Thursday, November 4, 2010

The plop thickens....Peron busted, again...

Having been a target of America's outlaw regime's slanderous mudslinging, I can assure people that egregious lies are the currency of an outlaw government.

Reading what is said about people who oppose Cannabis prohibition, a surreal gravitational pull, carring reality far away, to the self-serving tunes of the extreme 'right.'

Dennis Peron is being spanked (by the cops who work for the courts who work for the corporations), for standing up and speaking his widely respected truth, in natural competition with the "oilgarchy." Dennis is a courageous friend who's paid a heavy price for his integrity. Let him be. San Francisco better rise up to defend him or shame on you, after all he's done for our generation and The City.

It's easy for minions of the unobjective court to characterize people like Dennis Peron, Reverend Roger Christie (founder of Hawaii's THC Ministry) and other peaceful Green Prisoners as "dangerous to society" as long as the myth of Cannabis being dangerous is kept alive by "drug war dinosaurs" working for Monsanto, et al.

If people ever want freedom from chemical servitude, then we have to take back our "freedom to farm" from corrupted, unobjective, economically vested courts. The most insidious harm of prohibition may be that it undermines the objectivity and integrity of our legal system and our moral values as a society, at a fundamental level. Even experts/true grassroots heroes like Chris Conrad are willing to promote a flawed initiative, calling it "legalization" when "Prop-Up Prohibition#19" wasn't legalization at all.

The fact is that ending Cannabis prohibition doesn't require a vote. Laws are in force to protect traditions and spiritual practices associated with organic agriculture that pass the test of the Golden Rule. Ending Cannabis prohibition merely requires an objective, comprehensive global valuation of Cannabis as both unique and essential, beyond the rightful jurisdiction of any court. That could happen in a week, electronically, globally, rationally.