Monday, November 1, 2010

Reply to Chris Conrad

Come on Chris, I'm disappointed you don't understand the complexities of sociopoliticoeconomic dynamics better than that. A vote bought buy annonymous corporations don't mean squaT, for starters. We're an occupied country Chris. The people need to take back the truth about Cannabis -- Right now. Before the confusion and expense of disingenuous debate plunges us into endless legal bickering and a flood of meaningless news.

"First of all Prop 19 is not "legalization" (Bill Panzer). How imprecise for you to use that word. At best, Prop 19 is a mixed adolescent message: "we're gonna grow & smoke pot, no matter what you say, Dad, but we'll share some with you since you can't pay the mortgage on the state.

It concedes rightful jurisdiction and misdirects away from efficient progress at the Federal level. If we perpetuate the lie that Cannabis is other than the most useful, nutritious, ecologically significant...then shame on us for watering down the message and the legacy of what we've been entrusted to deliver intact and complete.