Friday, April 17, 2009

neurotoxic effects of acute organophosphate intoxication

See 1,500 Indian Farmers Commit Mass Suicide: Why We Are Complicit in these Deaths
By Tara Lohan, AlterNet. Posted April 16, 2009.,500_indian_farmers_commit_mass_suicide:_why_we_are_complicit_in_these_deaths/?comments=view&cID=1190201&pID=1189424#c1190201

"The early (immediate and delayed) neurotoxic effects of acute organophosphate intoxication are well documented in the scientific literature; lack of recognition and inappropriate treatment of occupational poisonings continue."

"Chronic neuropsychological sequelae of occupational exposure to organophosphate insecticides"

I used to document pesticide spray drift for The Valley Keepers, north of Sacramento. The neurotoxic effects of ag pesticides on insects becomes obvious in humans over time. Considering the stats on crop dusting pilots and other farm workers exposed to ag chemicals, it's hardly surprising, though tremendously sad, that farmer suicides are so prevalent.

I' suspect that there's also a correlation between pesticide/plastics contamination (in home, water & community) and suicide, illness, etc.

My solution to this insidious and pervasive problem involves organic and biodynamic crop rotation of "every herb bearing seed" -- including all strains of Cannabis hemp. The drug war must end, beginning with an immediate end to the ban on industrial hemp. It is just no longer credible to believe that law enforcement's inability to distinguish between industrial hemp and marijuana is crippling a multi-billion dollar industry, access to a critical agronomic tool and a known "strategic resource."

If I grow hemp, I can feed my family the world's most nutritious seed. I can make an honest living, producing a valuable organic crop, while helping to prevent hunger and illness in my family, friends and community.

I can make biofuels and food from the same harvest, grow safely therapeutic herbal remedies, produce fine paper, beautiful cloth, light, strong building materials, biodegradable plastics, healthful animal and fish feed, food oil, lubricating oils, essential oils and biogenic pesticides.

Cannabis agriculture is also the best available, globally proportionate response to climate change, offering mankind both exceptional carbon sequestration capacity and abundant monoterpene production. Google "global broiling" to find out more.

It's possible for everyone who has access to sun, soil, water, and fertile hemp seed to be self-sufficient. If President Obama truly wants to solve problems instead of perpetuate them, then he'd better listen to Dennis Kucinich, Ron Paul, and others who support hemp agriculture.

Organic pesticides are critical to organic agriculture. There's only one crop that produces the abundance of biomass necessary to make meaningful quantities of biogenic pesticides, while producing several other income streams from the same harvest.

WAKE UP AMERICA. We're the only country that has not returned to industrial hemp production.

Instead, we're paying for endless wars and infecting Mexico's peaceful culture by imposing conditions generating black market violence, farmer suicides and the economics of scarcity.