Monday, November 1, 2010

Crumbs of freedom

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It's still a federal offense to cultivate in California & every other state, even if you do have a medical exemption, which I don't. I'm a Cannabis minster and a patient, but the way I see it, legal protections afforded by the former cover the latter.

The decrim bill in California was mostly a matter of Arnold being too broke to bust people for dime bags any more. That's an economic dynamic that you attribute to PeeWee 19 even before it passes? I don't think so. It's nice but it's not enough to recover AS's integrity after vetoing two industrial hemp bills.

Prop 19 is a crumb of freedom in the trap of prohibitionist illusion, keeping everyone happy&stoned enough to accept that the government has legitimate authority to disqualify our ancient spiritual relationship with the agriculture of any herbs bearing seeds.

Prop 19 appeals to people who are content with what they think is all they can get. I hear the argument for incremental change, but it's like riding a skateboard on a tsunami -- it's generally the right shape, but ultimately it's a poor choice of equipment. The big picture will continue to get lost in the distraction of repercussions against Peepee 19.

CB, yes BP (unfortunate initials - no relation) is "holding [his] nose and voting "yes" (really "yeah, welllll, okay") for the "message effect" and I'm not saying that it wouldn't be good for P19 to lose by a slim margin, for the same reason, but think of all the endless crap we won't have to deal with adjusting to what follows the passage of prohibition-lite.

Better to know we're still fully at war with lying dinosaurs, than to cow into complacent acceptance of the illusion of freedom and get entangled in a maze of endless legal confusion and directional diversions.