Thursday, November 25, 2010

Re: “Roger Christie absurdly considered “danger to the community”, held without bail” By “Radical” Russ Belville on November 23, 2010

Thanksgiving that Russ has finally figured this much out. Really, the very least you could say, understating the obvious to regain some credibility as a capable spokesperson for the pot culture. I agree with appreciate how you state a lot of the rationale for ending prohibition, but Russ, you’ve still got a hellllluva long ways to go before you’re anywhere near “radical.” Listen up young man…

Roger has already admitted mistakes, that are minor issues anyway. What is important is the good the Reverend Roger Christie has achieved (which he also, typically, fails to mention, but I won’t) is so much greater than you apparently comprehend, the courage demonstrated so much more to be respected, that I am actually concerned for you. When you come to understand how miniscule and effectively treasonous your issues with the Ministry are; when understand how important it is to forgive Roger’s over-enthusiasm and optimism (which has propelled his incredible successes for almost thirty years!) in appreciation for the great, then I trust you will be proportionately ashamed of not flying to Honolulu on the fat budget NORML has, to demand of Governor Lingle and Governor Elect Abercrombie that they immediately effect the release of Roger Christie!

The point is that for ten years, Roger has risked his life and the safety of his loved ones by mitigating the hard drug epidemic and abuses of power in Hawaii so successfully, that the feral DEA is now suspending due process and shred the Constitution in order to persecute a good & honest man. One whom you continue to help disrespect by harping on the minor, understating the obvious and ignoring the enormous. Impinging on the motivations and legitimacy of the THC Ministry from within the Cannabis culture helps the DEA characterize Roger as a black market charlatan in the court of public opinion. This is the only court where he can and will be saved, for all the right reasons.

Obviously, the federal courts are not objective. We are an occupied country.

Do you really want marijuana prohibition to end Russ? Then sign on to federal “essential civilian demand” for “hemp” a “strategic food resource” as stated in Executive Order 12919 and FIVE other Executive Orders signed by five other Presidents.

Ending hemp prohibition will do more to end marijuana prohibition than any other tiny step we could take, yet NORML, MPP, DPA, ASA and other publicly funded non-profits fail to present the strongest arguments for ending all Cannabis prohibitions — without taxes to the insolvent, anti-Constitutional regime that occupies our government.

Do you understand how critical Cannabis agriculture manufacture and trade are to our survival? Do you under-estimate the power of the truth?

I’ve asked you before to openly recognize Cannabis as both unique and essential, for three very good reasons, and you disappeared from the conversation. Then I read your post-mortem on “Prop-Up Prohibition#19″ (a.k.a. “Whoring the Diva” — A short story of political tar baby seduction, cashing-in bigtime on people’s sincere desire for “legalization” and an end to the world’s most violent, cruel and destructive social element). Essential civilian demand recognizes the legal suspension of Cannabis prohibition (and the outlaw operations of the DEA) through objective, comprehensive, international, science-based assessment.

Dammit, NORML must be a sham. I could end Cannabis prohibition with fifty grand in one week. THAT’s the power of the truth. That’s the true value of Cannabis. It will be enough to end prohibition as soon as people in positions of responsibility within the Cannabis culture begin to present the strongest arguments.

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