Saturday, October 30, 2010

Reply to "Any corporation that gets big enough to dominate the marijuana market will be taken down by the feds."

The corporately corrupted Supreme Court has ruled that corporations are people and can pour unlimited funds into our elections. Obama appointed a Monsanto shill to head up the Dept. of Agriculture. The corporations own the Feds!

Control is control and right now, by & large, the chemical companies have it by virtue of warped values and corrupt politics, antagonistic toward the planetary systems critical to survival.

I know of at least one mad genetic plan that I heard at a science congress in Frankfurt in 2002. Genetic markers were being developed for Cannabis by Italian researchers. Almost all of the distinguished agricultural scientists and industry professionals there got up and left the room. In the California, I'd like to think that my efforts to expose mad agricultural research at UC Davis, regarding development of soil born viruses to attack Cannabis, had something to do with that project being discontinued, if in fact it truly has been.

The only way to devalue the extinctionistic, unevenly distributed chemically-based economy is to develop regional currencies based in "Gaiatherapeutic" industries, with a free agricultural market inclusive of Cannabis agriculture, manufacture and trade.

I'd like nothing better than to adopt the widespread illusion that Prop 19 would legalize Cannabis. I anticipate lawsuits and legal hassles galore if this passes, and endless arguments about impacted myths that have been debunked by hard science.

If I could in good conscience vote for less than a completely realistic, comprehensive view of Cannabis I might, but my interpretation of Prop 19 is that it concedes rightful jurisdiction introduces confusion and wastes our most precious limited resource -- time. Certainly, a part of me wants to vote yes on 19 and I acknowledge the progress afforded by Prop 215. But how long are we going to go along with a globally contrary illusionary valuation of Cannabis?

Here's the DEA's "clarified" definition of hemp, another legal battle waiting to happen...

""Hemp” and marijuana are actually separate parts of the species of plant known as cannabis. Under federal law, Congress defined marijuana to focus on those parts of the cannabis plant that are the source of tetrahydrocannabinols (THC). THC is the hallucinogenic substance in marijuana that causes the psychoactive effect or “high.” The marijuana portions of the cannabis plant include the flowering tops (buds), the leaves, and the resin of the cannabis plant. The remainder of the plant — stalks and sterilized seeds — is what some people refer to as “hemp.” However, “hemp” is not a term that is found in federal law."

Too much is at stake to put up with this insultingly incompetent resource mismanagement. Opposition by prohibitionist America is no longer credible. 'Time' is the limiting factor in the equation of survival. We have nothing to fear but the atmosphere itself.