Saturday, May 29, 2021

“Essential civilian demand”

People of our common mother, The Earth: 

In 1857, Frederick Douglass said,

“Power concedes nothing without a demand. It never has and it never will.” 

As a former slave who fought for & won his own freedom, he knew exactly what he was talking about. 

Today, in 2021, 99% of us are slaves to the 1% who control disproportionate wealth, and the corrupt political power that trillion-dollar industries buy. Economic disparity is a symptom of deeper systemic imbalances.

Most people alive today were born into a rigged system that imposes essential resource scarcity on the vast majority of the world. We’ve never known anything other than gross inequity, so most people can’t imagine things could be any different. But they can, and they must be, for everyone’s children to survive.

All systems are connected. Imbalances and degeneration in environmental integrity, global economics and the social order can all be traced to a mistake that was made by our grandfathers, to disrespect Nature.
We inherited a toxic legacy, inequitably distributed. Disrespect for Nature characterizes the Earth-killing, “Gaiacidal” chemical-industrial feedstocks chosen over Gaiatherapeutic, Earth-healing, globally-distributed, organic agricultural resources. Producing energy, food, paper, plastic, fiber products, building materials, pesticides and other products using toxic & unsustainable resources has had its effect in sickening the Earth. 

We the People can no longer allow the governments of the world to induce essential resource scarcity. We demand a truly free agricultural market. We challenge the rightful jurisdiction of any court over any “herb bearing seed.”

Drugs don’t make seeds. Herbs make seeds.
On the first page of the King James Bible, upon which courts swear in witnesses & politicians swear their oaths, God’s first commandment was so important He repeated Himself twice. In Genesis 1:29-31 The Great Almighty is quoted, commanding that humankind & the other creatures of the Earth avail ourselves of “every herb bearing seed...and every green herb.” By what legitimate authority does any government presume to overrule the fundamental rights & values conveyed to each & every one of us by The Creator?

In the interest of recovering systemic balance, essential to healing this planet for everyone’s children: 

This is a formal, global, grassroots, public, legitimate, emergency preparedness declaration; a globally cooperative exercise of “essential civilian demand.” (Refs. CFR 44, EO 12919, EO 13603, Defense Production Act of 1950). 

Distribution of fertile Cannabis seed to every country is called for. Obsolete statutes & un-Constitutional regulations, based in fraudulent, Schedule One listing of Cannabis, are hereby rescinded in favor of a contrary actual value. The DEA will no longer be allowed to impose THC limits or carry out invasive inspections on farmers & home gardeners.

When the enfocannabinoid system was discovered in the 1980s & 90s, improper scheduling of Cannabis was revealed & should have been changed. Because of competitive economic influence on governments, nothing changed. That influence continues to impose irrational prejudice against the one crop that can heal Earth’s atmosphere soil water air & wildlife.

In every country, the public is the majority branch of government. When the majority of the people demand change, change happens. When we do not, then there is no change because generations of established economic interests wield political influence to make sure their established economic interests remain the same. 

There must be a return to respect for Nature, built-in to foundations of human value. If human economics is not based in industry that is Gaiatherapeutic, then nothing that anyone is doing will matter. For everyone’s children to have a chance at survival, the true essential value of the must be recognized, respected & appreciated in purposeful, coordinated, cooperative global agricultural campaigns.

Responsible public demand is the most time-efficient way to prepare what is necessary, in advance of immediate and unpredictable threats to national & global security. These threats are not being responsibly addressed by governments, who are corrupted by entrenched, politically powerful market interests. 

Globalization of the U.S. emergency preparedness protocol “essential civilian demand” is necessary in every country, to address the global threat to everyone, of impending systemic collapse. Initial indicators of irreversible systemic collapse are becoming more prevalent & likely with every passing year. Indicator species are dying. 50% of the species collectively valued as “the lungs of the Earth” — the world’s vast expanses of boreal forests & vast oceanic populations of marine phytoplankton — are gone! The marine ecosystem is collapsing, right NOW.

