Sunday, July 25, 2010

beyond accountable jurisdiction

Cannabis is valuable beyond the accountable jurisdiction of any court. Imposing scarcity of an uniquely essential agricultural resource is antithetical to free governance.

Burdening the Cannabis industry in a the bureaucratic mire that failed to acknowledge its true value for more than seventy years, will only make Cannabis agriculture, manufacture and trade ridiculously expensive, blatantly corrupt and criminally inefficient as the rest of the political mess.

Cannabis isn't illegal, it's essential. Anyone who concedes rightful jurisdiction before the question has even been asked concedes too much too soon. I'll not entrust my family's health and well-being when I know that the best medicine is the one that keeps you from getting sick in the first place, namely hemp seed, biodynamic, fresh, fertile.

In the "Land of the Free" people can eat what they want, except for fresh fertile hemp seed that will prevent and successfully treat cancer and other grave imbalances in body and planet. Love is the limit of law, and if you love your children enough, you'll help me shatter that law.

Can we stop all this nonsense about a 'marijuana' vote that will only codify control over Cannabis by short-sighted, naive, public acquiescence? What's needed is for people to wake up to the full legal significance of religious freedom in the Constitution, as it secures the spiritual dimensions of farming.

Roger Christie is in Honolulu prison right now, denied bail, standing up for your religious freedom too.

Hawaii Cannabis Ministry founder ordered held without bail

Free Roger Christie and the THC Ministry 13

Please do what you can to help get Reverend Roger out of prison, whose "First Freedom" (DOJ) is being violated, at the same time he's being denied the presumption of innocence before trial. Regardless of what people think about 'marijuana' the court system has slipped several notches closer to outright fascism in the case of Roger Christie.

for peace,