Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Outlaw Petroleum

If mankind wants its children to survive, then we must outlaw the use of petroleum products immediately. Simply "running out" of fossil fuels is degenerating into a violent, toxic, social evolutionary nightmare, worse than we can imagine.

Fortunately, there is a positive choice available to everyone for a short time. It begins with a fundamental shift in values. Cannabis has never been truly illegal. Cannabis is in fact both unique and essential, nutritionally complete, critical to the development of "Gaiatherapeutic" Industries.

The insanity of "drug war madness" that has afflicted us for seventy-three years, lingers in the residue of a legislated war. It continues to be an inefficient, expensive one of chemically vested politicians, passing laws, simultaneously attacking the integrity of the planetary ecosystem, and perverting the peaceful social evolution of our species.

The Earth itself is the largest living expression there is that we can touch, smell, taste and come to love in a real way. That love for the Earth taken to its logical, proportionate spiritual significance, is the limit of law. Love for the Earth is what makes us responsible to our planet Mother in a most tangible and direct way. A law that violates the health and peace of my planet is no law. It is simply a legislative assault against everyone all at once.

Clearly, the use of fossil fuels as the basis for human economics violates the Rules of the Natural Order and is proving deadly to all life on Earth. Prohibition of Cannabis is a weapon directed against the quality of life on Earth, a toxic, violent legacy to leave for our children and grand children to deal with.

Too many people already suffer unnecessarily in too many countries as the result of prolonged, imposed essential resource scarcity. The result of economic inertia, carrying our moral values away from spiritual regard for Nature, is reflected in our choice of economic base, in exactly the wrong direction. Only through the absence of spirituality in human economics is the use of toxins afforded a positive value.

The logical alternatives to petro, coal, nuclear and other toxic energy sources are obviously agricultural and organic. The systems of Nature must be healed by the natural systems that people everywhere have at hand to do that. The soil and water can be partnered with the sun, through the labor of man in the interest of shielding the planet from UV-B solar radiation.

The single most potent change in value that would afford our species the conversion from imminent environmental, economic, and social chaos to synergistic collapse, is the revaluation of Cannabis as a primary resource. Failure to identify Cannabis for its true value is proving to be a fatal mistake. We don't need to keep making it.

Outlaw petroleum by investing in an alternative local currency. If there isn't one in your community, then consider starting one. Base your money on the regional, natural agricultural wealth, made possible through untaxed, unregulated heirloom seed production. See for an example of one possible, peaceful economic alternative, that recognizes the legitimacy of a sincere, spiritual relationship with this planet. For me, that relationship is deepened profoundly through Cannabis farming. I have never asked for permission to grow Cannabis because I am protected by the First Amendment of the United States and California Constitutions; by the weight of reason; and honor of sacrifices made for our freedoms.

Basing an economic system in natural predictable abundance, as offered by an heirloom seed economy is the most effective way to bring peace and health to the greatest number of communities in this world.

We can begin by freeing Roger Christie, freeing Eddie Lepp, freeing Marc Emery. We can begin as well by freezing the prosecution of all non-violent Cannabis offenders immediately. Eventually a reviewing of civil rights violations committed against the Cannabis culture in the name of a disingenuous legislative war will be afforded in retrospect.

"It's called the American Dream because you have to be asleep to believe it." -- George Carlin

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

"Hemp is of first necessity to the wealth & protection of the country."

Aloha for Roger Christie

At this moment, THC Minister Roger Christie sits in federal prison, and the horizons of injustice are being broadly, shamelessly expanded. An honorable gentleman of integrity, wisdom and peace is being imprisoned in the land of Aloha, without bail, falsely judged by a vindictive court-without-a-trial, as a danger to his Big Island community.

Nothing could be further from the truth. Roger has been a righteous protector and ambassador for his community, for twenty-five years. Denied bail twice, his next court date has been postponed until April 2011.

Roger's case is on the cutting edge of social evolution in the world's oldest global culture. As marijuana laws change to reflect the urgent necessity of ending prohibition, the true value of the Cannabis plant is being revealed. Cannabis is essential and unique,beyond the rightful jurisdiction of any court.

I'd like to see a coalition of the international, ecologically, agriculturally and spiritually concerned people of this Earth take responsibility for the whole, true value of Cannabis, for a change. If Cannabis agriculture, ecology, manufacture and trade are factored in to the equation of survival, then Prop 19 is plainly unnecessary and in fact a stumbling block to the real change that's needed. Anything that interferes with our freedom to farm in our own individual spiritual way, is a costly relic of a morally and economically bankrupt system that failed to identify Cannabis for what it's truly worth.

There is nothing to fear but the atmosphere itself. We are being broiled by UV-B radiation. The indicator species are dying. Wake up and stand up for Cannabis freedom. Help get Roger Christie released from prison. Write to Roger, let him know you appreciate and support him. And if you can, then send this information along to other people who may care to know that the first Amendment is being shredded in Hawaii.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

One's in prison one is dead.
Both are heroes.