Specific national security threats are not being adequately addressed by governing institutions. They include increasing solar UV-B radiation & other atmospheric imbalances; radical wealth disparity; escalating social conflict; global pandemic; species extinctions; and oceanic “dead zones.” 

All are symptoms of fundamental compounding imbalance. Increased violations of human rights enumerated in the U.S. Constitution, the International Declaration of Human Rights, the Nuremberg Code, the Geneva conventions and other documents, are untenable.

Environmental collapse is imminent, as evidenced by the present collapse of “indicator species” populations, the imminent collapse of the entire marine ecosystem, and the very real threat of “non-linear, extinction-level events” that could make global systems recovery impossible. (Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, 2014)

Of highest priority is to recognize the immediate & legitimate force of law inherent to rational, peaceful, public “demand.” Though it may be unprecedented, essential demand is nevertheless provided for by law, and has legitimate emergency function, under conditions requiring timely, responsible mobilization in response to government-acknowledged emergencies, globally recognized as already in process. 

A notarized, hardcopy of “essential civilian demand” is hereby submitted in a “Civilian National Defense Mobilization Order” signed by people who are meant to represent every facet & interest group of human civil society, across a multi-gender, multi-cultural/ethnic, multi-partisan, multi-generational spectrum. Essential demand represents the interests of children, parents, free market industry, agriculture, manufacturing & distribution across all sectors of society, present and future.

Specifically demanded is:

The rationale is quite clear. Cannabis hemp is mankind’s functional interface with the Natural Order. The survival of everyone’s children depends upon how soon our governments come to recognize the essential, “strategic” value of Cannabis in resolving atmospheric aerosol terpene deficiency in Earth’s atmosphere. 

PRINCIPLE FACT: Cannabis is the ONLY crop capable of replenishing Earth’s atmosphere with the volume of aerosol terpenes needed to heal the stratosphere, in the time we may have left to make a difference.

Obsolete restrictions imposed on organic Cannabis hemp agriculture violates our First Amendment freedom to farm “every herb bearing seed” without consideration of the sincere spirituality inherent to respectful partnership with Nature. 

Essential demand is meant to reset the socially-regressive influence that 84 years of fraudulent “Reefer Madness” has had on human social evolution & the compounding harms of prolonged, inertial, counter-productive government intrusion into the free market and organic farming & home gardening. 

Because human understanding of Earth’s atmosphere is in its infancy, we can only trust & pray that there may be enough time left, to recognize the extreme, essential value of Cannabis, and implement solutions based upon proper valuation of hemp as mankind’s functional interface with the Natural Order. 

FACT #1 : Cannabis is the only common seed with three essentials fatty acids in proper proportion for long term consumption. 

For this reason alone, “hemp” is a critically “strategic” “herb bearing seed” “of first necessity to the wealth and protection of the country” and the world. Imposing scarcity of an unique and essential natural resource is clearly a violation of human & animal rights.

FACT #2 : Hemp is the only crop that produces complete nutrition and clean energy from the same organic harvest; for the greatest number of people in the world; as it heals Earth’s atmosphere, soil, water, air & wildlife. 

FACT #3 : Cannabis is the only crop capable of replenishing Earth’s atmosphere with the volume of aerosol terpenes & oxygen necessary to life on the surface of this planet; as it sequesters more carbon in less time than any other agricultural crop.

FACT #4 : Our Endogenous Cannabinoid System and other systems critical to human & animal health and proper physical & mental development, require a multitude of components found in Cannabis, some of which work in synchrony across the integrated systems of the body, to effect optimum health from conception to death.

THEREFORE: It is arguably true that Cannabis hemp is essential for several critically important reasons, making hemp mankind’s functional interface with the Natural Order upon which our health, evolution & survival depend.

To impose restrictions on Cannabis cultivation is counter-productive to individual spiritual sovereignty, national security and global environmental integrity. 

