Saturday, July 24, 2010

Press Release: DOJ Violating Our "First Freedom"

Saturday, July 24, 2010
Press Release: DOJ Violating Our "First Freedom"

Roger Christie must be released from prison immediately and his oppressors identified and immobilized.

The First Amendment of the United States Constitution is under attack, and if people let the Reverend Roger Christie languish in prison, then you will "reap what you sow" in the execution of what has historically been legally secured as the "First Freedom" in our American spiritual culture.

Our individual spiritual evolution is being attacked by people who have lost their connection to the Natural Order. Disrespect for Cannabis and the people who find essential value in it violates "natural, god-given, inalienable" rights.

No matter what you believe about Cannabis, or why you believe it, the fact remains that every negative experience anyone has ever had with 'marijuana' has happened in the context of the so-called "drug war."

What "defines" a true religion is you are entitled to believe anything you want, as long as it doesn't harm anyone else. That's called the Golden Rule.

The THC Minstry is consistent with that rule. No harm done -- in fact quite the opposite-- there's enormous benefit to the Big Island community resulting from Roger's Ministry and Cannabis educators who learn about the wonders of Cannabis from Roger. The NIDA itself reported the increase in hard drug use in the absence of an abundant pakalolo supply.

Everything else aside, you can't hold someone in prison without bail for their religious belief. It isn't okay to dismiss his peaceful religious beliefs before he's been tried.

The "religious" leaders who ought to be in prison are the ones who support Godless behavior including endless wars against the only common seed with three essential fatty acids, the best available source of organic vegetable protein on Earth and the only crop that produces biofuels and a complete food from the same harvest while generating a year-round river of "monterpenes" into the atmosphere to protect the planet against solar radiation, while re-mineralizing depleted farmlands, stopping soil erosion, expanding the arable base, producing oxygen, sequestering carbon, detoxifying air land and water, providing herbal therapeutics for free and making it possible for humanity to achieve sustainable existence within a functional Natural Order.

The people who are violating your and my freedom of religion right now by emprisoning Roger Christie, are directed by the same horrifyingly immoral regime that violates the Geneva Conventions, wire-taps your phone, wages wars for "petropoison" and proliferates the use of depleted uranium munitions, while imposing essential agricultural resource scarcity on a world on the verge of synergistic collapse of environment, economics and social structures..

Besides, Cannabis has been scientifically proven beyond doubt to be good for your health in many ways. It's The Lie of Two Centuries that THC, CBDs, CBNs or any other component of the Cannabis plant is harmful to the human body.

What's true is that, that the best 'medicine' is the one that's available for free from God, that keeps you from getting sick in the first place.

Roger Christie has been a friend of mine for almost twenty years. I think Roger would permit me to say, he and I have worked closely to help ourselves and others appreciate and recognize the spiritual legitimacy of the world's oldest global culture.

Truly, Roger Christie is first of all a man of peace. I can promise you that this man is sincere and tremendously insightful in awakening people's latent spiritual regard for the Cannabis plant. Not just the smoking of "pot" but the environmental benefits, nutritional and industrial uses as well.

Secondly, I can promise that Roger is NO flight risk. He's been single-handedly taking on the defense of the Big Island for more than two decades, and what would make anybody think that Roger would run. He never has and he's not about to be chased off by this cowardly enforcement act now.

Roger's got more "coconuts" than all 150 of the DEA peace invaders they sent to violate the First Amendment put together. Let Roger out of jail and quit worrying his Mom Doris, who must be praying up a storm right now. I certainly pray for Roger's release and will my spirit to him so that he find strength from the air we breath that connects us

Freedom to farm is the first test of religious freedom. You may not like what I grow, but it doesn't mean I won't defend the ancient, spiritually legitimate individual relationship humankind has had with the planting of "every herb bearing seed."

You may not appreciate the importance of Cannabis seed nutrition and the enormous harms imposed by banning the world's most potentially abundant, globally distributed, environmentally beneficial and industrially useful crop, but I understand it and Roger Christie understands it, and our lifelong commitment to learning, contemplating and sharing the love and apprciation we feel in our hearts for the Cannabis plant forces us to reject government the presupposed unaccountable jurisdiction of any court over any natural resource which is BOTH unique and essential.

Cannabis isn't illegal. It's essential. Our forefathers didn't sacrifce so much for the freedom to complain. The economically biased, corporately corrupted U.S. court will force feed us all chemicals and problems because the solutions they sell are expensive, don't work, and the problems are endlessly profitable.

Aloha to all from the heart of my brother-in-spirit, Reverend Roger Christie. He has given generously from his heart, to the people of Hawaii and the world. It is now time for We the People to stand up and say once and for all time, love is the limit of law.