Free Roger Christie, Bless Jack Herer...

Roger Christie

Reverend Roger Christie's unlawful, anti-Constitutional, incarceration is cause for an immediate legal recourse, against the prohibition-drunk bureaucrats, who have committed an obvious crime of perjury, in order to imprison one of the world's visionary leaders. The extremes of injustice being perpetrated by the court system are defined by wh o Roger is and the absurdity of identifying him as a danger to his community. Anyone who has ever met Roger or reviews his life for the past twenty-five years can appreciate what a dangerous lie that is.

Please, contact me to help write or sign-on to a community letter that will effect Roger's release from prison, as soon as humanly/electronically possible.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Why we must exercise "Essential Civilian Demand" before the November vote on Prop 19

Many people all over the world agree and insist that the so-called "war on drugs" must end. Prohibition has been known to be counter-productive (worse than merely a failure) since the 1920's when alcohol prohibition achieved the same results as the present day prohibition of marijuana is doing. Violence, black markets, abuse, corruption and polarization are the inevitable result of current policy. So why do we need a vote to "end" [sic] marijuana prohibition in November when people are being killed and sitting in prison right now?

"Essential Civilian Demand" for Cannabis could end prohibition -- in a week -- using existing laws to supersede the blatantly illegal statutes being used to impose "strategic resource" scarcity.

Failure to recognize the true value of Cannabis, and the lingering effects of Reefer Madness, have allowed prohibition to continue. Now that the real value of Cannabis is commonly known, and the harms of prohibition beyond doubt, then a challenge of rightful jurisdiction is the most direct and effective way to resolve the imbalances created.

To vote on such an obvious miscarriage of justice legitimizes the authority of those economic forces who have interfered with needed changes since the 1930s. This is an opportunity to identify the larger wrong that has allowed corporate/political manipulation to erode our natural, god-given rights to "every herb bearing seed."

I challenge the authority of any court that says I can't feed my family the most nutritious food on the planet, fresh and living, directly from my garden.

Monday, September 6, 2010



Our freedom to farm " every herb bearing seed" is the first test of religious freedom. The imprisonment of Reverend Roger Christie, AND REFUSAL OF BAIL, is clearly a threat to national security.

Roger's incarceration insults historical sacrifice and retards the evolution of respect for the ancient Cannabis culture, which is essential for resolving compounding crises we are facing in the 21st Century. While it is true that the failure to act in defense of national security is a crime known as "misprision of treason" perhaps the best way to effect Roger's release is to simply ask politely...

Please, effect the Release of Reverend Roger Christie immediately. Roger is not a threat to his community. Reverend Christie is in fact of enormous value and benefit to the people of the Big Island and the world. When people learn what you have done, the punishment for your actions will be severe. It is no small thing to take away the freedom of a champion of freedom. The work of the Hawaiian THC Ministry, in teaching spiritual regard for 'marijuana,' is helping to balance abuse of hard drugs and alcohol in Hawaii. You must know this.

The world is quickly growing into realization of the true value of the Cannabis plant. If you don't know what that is by now, in observing the activities of Roger Christie, then it can be concluded that you are not qualified to serve the best interests of the people of Hawaii, and will be asked to step down from your position of responsibility in the very near future.

for peace, with Aloha,

Paul J. von Hartmann California
Cannabis Ministry Project PEACE

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

The Contemporary Crucifixion of Roger Christie

Freedom of religion is under attack in the cruel and unusual imprisonment of the free-spirited Reverend Roger Christie. Held in federal prison since July 8th, Reverend Christie has been denied bail twice after being charged in a spurious, first-time, non-violent-crime accusation.

Christie is being selectively prosecuted and maliciously misjudged without objective due process or accountability as "a danger to the community." Reverend Christie is in fact being spanked by a vindictive "drug war" crazed regime for effectively defending his Big Island community against the harms of hard drugs, the black market and armed invasion by federally-funded 'marijuana' eradication helicopters.

Reverend Christie is as sincere and dedicated as he is qualified in reclaiming the spiritual legitimacy of the world's oldest global culture. Among other accomplishments during his 25 years of human rights work in Hawaii, in 2000 Reverend Christie was a recipient of the Drug Policy Forum of Hawaii’s Ho’omaluhia (Peacemaker) Award. He is also a member of the Board of Peaceful Sky Alliance

Sacrifices made by previous generations, guaranteeing our spiritual freedom, demand to be remembered and reclaimed by every generation. Outrage permeates the ethereal dimensions! A deafening, ancient outcry from generations before us screams that it is not enough to simply indulge in selected freedoms while letting others languish for lack of understanding and appreciation. The integrity of human spiritual evolution is being blatantly assaulted.

The Constitution is being shredded by the shamelessly unobjective court, desecrating the First Amendment. Help make Roger Christie's the last marijuana trial. Call in this Sunday at high noon to do something about it while there's still time to evolve beyond the present trajectory to foreseeable extinction.

Guest call-in number: 1 (347) 202-0195