Whereas “We the People” are the fourth branch of government in the U.S., to whom an emergency preparedness protocol has been provided by law:

We the undersigned therefore exercise “essential civilian demand” for seeded industrial hemp without unnecessary government intervention or obsolete & restrictive oversight. 

Immediate assisted release of all Cannabis prisoners is demanded. The obvious & enormous wrong, of using anti-Constitutional statutes to criminalize people who recognized the true value of Cannabis before others did, who are now profiting from this newly legitimized industry, is an insult to Justice everywhere. Free ALL Green Prisoners, now & everywhere.

The DEA has never been other than a corrupting, counter-productive influence on society. Only by ignoring science to create fraudulent narratives around the value of Cannabis, could the DEA exert institutional control over an “herb bearing seed” — verily, a gift from God. 

Prohibition of the world’s most useful agricultural resource exacerbates social conflict in every way, rather than solving the problems that impact health, global harmony, racial equity, economic & educational parity. Cannabis prohibition is a crime against humanity that originated with racist Nazi espionage. 

Through Cannabis prohibition & unnecessary industry regulation, we continue to live with the anti-democratic, treasonous betrayal by Andrew Mellon, William Randolph Hearst, Harry Anslinger & others, to this day.

Responsibility for implementing coordinated, civilian farm & garden procedures is logically entrusted to regional alliances of interested parties, under coordinated supervision of local agricultural advisory chapters, such as the National Grange. 

For widespread distribution of Cannabis seed to every country on Earth, and practical assistance in educating farmers, planting and construction of processing infrastructure, military & civilian aid resources must be repurposed to empower people who may be able to help themselves if given the essential resources needed to produce regionally available clean energy, complete nutrition, paper, fiber products, building materials & herbal therapeutics.

“Our freedom to farm ‘every herb bearing seed’ is the first test of religious freedom”
Cannabis is both unique and essential for national & global food & energy security; 
For the first time in our species’ history contemporary science predicts extinction of life on Earth as imminent 
“We the People” of the world can see the irreversible systemic collapse we’re in the initial stages of 
The marine ecosystem is collapsing
Governments continue to impede measures needed to avoid irreversible systemic collapse; 


The shift in Cannabis value from illegal to essential facilitates immediate planting of a sufficient volume of hemp in June 2021; 
to generate more seed for planting next year; 
while supplying the clean cellulosic hydrogen energy feedstock needed to supply regional energy; and secure food production, storage & distribution infrastructure. 

In the next six months, processing facilities will be built to receive the enormous volume of cellulosic hydrogen/electrical generation/seed production/herbal therapeutics/soil regeneration materials; whose manufacture will contribute several essential environmental services at the same time it creates thousands of excellent jobs in agriculture, manufacturing, food production & distribution.

Supplementary Rationale:

1. Complete & essential nutrition in Cannabis reveals irresolvable conflict in fraudulent misrepresentation of Cannabis as a “Schedule One” substance.
2. Discovery of the Endogenous Cannabinoid System conclusively reveals irresolvable conflict in the fraudulent scheduling of Cannabis as a “Schedule One” substance.
3. Drugs don’t make seeds. Herbs make seeds. Cannabis prohibition statutes are “void for vagueness” revealing irresolvable conflict in fraudulent misrepresentation of Cannabis as a “Schedule One” substance.
4.  Our Freedom to Farm ‘every herb bearing seed’ is the first test of religious freedom.
5. Time is the limiting factor in the equation of survival. We don’t have another growing season to waste. 
6. A federally recognized “strategic food resource” can’t possibly be a “Schedule One Drug.” By definition they are mutually exclusive. 
7. National security & global integrity are threatened. Initial stages of “cascading systems failures” that the IPCC warned the world of have already begun.
The inevitability of “non-linear extinction level events” threaten the entire world, beyond the point of responsible “emergency preparedness.”

Authors note:
If someone has a better idea...

Let them present it now, for objective comparison.

