Monday, July 5, 2010

Dolphin Economics 101 -- Believe It? Support it.

Asking for financial help is the hardest thing for me to do. I'm going to do it now though because dolphin economics works that way:

You help me help you help everyone...

If we don't make the shift to agricultural abundance soon, then the environment will not sustain life on this planet. Because several global atmosphere changes are leading us all to predictable if not inevitable global extinction, mankind's role in a functional ecosystem at this point in time is to actively farm Cannabis for fuel and food in as many bioregions of the Earth as possible, as quickly as we can.

If a spiritual connection between agriculture and mankind still exists, then our freedom to farm is the first test of religious freedom. The First Amendment is all that's needed to immediately transcend hemp prohibition. I've written the State Attorney General's office at least three times regarding the "strategic" stature of Cannabis agriculture, and have received no reply.

Local hemp advocate petitions to address Attorney General

If you believe that our right to grow the world's most nutritious plant has never been within the rightful jurisdiction of any court, then please support my effort to end the prohibition of Cannabis hemp in time to plant in California this summer. We must begin investigating the short season in California. To miss this opportunity would be a tragedy of incredible proportion and consequence.

I am willing to stand up and take responsibility for the true value of Cannabis. I have twenty years of research, writing, photographs, film and editorial illustrations. I have ten years of international experience in the European hemp industry.

First, I have to go to Sacramento for a week and exercise essential civilian demand. Then we need to get seed and put it in the ground. Acclimatization of seed stock is critical to the success of ending our addiction to fossil fuels, increasing food security & nutrition and ending the drug war.

Please send whatever support you can to help make this happen.

I've also been invited to speak at Seattle Hempfest this year. I am seeking sponsors to help make that happen.

Checks can be made payable to
Paul von Hartmann

and sent to
P.O. Box 1117
McCloud, CA 96057

Thank you in advance for your support.