Friday, November 5, 2010

An Expanded Letter to Congresswoman Woolsey from West Sonoma

Dear Congresswoman Woolsey,

I am an international Cannabis scholar, a concerned father, and a sorrowful friend. As the responsible father of a bright three-year-old son, I am concerned for his future. Precious time is being wasted in small-scale bickering about 'marijuana' where essential civilian demand for industrial hemp is much more urgently needed, at the federal level. Please understand that there is ample evidence to support the conclusion that Cannabis farming in the United States is critical to resolving crises of global climate change, ending the drug trade and many other undesirable results of prolonged, induced, essential resource scarcity, for several important reasons.

Please consider my request for a meeting to discuss the following, in total quite critical to national security. If it is not critical to national security, then I would like to have it explained to me where I am mistaken.

I've also been asking the same question for almost twenty years: Is there a protocol for exercise of "essential civilian demand" referred to in Executive Order 12919? Would it not be timely to exercise civilian demand in the apparent absence of functional leadership in the failure to recognize the true value of Cannabis agriculture, ecology, manufacture and trade to issues of food security, nutrition, climate change mitigation, and disparity of wealth?

I wrote the "Fundamental Challenge of Our Time,"* a formal challenge of rightful jurisdiction over any "herb bearing seed." It was and is my responsibility to point out that our freedom to farm every herb bearing seed is the first test of religious freedom. It has been reported in the King James Bible that God's first order was so important that He referred to "herbs" and "seeds" three times on the first page . Doesn't it follow then that our right to "every herb bearing seed" is a primary, fundamental human right, inarguably protected by the First Amendment? I feel that any presumption of jurisdiction over Cannabis agriculture is unwarranted. Due to the unique and essential properties of Cannabis it is a critical crop for the wealth and security of our nation. Failure to act in the interest of national security is called a "misprision of treason." Prohibition of the world's most nutritious and useful agricultural resource is precisely that, a direct attack on ancient traditions of agriculture, inexorably melding spirituality and farming, that are protected by State and Federal Constitutions.

I feel that research and broad ecological perspectives I've developed are critical to recognizing the true value of a crop that's been identified in six Executive Orders as critical national security. In spite of my efforts to deliver what I consider to be very good news, it is not being acknowledged or acted upon by the State Attorney General's office.

I would not want to file a legal action against our new governor for "misprision of treason" but in fact, AG Brown has failed to act in the interest of national security. I sent a registered letter to his office in February, and got a form letter back.

The critical stature of the "strategic food resource" hemp has increased with recent reports completed in the field of atmospheric science involving "radiative forcing."

Our most useful "strategic resource" continues to be misclassified as a "Schedule One drug" (i.e. possessing no benefit to humankind). You and I know that is false, as is the definition of hemp on the DEA's website. It is a blatant threat to national security and highly illegal for the DEA to characterize a strategic resource as having no value.

"The marijuana portions of the cannabis plant include the flowering tops (buds), the leaves, and the resin of the cannabis plant. The remainder of the plant — stalks and sterilized seeds — is what some people refer to as “hemp.” However, “hemp” is not a term that is found in federal law.

"DEA Administrator Asa Hutchinson stated that “many Americans do not know that hemp and marijuana are both parts of the same plant and that hemp cannot be produced without producing marijuana.”

Please meet with me to implement "essential civilian demand" or send a protocol to me so I can proceed to prepare for the reintroduction of Cannabis agriculture, manufacture and trade in California. I believe that the freedom to farm "every herb bearing seed" is the first test of religious freedom. Traditions of agriculture connecting farming and spirituality predate written history and continue to this day.

The First Amendment is being shredded in Hawaii, with the illegal imprisonment of Reverend Roger Christie, a personal friend and cultural hero. Roger's been denied bail four times, and had his trial postponed until April. I'd appreciate your help in effecting Roger's release in whatever way you can. Everyone's right of due process is being violated in deference to unconsidered slanderous accusations.

If you knew Roger Christie like I do, you would be outraged at the characterization of his activities that enforces additional imbalance into a situation created by law enforcement itself. How far will the drug war deteriorate before We the People stand up for our freedom to farm "every herb bearing seed"? It's pretty simple. Either we farm hemp or the increasing UV-B radiation will fry everything on Earth.

With the destruction of the boreal forests comes an atmospheric imbalance in the form of monoterpene depletion. That wonderful pine fragrance is also sunscreen for the planet. As temperatures increase and logging continues, the "radiative forcing" effect of the boreal forest is decreasing.

Cannabis agriculture is the most time-efficient, available, affordable and effective strategy for resolving the depletion of atmospheric monoterpenes and other atmospheric aerosols that protect the planet from increasing UV-B rdaiation. Time is an important element, the limiting factor, in our chances for success in avoiding global catastrophe in the form of synergistic collapse of environment, economics, and social structures that determine the quality of life on Earth.

Thank you for your time in consideration, and for your many good works. I look forward to meeting with you at your convenience.


Paul J. von Hartmann
California Cannabis Ministry

"Our freedom to farm "every herb bearing seed" is the first test of religious freedom."

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