If there is a more time-efficient way to turn sunlight into usable energy and complete nutrition for the greatest number of people in the most countries around the world; 
I promise to work on that idea for free, for the rest of my life. 
In thirty years I haven’t heard a better strategy for survival yet. 
I’ve watched in frustration as opportunities pass with each Spring planting season wasted.
I watch the planet, her people and the other creatures with whom we share this Earth, bleed-out the possibility of world peace, global health, and equitable essential resource distribution. 

All that’s needed is to distribute hemp seed to organic farmers & gardeners in every country; but we have to do it now. 

We the People of the world cannot & must not wait for further misleadership. Problems are profitable for people in positions of political influence whose industries are threatened by a true free market. 

We were all born into essential resource scarcity and global inequity, putting our generation on course for extinction. We cannot allow ourselves to be so obviously manipulated & misled. Cannabis is essential, not illegal. The quality of life on Earth for everyone’s children depends on how soon we all understand why that we true.


Whereas Thomas Jefferson stated,
“The greatest service which can be rendered any country is to add a useful plant to its culture.”
"Hemp is of first necessity 
to the wealth and protection 
of the country." 
Whereas we are all sovereign individuals, bearing a shared legacy of sacred American freedoms, inherited from our Mothets and Fathers
Whereas we are bound by duty and love to honor the ancient, parental responsibilities we owe our children 
Whereas I was raised to appreciate and respect incomprehensible sacrifices made by previous generations; to honor the hallowed ideals of Justice and Freedom, immutably enumerated in the Bill of Rights and Constitution of the United States
Whereas, I have been socialized from the age of five, through pledging a sincere oath of “allegiance to the flag of the United States of America; And to the Republic for which it stands, one nation under God, indivisible, with Liberty and Justice for All” ; thereby deeply imbedding sacred, individual, patriotic responsibility in my heart & mind
Whereas a lifetime graced with uncommon immersion in Nature, for extraordinary lengths of time, have grown my respect and appreciation of the ageless wisdom we are all connected to, shared with all life, and our living planet
Whereas the justification for immediate exercise of "essential civilian demand" is conveyed by what we perceive to be the time-limited opportunity of addressing multiple, environmental conditions and imbalances in global systemic relationships;
Whereas  'time' is the only thing we cannot make more of, making it the “limiting-factor” in the equation of survival 
Whereas prolonged inaction shortens everyone’s odds of survival, with every growing season that passes being gone forever, an opportunity missed 
Whereas atmospheric and climate changes are causing geochemical shifts in Earth's systemic balance, threatening individual health, national security and global integrity at such profound levels as to potentiate global extinction 

Whereas the urgency could not be greater for initiating the most time-efficient, emergency preparedness protocol reintroducing Cannabis "hemp" for the purpose of mitigating both the causes and the effects of compounding systemic imbalances

Whereas Cannabis agriculture is uniquely capable of serving as an essential agronomic tool for expanding the arable base and resolving several causes of systemic imbalance simultaneously 

Whereas Cannabis is the only crop that produces complete nutrition and sustainable energy, from the same harvest, eliminating the trade-off between biofuels production and food security 

Whereas Cannabis is the only crop capable of generating sufficient quantities of atmospheric aerosol monoterpenes, needed to replenish solar-protective aerosols lost with the catastrophic deaths of Earth's boreal forests and marine phytoplankton 

Whereas Cannabis is capable of producing more atmospheric oxygen in less time than any other agricultural resource

Whereas Cannabis is the only crop capable of generating sufficient quantities of cloud condensation nuclei to replenish Earth’s atmosphere to the levels that existed just sixty years ago

Whereas drugs don’t make seeds, and herbs do; And because a drug can be made from an herb but an herb cannot be made from a drug 

Whereas there are many differences between drugs and herbs that require a legal distinction be made, to obviate vagueness and restore the functional integrity of our laws

Whereas prohibition is known to foster corruption in law enforcement, the judicial system and government, while serving the financial interests of criminal elements, drug cartels and global crime syndicates

