Thursday, November 4, 2010

Prop 19 gave us the momentum to exercise federal "essential civilian demand". Will we use it or lose it?

Support "essential civilian demand" for the "strategic resource" Cannabis "hemp" RIGHT NOW, for planting this Spring 2011.

We'll find out who the REAL Cannabis advocates are when we see who shows up for a federal action to reclaim our First Amendment freedom to farm "every herb bearing seed." NO PERMISSION ASKED, BECAUSE NONE IS NEEDED. NO LIMITS ON CULTIVATION. NO TAXES ON POT.

The true value of Cannabis is what will end the prohibition of it. Any "Prop" that fails to identify Cannabis as both unique and essential just Props up the lie that Cannabis is "dangerous" enough to require "control" by the government. Cannabis isn't dangerous, it's therapeutic, nutritious, and ultimately useful, abundant and critical to our survival.

Passage of Prop 19 would have perpetuated and further impacted the lies of "Reefer Madness" by adopting the false values of "drug war dinosaurs" who refuse to acknowledge Cannabis as "the safest therapeutically active substance known to man."

Marijuana prohibition will end as soon as everyone in the world who wants Cannabis to be "legalized" realizes the true value of the herb as both unique and essential.

It's easy to see who Prop 19 favored by counting up how much marijuana can be grown in a 5'x5' indoor garden, as opposed to how much can be grown in the same amount of space outdoors. Prop 19 would have made it tough for the outdoor growers to compete with the indoor market.

Finally, the "carbon-footprint" of the indoor market is obscene. Growing indoors is irresponsible & selfish. Grow outdoors, share generously, be thankful for the harvest. If those were the only "rules" around Cannabis, THERE WOULD BE NO PROBLEMS associated with the plant and considerable benefit to all creatures.