Sunday, November 21, 2010

An Open Letter to Hawaii's Governor-Elect Neil Abercrombie

Dear Governor-Elect Abercrombie,

I am writing to formally invite you to issue the first "pre-trial pardon" in American history, to effect the immediate release of Reverend Roger Christie, before Thanksgiving Day. He has been held in federal prison in Honolulu since July 8th, been denied bail four times, and had his trial postponed until next April. For Roger Christie to remain in prison on Thanksgiving would be an egregious insult to the inconceivable sacrifices made by previous generations to secure the American freedoms that are our primary obligation to defend.

As the responsible person in Hawaii for defending both State and Federal Constitutions, and their First Amendments in particular, I am asking you to convey this request to Governor Lingle before Thanksgiving, in order to achieve unity on behalf of the Law of the Land, in a bi-partisan call for Roger's release.

You must be aware that due process has been suspended in your State. In denying Reverend Christie a fair trial before imprisoning him the foundations of freedom have been suspended by a failed drug war.

Roger is a dear personal friend and an internationally respected Cannabis cultural ambassador. Reverend Christie has been a productive, progressive community rights activist on the Big Island for more than a quarter of a Century. I trust you will see the importance of prioritizing his release in defense of all our Constitutional rights at this critical time in our social evolution.

With every good wish,

Paul J. von Hartmann
Cannabis scholar
California Cannabis Ministry