Whereas the key institutional and governance challenge to delivery of cross-sectoral and comprehensive policies is transcending the irrational institutional prejudice against the most nutritious, essential agricultural resource on Earth

Whereas the United States Conference of Mayors adopted a resolution at its 75th Annual Meeting declaring the war on drugs a failure 

Whereas  The United States Conference of Mayors adopted a resolution at its 78th Annual Meeting recognizing that “for many people, medical marijuana is the safest and most effective medicine to treat their conditions”

Whereas any restrictions, regulation, taxation or burdening of Cannabis agriculture works against the time-limited opportunity we may have

Whereas a realistic, responsible time-assessment of climate changes, that are threatening the systemic balance of the entire world, demands an immediate, proportionate, effective global response, or we will likely achieve extinction before the end of the 21st century.

Whereas increasing UV-B radiation, increasing atmospheric CO2, and the increases in temperature and acidity of Earth's oceans, is causing melting sub-Arctic methane hydrates, the death of the world's coral reefs, confounding global eco-systemic interrelationships that are beyond mankind's understanding or control

Whereas we are approaching irreversible ripping-points, without sufficient understanding of Earth's systems to comprehend the degree of urgency

Whereas the problems we face result from humankind working against Nature, it seems beyond obvious to recognize the importance of working with natural systems to heal the imbalances imposed by man's industrial assault against Nature

Whereas in order for our species to be symbiotic with the planet upon which we depend, rather than continuing to be parasitic, the values and priorities of governance must prioritize the Laws of Nature over the laws of man. 

Whereas Cannabis is an “herb bearing seed” and cannot be tenably listed as a “drug”

Whereas the laws prohibiting Cannabis cultivation induce essential resource scarcity, 

Whereas Cannabis prohibition violates the Laws of God and Nature

Whereas there are at least 31 harms associated with the prohibition of Cannabis, for which there is no accountability or proportionate moral justification


Cannabis is an “herb bearing seed” protected under the U.S. and State Constitutions under our “First Freedom” without which there can be no credible, morally accountable system of Justice. Our freedom to farm "every herb bearing seed" is the first test of religious freedom.


Federal Legal Argument

Unambiguous First Amendment legitimacy over "every herb bearing seed" is conveyed by the fact that drugs don't make seeds. Herbs do. Man can make a drug from an herb, but we cannot make an herb from a drug. They are not the same thing. Prohibition of any "herb bearing seed" is clearly beyond the rightful jurisdiction of any court. Because Cannabis is both unique and essential to mankind's sustainable existence on this planet, it can be recognized as our species' functional interface with the Natural Order established by "The Creator."

The spiritually-founded practice of organic agriculture is integral to mankind's symbiotic relationship with regional integrity as well as the Earth in its entirety. As long as mankind continues to consume environmental toxins, valued as economically viable resources, our species will qualify as parasitic to our host, the Earth. As Gaia becomes increasingly hot, toxic and unpredictable, we are at the point of irreversible degeneration, condemning our children to an increasingly violent, sickly, and unlivable hospice planet.

We the undersigned are therefore obligated to send a peaceful, formal notice of "essential civilian demand" for Cannabis "hemp"; with the intention in so doing, of immediately reclaiming our freedom to farm "every herb bearing seed."



Cannabis hemp has been identified as a "strategic resource" specifically referenced in seven United States Presidential Executive Orders (i.e. E.O. 13603, Obama 2012) as critically essential for national emergency preparedness. 

"I will raise up for them a plant of renown, and they shall be no more consumed with hunger in the land...” (Ezekiel 34:29)

Intricate, interconnected systemic relationships, within which mankind participates, must be reevaluated. Man's laws must return to respect & agreement with natural law, reflecting a disciplined, accountable respect for Nature. If our Earth Mother is to be healed, systemic balance must be restored for the good of all.

