Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Recognizing the Stakes

"The unfortunate situation in global drug policies is that
thinking outside the box seems to be prohibited as well." -fp

That applies to the reform movement as well. I feel that our inability to shift the hearts and minds of prohibitionists toward reason after all these years is in some considerable measure our own inability to think outside of the outside of the outside of the box.

Eliminating any vagueness about the causal effect of Cannabis prohibition in imposing food insecurity and malnutrition points out the greatest harm of prohibition. As obvious as it is to say it, marijuana prohibition must be recognized as being responsible for the illness, death and hunger of literally billions of people at every strata of global society.

The single most inarguable and egregious example of the criminality of prohibition itself is the fact that the UNFAO doesn't recognize hemp seed as food for humans. This is an outrage of incomprehensible proportions, effecting billions of people, yet hardly anyone in the drug policy reform "establishment" mentions the relationship between drug policy, the global food crisis, including epidemic malnutrition.

"The highest authorities must recognize the stakes. Their
failure to act is a sign of helplessness or complicity...We must reduce
vulnerability to drugs and crime with greater development.
And greater justice would build faith in the rule of law."

There is no greater harm of the drug war than the crippling of organic agriculture, through imposed scarcity of an unique and essential critical resource. Without Cannabis agriculture, our species will never achieve sustainability. How many in the reform movement understand that this is true, and are willing to risk sounding extremist and fanatical by speaking the whole truth? Not many. Not enough.

It's time for the drug policy reform movement to assess how right we are, and to proceed with whatever mechanism of accountability there is for recognizing hemp seed as the world's most nutritious common seed.

Aside from the misery and poverty imposed by prohibition, developmental processes and human evolution are being afflicted by a deficiency in essential nutritional resources produced by the Cannabis plant. Because of this fact and more, the true value of Cannabis removes it from the rightful jurisdiction of any government. The limit of law is in the unique and essential nature of Cannabis. Until mankind recognizes that Cannabis is beyond the rightful jurisdiction of the court, then the degeneration of environment, economics and social evolution are inevitable, to the point of predictable extinction.

Cannabis agriculture is not a crime, it is a necessity. The imbalances created by prohibition mock "the rule of law" in failing to honor the first law, our freedom to farm "every herb bearing seed...and every green herb" as commanded in Genesis and every other human religion.

To understate the moral high ground serves no one. As it is, unique and essential Cannabis is the world's most ancient, useful, nutritious, potentially abundant and globally available organic agricultural resource on Earth. It also produces more monoterpenes than any other agricultural crop, making it a proportionate tool for mitigating global warming and global broiling.

best wishes to all, with high regards to both Andre Fursts, Sr. and Jr. I trust you are all well and am mindful of you and Chanvre Info for the great sacrifice of freedom you are being forced to make in defense of the true rule of law.

Paul J. von Hartmann
California Cannabis Ministry

Project P.E.A.C.E.
Planet Ecology Advancing Conscious Economics

(831) 588-5095

Note: The word Cannabis is a Genus name, properly spelled with an uppercase "C."