Sunday, November 28, 2010

The question remains,

"Does NORML recognize Cannabis as BOTH unique and essential to achieving sustainable human existence on Earth?"

That's the REAL 'yes' or 'no' question that people everywhere on this planet need to understand the right answer to in record time.

So far I haven't heard any of the foremost experts or expensive lawyers at NORML point this out. $990,000 !! and you can't communicate the fact that Cannabis (with a capital 'C' -- don't you have a CBE Style Manual in the NORML library?) is both unique and essential?

Since Cannabis IS, in fact, both unique and essential, then, factoring in the power of truth and the urgency of the crises we face, then your better choice is to hope I'm right and that 5 grand a day for a week (in Sacramento -- NOT New York) IS enough to successfully exercise "essential civilian demand" for a federally recognized "strategic resource."

The amount of money it takes to end prohibition is beside the point anyway. 35 grand or 35 million won't matter soon. There is no money on a burned-out planet. We can always print more money, but we can't make more time.

Strategically located in the middle of an agricultural cornucopia, Sacramento is where the national and international momentum generated by Prop 19 was and may still be waiting for a proactive continuum. Since Jerry Brown is California's homegrown governor, again, and a smart politician, all Californians have to do is to show him that we know what he would be politically savvy to acknowledge (i.e. the true value of Cannabis) -- or face charges for "misprision of treason" for failing to act in the interest of national security.

Instead, as soon as Prop-up Prohibition #19 failed to pass, all the groups packed-up, & ran to Colorado, hypnotizing the public into waiting for 2012 while they busily write the next 'magic 'Prop.

The shift in values from "illegal" to "essential" is the point. Prohibition can't last if Cannabis is recognized for what it is truly worth. NORML (and you personally) have failed to recognize the simple truth, ultimately powerful truth that Cannabis is both essential and unique. An objective, comprehensive science-based review of Cannabis, is what Jack Herer strived for all of his life.

It's not endless amounts of time, misdirected human effort and piles of money that will end prohibition. It's the increasingly urgent necessity of avoiding synergistic collapse, combined with the power of the truth and the ability to communicate the strongest arguments, objectively and comprehensively in the court of national and international public opinion.

NORMLDPAMPPASA continues to fail in this by ignoring the legitimacy of the First Amendment, under-estimating the power of State and Federal Constitutions, casting dispersions on the legitimacy of the THC Ministry and minimizing Roger Christie's decades of public service, spiritual study and Cannabis scholarship.

$5,000 a day is enough of a catalyst to secure a week of venues in Sacramento before Spring. Fund-raising strategies would be initiated to extend the effects to a national campaign of grassroots activists and social leaders who support ending the "drug war" completely, nationalizing the effect of essential civilian demand in Sacramento.

I'm working for your kids too, Russ. Your self-indulgent sarcasm and contentious response to science-based information is counter-productive & comes off as adolescent. Did you know about "monoterpenes" and UV-B radiation before I told you about it? Do you GET it?

There y'go, two more questions.

Cannabis is "the savior" -- I'm simply a determined messenger.

35 Gs, one week. Don't say I didn't tell you so...