Open-hearted, clear-minded leadership, will consider every possible remedy for recovering climate balance. A Cannabis- inclusive remedy has not yet been seriously regarded.

A novel, biogenic remedy is necessary to end mankind's spree of disrespect against Nature.  By recognizing the true, essential value of Cannabis, prohibition must be ended globally, by "essential civilian demand."

Cannabis is mankind's functional interface with the Natural Order. There are several properties of Cannabis that make the crop both unique and essential for mankind's sustainable, symbiotic existence within the operating systems of the Earth. 

By legislating a fraudulent value against Nature's most useful and uniquely essential "herb bearing seed," prohibition has imposed disvaluation of Cannabis. Prohibition presumes to judge God for making this most useful plant. 

Essential natural resource scarcity has misled mankind to the brink of environmental collapse and moral bankruptcy. 

Hemp is an achievable, affordable solution to several major global problems at the same time. Immediate urgency is required, because increasing levels of solar UV-B radiation are accelerating climate imbalance. Ours is a time-limited opportunity, as conditions degenerate toward irreversible global systemic collapse.

The true, unique and essential values of Cannabis, for healing our bodies and Earth's atmosphere, preclude rightful jurisdiction by any court. Our freedom to farm "every herb bearing seed" is the first test of religious  freedom. "Every green herb" is our rightful legacy, a legacy that we have a responsibility to pass along intact to future generations.

Organic Cannabis is the only crop that produces complete nutrition and sustainable energy from the same harvest. Hemp also sequesters ten tons of carbon from the atmosphere per acre per growing season. This feature of the plant makes Cannabis essential. 

Cannabis is the only plant that produces a sufficient volume of solar-protective monoterpenes to replace the terpenes lost with the death of the world’s boreal forests & marine phytoplankton. If humans don’t replenish the atmosphere with aerosol terpenes as we sequester the carbon, increasing solar UV-B radiation will broil the surface of the planet.

Cannabis is the only crop that produces enough fiber to satisfy humanity's voracious appetite for paper, cloth & other fiber products.

The fundamental challenge of our time is a pivotal, polar shift in Cannabis values, from "illegal" to essential. Mankind is far beyond our rightful authority in legislating scarcity of an unique and essential food resource upon which other species also depend for their health, evolution & survival.

'Time' is the limiting-factor in the equation of survival. Time is the only thing we can' t make more of. It is time to consider all possible Earth-healing, "Gaiatherapeutic" strategies, immediately needed for healing our planet.

Mankind’s most essential plant partner was legislated into scarcity eighty years ago. The impact of prolonged mis-leadership has, over time, shifted human morals and values into complete disregard for Nature’s functional integrity.

The true value of Cannabis is finally being recognized & acknowledged for all of its many essential benefits. Perhaps most urgently is the need to generate atmospheric aerosol "monoterpenes," produced in abundance by hemp.  Concentrations of monoterpenes in the atmosphere and hydrologic cycle have been reduced by about 50%, with the death of 50% of the Earth's boreal forests and about 40% of the marine phytoplankton. 

There are seven uniquely essential properties that make Cannabis agriculture increasingly urgent. There are 31 harms caused by the prohibition of Cannabis. Please feel invited to consider further explanation in my book, available on Amazon, entitled "Cannabis vs. Climate Change." 

In truth, drugs don't make seeds. Herbs make seeds. God gave "every herb bearing seed" to mankind and all of the other creatures of the Earth. 

I am writing on behalf of the contemporary Cannabis culture, to introduce “a plant of renown," uniquely qualified to heal climate imbalance.

I trust we can depend on you for all possible help & cooperation in achieving the necessary, polar shift in Cannabis value, from "illegal" to essential. 

An end to obsolete THC limits on seeded industrial Cannabis hemp is hereby demanded, based in respect for Nature and recognition of the hemp plant' s unique and essential "strategic" values.


Paul J. von Hartmann, Cannabis scholar
California Cannabis Ministry
projectpeace at yahoo dot com

May 29, 3021


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