because of vaxx mandates.

I feel it is my responsibility as a father, an Oregonian, & global “Citizen of the World” to take the opportunity you have provided in pointing out that my faith in & loyalty to this party has been pushed beyond the limits of tolerable governance.

Vaccine mandates are an abhorrent violation of individual sovereignty, personal health and responsible parenting. 

If the Democratic Party persists in this obvious attempt to stampede the public, against the science, more civil unrest & perhaps a civil war could be the result. Forced experimental medical procedures are a violation of the first tenet of the Nuremberg Code. 

The FLCCC Alliance of COVID care clinicians doctors, Robert Kennedy Jr., Bret Weinstein, Kim Iverson, Senator Johnson and others have been censored by mainstream  media for speaking out about life-saving alternatives such as, ivermectin, the Nobel Prize-winning antiparasitic drug, taken by millions of people. Lives have been lost because this drug was withheld. Who is responsible for that? 

We are being herded into  dangerously experimental, untested mRNA injections and we know it. You call them  “vaccines” but they are not truly vaccines. Thousands of people have died and been injured by the vaccines. Look at the VAERS numbers and tell me this procedure is “worth the risk” of preventing something I’ve already had & recovered from.

VAERS - Vaccine Adverse Event Reports, through March 4, 2022, there

have been 25,158 deaths attributed to worldwide. 

My faith in & loyalty to this party & this government has been pushed beyond the furthest limits of morality. Vaxx mandates are Corporate Authoritarian coercion. I will never accept an unproven, dangerously invasive medical procedure, approved under accelerated, unscientific protocols. To even suggest it is an is an attack on Liberty, at its most fundamental. Individual responsibility for my health & the health of my family & friends & community has been under assault by the Democratic administration. I’m sorry I voted for it. 

The Freedom Convoys in Canada and the US are patriotic examples of Constitutional rights that people throughout our nation’s history have died to protect. 

What happens when people’s concerns are not addressed & individual liberties respected? Civil unrest leading to polarization & civil war. Do you not see that’s where we’re headed?

While there may be some who object to my view & my Constitutional right to express my opinion, the compliance & irrational fears of others can have no bearing whatsoever upon what I think the right choice is. I don’t believe much of what we’ve been told, even if others fall for it. I see the censorship. I recognize authoritarian overreach when I see it. 

I feel it is in the best interest of everyone to be totally candid regarding what we’ve all just been through. Every perspective has value. If I’m wrong, please explain how my thinking is flawed.

My perspective is that we were all born into a dysfunctional system and we’re just trying to make the best of it. But the dysfunction and imbalance continues to get worse. Rather than blame someone for what’s happening I think it more productive to be honest about the fundamental flaws we have all been forced to perpetuate, often against our will. Specifically, I’m referring to mankind‘s addiction to fossil fuels. 

It is simply ignorant to think continued investment in toxic industries is acceptable. No matter what we have to regard fossil fuels as poison and illuminate them from the global market true development of clean energy alternatives.

Fortunately for us a biogenic alternative exists. The solution to Climate Change environmental degradation and food insecurity and endless war. A solution exists but it’s not being recognized for its true value. Even though it’s been Federally recognized as a “strategic resource” it’s not been treated as critical to national security, which it is. 

The reason for this does not make sense, does not hold water, does not pass the smell test. And yet a flimsy, obsolete lie dreamt up by a Nazi spy & his racist corporate conspirators, right before WWII. The impact of that espionage continues to determine the quality of life on this planet for you and me and everyone‘s children & grandchildren. 

I am asking you to help me help you help everyone. The precedent for essential civilian demand was initially set by “essential military demand” during World War II. In 1942 the war department insisted that President Roosevelt re-introduce hemp agriculture back into American rotations for the war effort. Then is now Cannabis is a strategic resource. Today the enemy is irreversible systemic collapse of environment economics in the social order. President Obama signed executive order 13 603 in March 2012. In that order as in six other presidential executive orders having to do with emergency preparedness hemp was recognized as a strategic resource. What’s notable in Obama‘s executive order is that essential military and civilian demand are referenced as an accelerated federal protocol for coordinated mobilization and access to those strategic resources. In consideration of national security and global integrity. I am asking you to help me initiate Essential military and civilian demand. Through cooperative efforts we can achieve energy independence and food security whereas now we are both food insecure and energy addicted to foreign imports. Illuminating THC limits on industrial hemp will allow for the scale of production necessary to produce all of our energy needs through biodigestion Avenue hemp stocks. Cellulosic hydrogen biodigested from hemp stocks is the most efficient way to turn sunlight into usable energy for the greatest number of people in the shortest span of time. The truth is if we couldn’t use cannabis hemp for one thing we still have to grow its rich environmental services. 

Cannabis is the only crop that produces the volume of atmospheric Aerosol Terpenes needed to block the solar UV-B radiation, that’s increasing. Unless mankind recognizes the deadly threat of “UV-Broiling”  in time to mitigate harms resulting from the loss terpenes, the window of opportunity will close on our ability to make a difference. 

