Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Safe Access?

There is no "safe access" on a burned-out planet. The relatively minor issues concerning 'marijuana' will finally balance only after the larger issue of industrial/feral hemp is thoroughly discussed. Aside from everything else Prop 19 would have done wrong, it would have given the state-by-state-marijuana-industry-stumblefolk-approach to Cannabis freedom (a.k.a."legalization") priority over the much more critical urgency of growing industrial hemp across this entire country beginning in the spring of 2011.

I trust that people in the midwest are about through harvesting the so-called "ditchweed" seeds that are this nation's most precious repository of "strategic" genetic material. The genetics contained in the ditchweed seeds have developed adaptive ability that recent strains don't have. The ability to respond to soil and climate variations is a key attribute that must be regarded in the selection of which seeds to plant. The planet's atmosphere is changing, weather patterns shifting. Cannabis is an adaptive species that we can't survive without. That realization within the Cannabis movement will do more to provide safe access to marijuana than any other shift in consciousness we could make.

You might think that marijuana activists and the monied reform groups would push for assessment through presentation of the most potent comprehensive argument.

Ever notice how DPA,MPP,NORML, ASA all avoid the industrial hemp debate, as though having the world's most nutritious plant on your side is a handicap. Whose "side" do you think THEY'RE on?

"Every herb bearing seed" is pretty simple, clear, broad. Conceding rightful legal jurisdiction over Cannabis, by voting to get back our natural right to farm any plant gives away far too much. It concedes the natural right to farm any plant and dismisses the spirituality of agriculture, our most direct link between the economics of our society and The Divine, whatever you choose to call it. Whatever puts life into seeds says that every seed is a legitimate sacrament.

What happens in the extraordinary, illegal-imprisonment-without-trial, anti-First Amendment case of Roger Christie is the measure of safe access for me. Is there enough cohesion left in American culture to recognize such a blatant threat to the Constitution, and insist that -- by virtue of the fact that we're headed for global extinction, the governments are insolvent, and the social order is breaking down --that we have the right to grow Cannabis, the world's most nutritious, useful, ecologically beneficial crop?

Can Roger Christie be set free immediately? to assert the potency of the Constitution, demonstrate the power of the First Amendment, and serve as a directional first step in the direction of survival using the momentum gained from the Prop 19 debate?