Sunday, November 18, 2012

"The least restrictive means..."

"The least restrictive means of preventing the sale and distribution of marijuana is" to end Cannabis prohibition..

It is well known, through undeniable historical precedent and contemporary empirical knowledge, that prohibition creates a violent, scarcity-dependent black market (to artificially elevate prices), where there is otherwise an organic, self-regulating, agricultural free market; institutionalizes a "forbidden fruit" that is more attractive to young people; imposes scarcity of an essential, "strategic resource"; induces radical economic disparity; corrupts law enforcement and the justice system; and systemically undermines the economic integrity of society by eliminating a critical agricultural resource.

The most certain way of establishing a hard drugs epidemic is to persist in the counter-productive prohibition of a therapeutic herb, through historically inaccurate, scientifically unfounded, contrary assessment of Cannabis as a "dangerous drug"; rather than a tenable science-based evaluation of Cannabis as an herb that is both unique and essential.

Drugs don't make seeds. Herbs do. You can make a drug from an herb, but you can't make an herb from a drug. You can grow an herb from a seed, but you cannot grow a drug from a seed. "Drugs" and "herbs" are are not the same thing.

Herbs can never be "controlled" because they grow from the soil, where one seed produces tens-of-thousands more seeds. It is folly beyond reason, to think that in a free society Cannabis can ever be "controlled" even if that was desirable, which it isn't.  The legal distinction (yet to be established) is significant, as the inaccurate, obsolete definition of Cannabis as a "drug" has engendered institutional malfeasance in over-extending the rightful jurisdiction of an economically-corrupted court.

"the government's compelling interest in preventing diversion of sacramental marijuana to nonreligious users" is based in the erroneous valuation of what is, in fact, an historically revered, ecologically, nutritionally and industrially essential, federally recognized  "strategic resource." The  true value of Cannabis encompasses the origins of human spiritual development, the evolution of our civilization, world exploration, and the founding of the United States. Because of climate imbalances resulting from prolonged Cannabis prohibition, Cannabis agriculture must now be revalued, recognized as fundamentally integral to interfacing global ecology with the human social order.

Cannabis is so far beyond the rightful jurisdiction of any legitimate court, that only through through the dismissal of science, disregard for the will of the people, and armed assault by economically-motivated federal enforcement, can the incumbent, outlaw fossil fuels regime get away with such an egregious violation of a fundamental human right: Our freedom to farm "every herb bearing seed" is the first test of religious freedom.

Strict scrutiny will show that the court has nothing to say about the distribution of Cannabis, because it's cultivation, consumption, manufacture and trade are essential to our continued existence on this planet. I have individually, formally challenged the rightful jurisdiction of any court over any "herb bearing seed" without a reply from three State Attorneys General Warren Price, Dan Lungren, and Jerry Brown. I have also written to the Department of Homeland Security, through the office of my Congresswoman Lynn Woolsey.

There has been no shred of accountability for the truth regarding the value of Cannabis. The government must be forced to account for it's antiquated, "compelling interest" in prohibiting Cannabis, compared with the People's compelling interest in growing it. Cannabis agriculture is, potentially, the organic agricultural basis for a sustainable human economic system, within the primarily significant Natural Order.

Since the courts are bankrupt, fiscally and morally, without pretense to objectivity, the judges themselves have rendered their own opinions as meaningless, reeking with bald-faced illogic, contradiction and prejudice.

Since July 8th, 2010 (two years, three months, two weeks and one day), Hawai'i Cannabis Ministry founder Reverend Roger Christie has been in legal limbo; suffering indefinite, coercive imprisonment, without trial, refused bail eight times, and denied visitors for openly practicing his sincere, scholarly, State-licensed, religious belief that people have a God-given right to grow and use "every herb bearing seed." Anti-Constitutional violations of due process and the First Amendment are obvious and undeniable proof of the court's unobjective politicized corruption.

Illegal courts may eventually convict us all for reclaiming our inherent, natural right as specified in Genesis 1:29-31, but as the environment, economics and social order degenerate into systemic collapse, the true value of Cannabis eventually will rise to human awareness, purging the shallow lies of the chemical military industrial complex as the planet broils under increasing UV-B radiation, cooking the planet to extinction.

The REAL question is,

"How hot does Earth have to get before all solutions are considered?"

Blest rushes,