Time is the limiting factor in the equation of survival. Time is the only thing we can’t make more of. Time is the unknown factor. We don’t khow how much time we have left to affect healing of earths atmosphere soil water air and wildlife. But we must begin. 

I gave a copy of my book, “Cannabis vs. Climate Change” to your assistant, Ree Armitage, several years ago. I’ve not heard whether you have read my book or understand the relationship between hemp agriculture and climate change.

I trust that great leaders such as yourself will follow good advice. And that you will consider this advice for what it’s worth to all of us. I invite you to contact me directly if you care to understand further but as Frederick Douglass said in 1857 “Power concedes nothing without a demand. It never has and it never will.” 

I am asking your help in  initiating “essential military demand” by repurposing the military to distribute hempseed throughout Oregon and the rest of the United States, and the rest of the world; so that all may avail themselves of the essential nutrition and clean energy that is yielded from the SAME organic hemp harvest. Hemp is unique in this!

At the same time carbon credits, oxygen credits and atmospheric aerosol terpenes credits must be built into the economic structures so that hemp can compete on a level playing field, against toxic resources currently occupying positions of dominance in the market.

We’ve never known a truly free market. The world’s most useful agricultural resource has been banned for most of our lives. 

At the moment, the multi-trillion dollar hemp industry and the thousands of meaningful jobs it could generate, are being suppressed by “The Great Lie of 1937”; that THC is “bad” for the human body. Arbitrary THC limits on industrial hemp are a threat to national security because they inhibit responsible, “strategic,” emergency preparedness.

“[Cannabis] in its natural form is one of the safest therapeutically active substance is known to man.” ~ Administrative Law Judge Francis Young, 1988

We all possess an Endogenous Cannabinoid System that requires cannabinoids and other components within the Cannabis plant, to function properly, keeping our bodies in systemic balance. Creating essential resource scarcity, inducing malnutrition & food insecurity, and eliminating Earth-healing alternatives to fossil fuels is infinitely more harmful and destructive to our species, our communities & this planet than any conceivable threat — real or imagined — posed by THC. 

It is in the best interest of our country to invite a free agricultural market, inclusive of Cannabis hemp. Multi-trillion dollar opportunities exist in coordinating agriculture, manufacturing, processing and distribution of Cannabis-based fuels, food, fiber products, tree-free paper, vegan animal feeds, biodegradable plastics, safe & effective herbal therapeutics, superior super-capacitor graphene energy-storage material, hempcrete, hemp wood, resins, paints & varnishes, biogenic pesticides, and many many many more valuable commodities. 

The truth is, if we couldn’t make one thing out of Cannabis we’d still have to grow it for environmental services, everywhere we can, as fast as we can and just pray that it’s not too late to heal Earth’s atmosphere.

Soldiers are the ones called to fight wars-for-oil. When it becomes common knowledge throughout the world that there is an available, inexpensive, “Gaiatherapeutic” alternative to fossil fuels, then soldiers will no longer have to sacrifice themselves in unnecessary, Gaiacidal,  geopolitical struggles for unevenly distributed, toxic, finite energy resources. The military can & must be repurposed to distribute & plant hemp. Time is running out. We don’t have time to fight amongst ourselves. We must cooperate globally to heal our Mother Earth.

While soldiers occupy the military, their children & extended families are civilian. It is in the best interest of the soldiers’ families to provide for our national security of their families, by initiating Cannabis agriculture in every region of the country. Responsible leader ship in our military must be invited to recognize the strategic value of hemp as a source of complete nutrition and abundant energy. 

Fighting wars for oil that further degrades the quality of life on this planet with every barrel burned is obscene and unnecessary. I would just ask that the recent Department of Agriculture announcement assigning $1 billion to development of climate agriculture be applied to cannabis agriculture in recognition of the unique and essential environmental services Cannabis offers this country and other countries throughout the world. 

I trust that you will help to initiate “essential military and civilian demand” before the Spring planting season of 2022 which is upon us. We can’t afford to waste another growing season without the benefits that help is uniquely qualified to provide. 

Please take the time to consider contemporary exercise of a central military and civilian demand of a “strategic” “herb bearing seed” “of first necessity to the wealth and protection of the country” and the planet. Cooperation with the demand is infinitely more productive and efficient than refusing to respond which has been the case up to this point. 

In 2012 I spoke face-to-face with Secretary of Agriculture, Tom Vilsack at a Townhall meeting in Weaverville California. I told him about the increasing UVB radiation and asked him if he understood why hemp was uniquely qualified to mitigate it. 

He told me at that time that he did not. But he made no effort subsequently to investigate this critical threat to national security any further. I feel that our demand is legitimate and urgently essential. It is everyone’s responsibility to provide food security and environmental healing for themselves and their families.. Please meet with me to discuss what we must do to avert and unthinkable future for everyone’s children.

Thank you for your consideration I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Paul J. von Hartmann 

Cannabis scholar, photographer, biodynamic gardener, father 


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