Saturday, July 10, 2010

Reverend Roger Christie was arrested in Hawaii today.


Arresting Roger Christie is thuggish -- more of the same from our military industrial corporate chemical government, that shoots innocents with drones; induces birth defects for generations using depleted uranium munitions; bankrupts our country then rewards the guilty bankers; pokes a gaping petroleum wound into the Gulf of Mexico; "fraks" our water supplies; and engenders a two trillion dollar black market while creating essential resource scarcity in the world by banning industrial hemp agriculture.

Reverend Christie is a long-time friend and a fellow Cannabis minister. I can tell you that Rev Roger is as sincere as any priest and beautifully honorable in his desire to make this world a better place. Roger's the kind of person who would pull over on the highway to help you if you were stranded. I trust & envision that he will be released soon, unharmed.

To arrest a minister of the world's oldest global culture is a shameless attack at the foundations of all religions, a blatant violation of the separation between church and state, and an environmental catastrophe that potentiates global extinction. And, oh by the way, arresting Reverend Christie is also a victory for the meth market as the pakalolo prices will inevitably rise.

The incumbent outlaw regime that controls the political landscape has made a serious mistake. Inviting in the Court of Public Opinion ignores the fact that government has failed to do other than create problems with the counter-productive, anti-Constitutional, selective and hypocritical so-called "drug war." If we don't help Roger and the other people whose First Amendment rights are being trampled, then that's a serious indication we are beyond hope for a livable future.

People know how valuable Cannabis is. Decades of Hempfests and research have revaluated the world's most nutritious and useful, environmentally beneficial, potentially abundant, agronomically essential, globally distributed "strategic" "herb bearing seed." Yet another growing season has passed without the United States planting the world's most valuable agricultural resource.

Polls indicate progressive views on the subject of marijuana and hemp are in the majority. The wave has broken on the lie of "Reefer Madness." Cannabis isn't illegal, it's essential. And time, the limiting factor in the equation of survival, is the only thing we can't make more of.

People better stand up now, for religious freedom. Otherwise, we'll lose the strongest, most direct link we have left to our civil liberties. A person's individual spiritual evolution does not need permission to exist from any court.

Any government that doesn't honor the Golden Rule is an outlaw. "Do unto others..." is being blatantly violated by your government. We the People had best respond with strength and resolve. I'm looking for a sponsor to cover my expenses in helping Roger, if anyone out there can help me help you help everyone.

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Free Roger Christie now.